Wednesday, May 27, 2015


A 9:15 haircut appointment kept my schedule out of whack again this morning. I am really missing my leisurely devotion time with my hot tea.
I did eat breakfast before I went to my beauticians shop just up the road.
It took longer than usual as she was extra busy today. She is getting ready to go on a long vacation so she is trying to work all her clients in before she goes for anything they need.
When I got home I took a nice walk in the quickly warming morning. After the overnight rain that left another 1/2 inch in the gauge the water droplets sparkled on all the leaves as they dried in the sunshine.
This little guy must have thought he was hidden as he sat very still while I snapped pictures getting closer and closer to him before he finally darted into the bushes.
It was the perfect morning for sunbathing, at least these turtles in the pond thought so.

 I love the dainty little butterflies that flit from plant to plant this time of year.

The rain brought out the red potato blooms overnight.

Love the "nightshade" blooms.
Caught this guy looking for dropped birdseed under the feeders.

Reluctantly I headed back inside and got started on my baking for the day.
I baked 12 caramel, 3 chocolate, 1 coconut/pineapple, and 4 pound cakes.
I grabbed a late lunch then went outside to try and catch some vitamin D from the fleeting rays of the sun .  My stay was short lived as the clouds quickly won the battle.
Inside I caught up on my morning devotions with that hot cup of green tea.
Re brought the kids over to play while she rested on the couch after she worked all night last night and hadn't been able to sleep all day as they choose different nap times.
EL took a "pretend" nap like mommy in the hammock.

She also made a "selfie" of her and her brother that turned out pretty good.
She was seriously trying to get both of them in the pic with her short arms .
We played until Pawpaw came home ,she got him to put her old swing up and she swung for a long time in it while baby brother watched. Mom came out when it was time for baby BB to eat. She hadn't slept any but did have a good rest.
They stayed and had supper with us as hubbie grilled the 2 trout that Aa and #1 son caught Sunday on their fishing trip.  They were pretty good but all the stocked trout I have had lately don't have much flavor.
After we ate they headed home for bed time.
Hubbie and I did chores and pulled weeds from the garden for the chickens.
I came inside and started the weekly paperwork while hubbie started cleaning up my van to advertise it.
After the paperwork and bill paying was finished I iced all my cakes. Finally a little after midnight things were finished and I was headed for a nice hot bath and bed.
I am writing this Thursday between customers and back dating it.
I am so thankful for the strength God gives me each day and as always so thankful for the blessings I receive each day.
God Bless.

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