Friday, April 24, 2015


A cloudy cool morning as I headed out to do the chores. Back inside I had breakfast and devotions then took a walk since the rain seemed to be holding off.
Back inside it was cake baking time. I baked 12 caramel, 3 chocolate and 6 pound cakes before stopping to have a late lunch.
The sun had temporarily won the battle with the clouds so I took a nice break soaking up some vitamin D before coming back inside to ice my caramel cakes.
I wanted to get them iced and all the cakes wrapped and out of the way for our "gender reveal" cookout this evening. As I iced cakes #1 son's family was at the doc's office having the ultrasound that would tell us the sex of our next grandbaby coming in September.
As they rushed home to prepare the cupcakes with the hidden colored icing inside hubbie and I got the burgers and hotdog fixins prepared . Re came early, left the kids here to run to grocery for some missing items.
Everyone made it in except Aa who is working and will come in later.
#2 son was a little late as he picked up his new Jeep after work and brought it in.
He had to order this specific color combo and accessories but he is happy with it. This is the third jeep he has had so it definitely must be his favorite vehicle.  Of course Uncle D's new jeep had to be kid broken in by these two. Who were moving to fast for a good pic but you get the idea haha !!
With everyone here and the main course of hotdogs and hamburgers finished it was time for the main event.
G-son got to give out the secret containing cupcakes.
We let him be the first to bite into his.....

IT'S   A   GIRL   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Although I guess he wasn't too happy with the news at first he got accustomed to it and as he watched EL devour her cupcake. He said a sister was okay if she would be  like EL !!!    So cute !!!!!!
I'm so happy for them as I have a feeling this is what they secretly hoped for. I was guessing a boy but am tickled to have another sweet little girl coming into the fam.
This special ultra sound could read the babies thoughts and after g-son went into the corner of the ultrasound room to cry when he heard the "sister news" the ultra sound tech printed out across one of the images that baby sister was already thinking how lucky she was to have him as a big brother and that she already loved him very much  !!!!   That improved his mood drastically.
Everyone had a wonderful time and it was a really special day for d-in-love as this news came on her birthday as well. HAPPY   33rd   BIRTHDAY AND CONGRATULATIONS  D-IN-LOVE !!!!

After everyone left I iced my chocolate cakes and packed things for market. With the predictions for 100% rain and storms all day don't expect too many folks to be out in the weather.
Feeling very grateful tonight for the special little one that is about to join our family and so humbled be God's goodness and grace everyday.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

What a wonderful way to reveal the secret.

My second grandson observed my third but wasn't too interested. I asked if he was excited. Nope. He said, "When he doesn't poop in his pants anymore, I'll talk to him." Oh, a child's mind is such a marvel.

Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Happy Birthday, and Congratulations!!