Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Another very pretty sunshine filled morning and a warm 53 degrees as I headed out early to do the chores.
After breakfast I took a walk and enjoyed the wonderful fresh new green colors on this first day of April 2015.

Hostas finally poke their leaves up.
This Creeping Jenny is a pretty color of light green.
This Lambs Ear is a contrasting green in another bed by the back door.
This Pear tree seemed to burst into bloom overnight after the cold temps of the weekend.
And this pot of Violets are starting to show off their little blooms.
Spring seems to be bursting at the seams suddenly as April comes in. The air even smells and feels so much fresher and it is so nice to be outside on days like today.
I reluctantly came inside to do some work. I changed out the decorations around the living room to match my purple furniture covers. I always use Purple colored things for the month of April. Most of the first blooming flowers around my house are purple.
I met Re, her mother,Connie and another friend from Ohio at a small cafe for lunch. It was a very nice time and visit. Connie and her friend are headed back to Ohio later today. It was so good to see her again and the lunch was delicious. Bless her heart she drove all the way down here from northern Ohio last Tuesday, rested Wednesday and then rode all the way back to northern Ohio on  Thursday with Re and the kids. Her husband had never seen his new grandson and they also wanted all their grands to be able to celebrate a couple birthdays together.  Yesterday she rode all the way back here and today she is going to start the drive back. Thankfully her friend is with her for the long ride. I pray for traveling mercies for them as they make their way back to northern Ohio.
I came home to bake some cakes and they went shopping before they headed home.
I baked 6 caramel and 2 pound cakes. The first Thursday is always slow so I didn't do much.
While the last ones were in the ovens I sat outside taking in more of the sunshine.
Then I turned to the sewing machine to keep on my schedule of getting some sewing done each day.
I finished this one large bonnet today.
After chores this evening I iced the caramel cakes and washed the eggs to get ready for the season's first Thursday market day. My "vacation" time is over, back to 2 market days a week and an extra baking day.
Thankful to God for wonderful friends and for the blessings of this day. Grateful for the wonderful gift He gave us.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Spring certainly looks like it has arrived at your house. Love the green colors and all the pretty flowers starting to bloom. The bonnet is very pretty. Women were smart to wear them. Blessings

Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Gorgeous pictures of spring! I love the bonnets you make.