Thursday, April 30, 2015


This last day of April 2015 dawns cool and windy but sunny.
Got the chores done and made it to market on time.
The day was pretty slow but I am thankful for all that I did sell.
The local TV station came in and did a segment right in front of my table for advertising so maybe that will help.
After market I ran the regular errands and went by Ace hardware store to take advantage of their sales for today. There were more customers there than I have ever seen before. I got some good deals on plants and bird suet as well as a rain check on some outside lights for my outdoor covered patio.
D-in-love met me at Walmart as g-son wanted to come home with me instead of going shopping with her.
We made it home around 5:00 and hubbie was already here to help unload and get things put away.G-son ate his happy meal for supper and hubbie and I fixed a turkey breast loin I had bought with steamed broccoli for our supper.
After chores in a sprinkle of rain g-son went home and hubbie hit the recliner and I snuggled with my 4-legged kids a while on the couch.
Saw this picture and thought what a stark reminded for us not to litter our beautiful land.

April went out in a very calm way for us tonight.
This 2015 April weather has been cool but the coolness fended off any storms that we usually get in this first month of spring. Although we have had a lot of rain there has been very few thunder and lightening times.
It has been a beautiful month with all the blooming flowers and the green grass coloring made the grey days of winter a distant memory.
Easter was celebrated on the first Sunday (5th) of the month with the entire family here.
We made a spring trip to the Pickens flea market with daughter and #1 son's family.
Market was pretty good this month as I started my Thursday and Saturday sales days . I also got some sewing done to replenish my craft supplies at market.
Had the first chick hatch of the season but it was a disappointing one as only 2 eggs out of the 6 hatched probably because of the colder weather.
We got all our early vegetables planted in our garden and they came up nicely even with little sunshine this month.
We found out our second grand baby is going to be a little girl , she is expected in September.
We also celebrated d-in-love's 33rd birthday as well as a late celebrations of little EL's 2nd birthday.
Aa and Re started grading and road building on their property across the road from us.
April was a wonderful blessing filled month and I am looking forward to what God has in His plans for our family in May.
I am also sad for my second cousin who was my best friend growing up as her husband of 38 years lost his battle with cancer early this morning.
David was a great husband and a loving father to his four children, he was one of the sweetest men I have ever met and loved my cousin dearly. My prayers go out to this family tonight , I know they are all God lovers and I rest in the knowledge that they will look to God for the comfort they need during this time.
R.I.P. David.

Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your cousin's husband. I will say a prayer for him and the family. God has richly blessed you this month and maybe you are right to take some time off from car shopping. Stress isn't healthy. Have an awesome weekend. Blessings