Thursday, May 21, 2015


No rain overnight for us and the sun has returned this morning. The air feels dryer and a breeze is blowing ahead of a cold front that is going to make it feel more like fall than late spring if the forecasters are correct.
As I turned onto Church Street , the street the Curb Market is on it was closed down to one lane. A main water line had burst and flooded several local business, glad it was a couple blocks before the market location.

Market was slow today but I am happy for the things I did sell as always.
Steve the neighbor that got bee stung badly last Saturday was back and he looked fine with all the swelling gone.  He really had a bad day today and left shortly after noon to try and sell their baked goods somewhere else.
I have caught up my blog and searched for cars as much as my ailing laptop would allow.
I think g-son somehow dis-enabled my Norton protection and now I can't figure out how to turn it back on with all the virus that has invaded.
I think I have a good excuse for that I-Pad I have been wanting !!!
When I left market I ran regular errands and picked up Re's prescription for her poison ivy rash on my way home.
Hubbie was here already and helped me unload. Re and the kids came over and we gathered some fresh vegetables from the garden. Aa brought in a tank of water for watering tonight since there is no rain in the foreseeable forecast.
After they went home for supper hubbie and I watered the garden. Hubbie used a sprinkler we have and I used my trusty watering can.
Hopefully we can keep things alive until we get some rain. Our lawn is starting to turn brown and that is not a good sign for the pastures as this is very early for this kind of drought.
My Kousa Dogwood tree is in bloom and is so pretty in the back yard as Flash photo bombs my pic.

Just as hubbie and I were finishing the watering for the evening we had a very nice visit from my first cousin and his wife Sam and Marilyn Cox.  We have a lot in common with them so it is so nice to sit and talk. We came inside and had coffee and hot tea and had a very nice visit.
With extra time tonight it is a good night to continue the decade pics for the month. Back in May of 1985 the Barnum and Bailey Circus came to the Civic Center in Asheville and we took the kids.

#2 son who was 2 years old is transfixed by all the circus performers.
I also had daughter's 6 week old picture taken that month.
Great memories of our years with the three young kids !!
A great way to end a wonderful day and evening of making more memories.
Grateful for the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless


Linda E said...

Those slow days just make up when it is busy, busy, busy! We had strong rain this morning, so I will send the next wave your way! Goodnight and God bless.

linda m said...

Sure wish you would get some of the rain the rest of the Country is getting. I could mow my lawn every 3 days it is growing so fast. I am grateful our rain comes in spurts so we don't have any basement flooding. Have a wonderful weekend and may God Bless you.