Sunday, April 19, 2015


A wet Sunday morning at chore time.  There was 4/10ths inch in the rain gauge this morning after a rainy night. That is far from the expected amount of flooding rain we are expecting to get.
Church was nice , with a sermon from the book of James 1-27.
After church the rain was still coming down as we all headed here for a big spaghetti and salad lunch.
Everyone made it on this rainy day, #1 son's family, #2 son, daughter, Aa, Re and the kids, Susan and her son.
After we ate and visited everyone went their own ways for a lazy afternoon.
There was another 6/10ths inch of rain in the gauge at evening chore time, bring the total so far to 1".
Hubbie watched a race on TV tonight and I relaxed out in the sunroom and listened to my new CD with some really good "Praising God" songs on it.
This will be a good day to put another decade post on here since there are no pics for today.
In April  1995  there were no Easter pics with the kids pretty grown up now and into other activities.
#1 son has always loved to fish and with the beginning of trout season always opening the first Saturday in April he was in the creek with his fishing pole. This is the nice native trout he caught that year. (don't know why he looks so happy about having his picture made,haha)
Daughter always had a heart for all the little goats that were born on our farm, she raised some of the little orphans when their mothers had triplets and would only feed two. This is one of the Nubians we had that were such great milk givers.
A couple of our dogs at that time were this little miniture Sheltie named Sweetie.
And this Sheltie mix named Go Go, who had a very interesting story. At this time there was a very expensive interactive toy dog named Go Go that looked like this dog that daughter wanted. The toy like I said was very expensive and we just couldn't afford it , a friend of mine needed a home for this little dog so daughter got this dog and named her Go Go instead of the toy dog.  I don't remember her ever mentioning the toy dog again. I do remember this dog had a hyperactive personality and ran lap after lap around and around our house.
We kept both these dogs until they died of old age, they both were real treasures. More great memories to end a nice Sunday evening.
God is good all the time, all the time God is good !!!

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linda m said...

Such beautiful and treasured memories. Blessings