Saturday, April 25, 2015


Well it is raining lightly as promised this morning as we headed out to market. Thankfully the rain stopped and we were able to get things carried in without getting them wet.
I had an okay market sales day with several crafts plus baked goods sold today.  The pillow order got picked up and a couple cake orders . Daughter came in and helped most of the morning before meeting b-friend for a run and then to do some yard work as the heavy rain has not materialized for the day.
It was still a cloudy cool only upper 60's day but at least no storms or heavy rains.
I stopped at Aldi to pick up baking supplies and then went to a fruit and vegetable stand that just opened for the season for some fresh green beans and other  things. So glad that it is time for the fresh fruits and vegetables even if they are coming from farther south right now.
At home hubbie helped get me unloaded then tackled the lawn for the week. The clouds were dark and it looked like rain any minute but it never came.
I sat out in the sun room for a nice quiet break with only the sound of the lawn mower and the birds singing, perfect afternoon !!!
As I did the chores this evening I noticed one of my favorite Azaleas was blooming .
Love this dark pink blush inside the snow white blossoms.
This is our garden so far this year.

After supper I watched a glorious sunset to end another wonderful blessing filled day.

Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

It is a miracle the beauty He shares with us. All the things He makes work. I wish more humans would catch on to that!

Have a blessed weekend.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, Great pic's of the Azalea and sunset... Hope you missed some of those storms this weekend. They missed us (thank goodness)--but Knoxville had a severe one I've heard.

We were at Biltmore briefly on Wed. just to see their Azaleas. WOW--prettiest I've ever seen there. I'll blog about that day this coming Thurs.