Friday, April 17, 2015


Up early and out to do the chores in the cool but dry morning today.  Today is supposed to be the first rain free day for the week, but looking at all the clouds this morning brings doubts about that.
I was just finishing breakfast when Re brought the kids over. She worked all night and needs to sleep some this morning.
While El had her breakfast I got baby BB sat up in a vibrating little seat that g-son used to love to sit in. I sat it up on the dinning room table so he could see everything around him.  BB is a very talkative baby and is so happy with about anything you do with him.
Little EL loves to help with the baking. We first  baked the Easter cookies that she picked out several weeks ago and they got covered up in the frig and forgotten until now.  She was thrilled to be able to place the frozen cookies on the pans herself and then stand at the lower over door with the oven light on and watch them raise. She was happy to have some to take home for her daddy, as mom is gluten free and can't eat them.
Baby BB decided he needed a nap during our baking so things worked out perfectly.
We made 6 caramel, 4 chocolate and 2 pound cakes.
After baking she was hungry so we had lunch and I fed baby BB his bottle before we headed outside to have some fun in the warm sunshine.
EL loves riding this little green tractor that g-son used to ride when he was her size.  He called it his "green one".

While we were out in the back yard I could smell the sweet aroma of the few Lilac blooms that are coming out on my Lilac bush.
These smell so good and just shout "spring is here" !

We relaxed back inside and read a book of EL's choosing before their mom came after them to get their afternoon naps at home.

After they left I had the bonnet and apron order to get made. She wanted just a plain white apron and a couple black print bonnets.  As I worked on the apron I remembered why I don't sew "white" things. I bought the material at Walmart yesterday and was talking to a friend while the girl cut it . When I unfolded it today there was a couple small dirty spots along the fold and some really deep creases that hopefully I can iron out.
Each time I touched the white fabric I thought I made a dirty spot, grrrrr !!
I got all three pieces made before my  back muscles gave out.

I took a hot cup of tea out to the sunroom and relaxed on my heated back massager for a while to get the muscles to relax in my back. As I sat there I saw a little Black Capped Chic-a-dee coming out of this house that sits on top of the quail cage. This is the first time I have ever saw one of these little birds nesting around the yard.

I tried to get a good picture of her as she entered and exited the house but they are so quick it was very hard to get a clear picture. Plus I was taking pics through the window screen.  When they flew I was lucky to get just a blurr of them leaving the house.

I couldn't ever see what they had in their mouths, whether they were just building a nest or feeding the young already born in there. Maybe time will tell about that.
The clouds that had hung around all day grew menacingly dark at chore time.
My little Silkies are spoiled now after I had let them out a couple times while I worked in the garden to eat the grass, now each time I open the gate to go in their lot they come running to get out. I let them get some green grass while I fed the other hens and looked over the garden this evening.

We have all kinds of our early vegetables coming up now with the abundant rainfall we have had but we need some warm sunshine to make it grow more.

 Bernie looks so white against the green grass.

Well the day turned out not to be rain free after all as about 8pm tonight a light sprinkle started , just enough to leave about 1/2 of a tenth inch of rain in the guage but enough to spoil the prediction of rainfree !
I spent the evening icing cakes and getting things ready for market tomorrow.
Grateful for all God's blessings of this day and for all the wonderful things He has put in my life .
Good Night and God Bless.

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