Friday, May 1, 2015


A busy day ahead as my morning got started with a couple cake order calls.
The Steeple Chase horse races are in Tryon tomorrow and it usually means some extra business for me. Folks tailgate fancy full course meals at this event as they watch the activities.
After chores and breakfast I had my devotions and started baking. I baked 6 caramel. 2 chocolate, 6 pound cakes. This time of year I sell more pound cakes than any other time because strawberry season is beginning.
I had a late lunch then went outside to work on getting my new plants set out. The sun was shining brightly but the breeze made it feel pretty cool.
I found places for my 2 Ivy Geraniums, on each side of the sunroom door.
I filled a couple large pots with a perennial surrounded by annuals.

I put this pot in this location but left it empty for the time being. I would love a planter full of aromatic Marigolds here just outside the sunroom door but as you can see this is Annie and Sadie's domain and  I want to make sure the dogs won't turn the pot over.
I planted some purple Petunias in another barrel planter and put these red Petunias in this chicken planter holder.
I was glad to see this Lavender plant coming back this year.
The horse pasture has a golden glow from the wild Buttercups that are blooming now.
Two customers picked up cakes today for tomorrow's event . 
As I gather the eggs from the bigger hen house I noticed this little mama sitting quietly on her eggs.
G-son is spending the night with his aunt T tonight and they are playing with some of the picture variations on her phone.
Yeah !!!!  That's why he loves his aunt T !!!!!!!!!!

I rested while the news was on this evening then went back to the kitchen and iced my cakes.
I got things ready for market and made it to bed just before midnight.
Grateful to God for the beautiful world He made for us to enjoy.
Good Night and God Bless

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