Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"WHY" ????

Another rainy morning.  However instead of the flooding rains that were predicted  it is still a light rain. There was only another 4/10ths inch in the gauge this morning giving us not even an inch of rain from this system yet.  According to the weather wizards we still have a chance for that flooding as the rains are going to be with us for the rest of the week.
There is also a snow storm predicted for some of the western states but not enough to warrant another winter storm name. At east not yet.
The "U" storm Ultima on March 21 was the last named winter storm of this season out of the 26 names assigned for this season.
We probably still have time to add more names but maybe not !
After chores and breakfast I went into town with Re to help with the kids. We did grocery shopping at Ingles and headed home. Thankfully the rain stopped while we were out.
When I got home on this dreary day I felt like a nap but knew better than to give in to that idea. Instead after lunch I sat down with a caffenated cappucino .  Ha that souped me up and I did my entire house cleaning before hubbie came in from work.  Wow, that stuff is golden, I'll definitely remember that energy burst.
As I walked by the sunroom window this is the sight I saw and had to ask myself and Annie   "WHY"?
WHY ???        I guess she doesn't like the idea that the spreading roses I planted in there last year are coming back and getting green ???? !!!!!

I mopped myself out the door and was relaxing on the front porch when hubbie came home from work.
Through the hazy afternoon this was my view.

With the recent rain seems everything is so bright and colorful.  All the Dogwood trees are in full bloom around here now. This is a panorama from my rocking chair. By the time I took this the rain had started to fall again.
I dumped 2/10ths inch out of the rain guage this evening to add to the total for the week.
Hubbie and I did chores and had supper then we made hot drinks, green tea for me this time, and sat out in the covered patio watching a beautiful sunset.

We had a relaxing evening.  I finished editing 2 months in my last blog book of the year 2014 and only like December before the year will totally be in my history.
After a high of 74 today it is still 64 at 10:00 tonight, a muggy day and a predicted same for tonight and tomorrow.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and for the love of a wonderful Savior Jesus Christ.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Praying you don't get any flooding. I have to watch myself when I drink caffeinated drinks. They really give me a burst of energy but then I crash. Maybe Annie was looking for a dry place to rest? Beautiful sunset. Blessings

Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Oklahoma needs plenty of this rain because of our drought conditions. I do find myself saying enough is enough because the grass keeps growing causing more work :-)

I just pray what's planted in the garden doesn't get root rot from all the rain.

Coffee always gives a great boost when it comes to dealing with house work.
Have a great afternoon!