Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Up extra early this morning to get things done and get on the road south to the Picken's flea market.
Daughter came to our house and we took the van down to #1 son's house so they could follow us . #1 son has never been to this market with us so he decided to take today off work and make the trip.
After a rainy night the fog was hanging thick and low on the way down the mountain.

The market was pretty crowded but there were still a lot of empty tables around.
G-son wasted no time getting into the shopping mode.

He quickly found several treasures he just had to have and even a bigger bicycle for only $12.

#1 son was impressed with the market and found several things also as did all of us.
This is the weary crew as we head back to the vans.
 This is our loaded van .....

And this is #1 son's loaded escape.....

We made our customary lunch stop at Arby's in Pickens before we headed up the mountain.

The sun was shining brightly in the upper 80's temps , the Dogwoods are already out in full bloom already down here so we can look forward to a Dogwood winter coming up fairly soon.

There was a lot of fresh green color in the trees coming back up the mountain.

We took a detour by daughter's house to help her give Tipper her dog some medicine then headed home to unload.
We had noticed as we followed the interstate one way that #1 son had went the other road into town for some reason. When he came through the yard headed up to his shop he asked hubbie for help.
He told us they had to go into town to pick up his mother in law to take her to get a rental car after being rear ended and having her car probably totaled.  Then as he left the rental agency his brakes on his Escape locked up and he had to stop and unhook them and drive home using his emergency brake.
Hubbie helped him bleed his brakes and replace the brake line.
Hubbie and I had a dinner date with daughter and BF Josh at Cracker Barrel as he wanted to buy us dinner for helping with his move last week.
We had a very nice time and the dinner was delicious as always, this is my favorite place to eat out.
I found this shutter in their gift shop and just had to have it as I had my gift cards Christmas with me.
When we came home we finished chores, then I did weekly paperwork and packed everything for market tomorrow.
While we were gone to dinner Re and d-in-love came up to help #1 son finish his car repair and the kids loved playing together while they were here.  This little "Monkey" is getting braver and braver.

Hubbie is going with #2 son tomorrow to a Jeep rebuilding place in Cartersville, Ga. So I spent some time looking up directions for them on the computer. It is an almost 4 hour drive down there.
#2 son is looking at a 1979 rebuilt Jeep Wrangler and can't find anything like it closer.
Grateful to God tonight for His traveling mercies for our family today and asking for them for son and hubbie tomorrow. Thankful for all the wonderful blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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