Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Out to do some Avon business early and make a 4 caramel cake delivery before picking up g-son. He had an Easter party at school and came to the van with a little cup of candy. He almost got sick on the way home when he tried to eat 1 more piece of the candy. That's the first time I've ever seen him turn away from chocolate candy,makes me wonder how much he ate at school???
Today is such a nice day we spent the majority of it outside enjoying the sunshine. When he got tired and went down for a nap,I payed bills and did some paperwork,I just realized this is the last day of March,where did this month go?
When he got up from nap and hubbie got home from work we went to work in the yard some. I cut down a bunch of elderberry plants out of my blackberry and raspberry patch.Birds really love these elderberries and they spread them everywhere.
We walked down to the "crocodile lake" as g-son calls our farm pond,where does he get this stuff????
What's the deal with the photo uploads tonight,I've tried 3 times and still haven't gotten it to finish uploading!Finally after 30 minutes,this thing decided to work!! Every good crocodile hunter needs a stick!!Maybe if I climb high enough those crocodiles can't reach me!Wouldn't you love to know what is running through their precious little minds at times like this!
After g-son went home I packaged up the afghan I sold on e-bay ,broke my printer trying to put a new ink cartridge in it, got all my cakes iced and whew!!!! This old girl is ready for a rest!!!
I love the Lord who blesses me daily with more than I could ever deserve.
Good Night and God Bless.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


House work and laundry Tuesday seems to come around so often. Today when I was swiffering my floors it was like I was doing this yesterday!
Today would have been a really nice day if the wind hadn't been blowing so hard,as it was it was still jacket weather.I did a little gardening today,cleaning off my mint and basil containers and got a nice surprise to see my oregano coming back up even ahead of the mint. I thought the really cold weather probably killed it for sure.This is the early bed hubbie planted last week,the fence is to keep rabbits out as this bed is below the house where there is a lot of these little critters. So far we have cabbage,broccoli, onions,lettuce and some greens planted.Ummm,can't wait for fresh veggies.
As I walked this evening along the creek,it sure looks different now after the neighbor cleaned all the trees out.When I talked to him yesterday he said a huge otter had taken up residence in the fallen trees. I would like to get a picture of the otter family,I see their slide on the creek bank, but have never seen them.
Tonight was a wake up call of getting back to my in season schedule of baking. I baked layers tonight and boxed up orders for tomorrow.
I'll have to bake some more tomorrow as I didn't have enough ingredients after the order for tomorrow that was not counted in what I bought Saturday.
Tomorrow will be a busy day with Avon deliveries and cake deliveries,picking up g-son,baking more cakes,icing all the cakes,whew!
As holly week continues I give thanks to God with all my heart.
Good Night and God bless.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Out on Avon deliveries early this morning as hubbie is working to finish some clean up in our pastures before he goes to pick up g-son. My deliveries went quickly today and that is good because I have a busy afternoon to get home to.
Stopped by Ingles to order the chicken for this evening,hubbie will pick it up at 4:30 and bring it to church to me so it will still be hot when it's time to serve. Put a ham in the oven as soon as I got home. While that was cooking I ordered all my garden seeds and blackberry plants on-line. I took the ham out of the oven and went to church to start setting up at 4:00.
I love these ladies, we all worked together so well and the meal was a definite success and enjoyed by all,we fed about 50 people.
We had to much food as always,but it is better to have to much than not enough. My family was waiting for me to get home and they were glad to help take care of the leftovers.
The weather has been kinda strange today,this morning it was warm and the sun tried to shine,this evening it has turned really cool and the sun is shining brightly,go figure!!!I can just hear this goose saying "hey! why did you do that?" especially as cold as that water must still be!
Headed to bed early tonight,got another long day tomorrow.
My blessings for today were numerous and I am very thankful tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Rain greeted us this morning as we went to church. Learned that my friends mother had passed away last night,but it was expected.
After service we had spaghetti lunch with everyone but daughter who is on her way back from Charleston.
Got a call from another friend telling me the arrangements for my friends mom. Then I spent the next 2 hours lining up an after funeral dinner tomorrow evening for her family.
The ladies in our church are always so willing to help,it makes my job easy and I hope they know how thankful I am to be among them!!
G-son went to church for is first Easter egg hunt, wish it wasn't raining! But to them it won't matter if they have it inside,they just care about the candy anyway!
Daughter made it safely home,thank you Lord and she had a good time and experience in such a huge race.I love to fish, but this just does not look like one bit of fun to me. This is a fishing tournament held at a local lake. This is what today's weather looked like all day!
We were lucky though that we just had bouts of hard rain,a little south of our area they had severe storms,hail and even tornado warnings,thank you again Lord!
I bagged my forgotten Avon orders tonight so I can deliver them tomorrow.
Watched b-ball games this afternoon,at least 1 N.C. team is still in the final four,even if it is Duke!
This has been a restful Palm Sunday as it should have been.
Remember this was the day Jesus entered Jerusalem and began the Holy week.
Good Night and God Bless.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Had a pretty good market day,of course the lady that ordered 6 caramel cakes helped and she took 3 more also. That alone would have made my day and I did sell quite a few more cakes plus a baby quilt and towel bunny.
Stopped by the old in-laws house where hubbie and his brother were renovating the bathroom. The carpet and paint have made it look like a nicer house by far. I took pictures of the couch so I can advertise it on Craigslist.
Stopped at Aldi and Walmart to get baking supplies for next week,this is the new schedule,no more coming straight home on Saturday.
When I got home #1 son was hauling brush into the bottom to a burn pile down there,he got his dump truck stuck on the 2nd trip and had to wait for his dad to get home to drive it while he pushed with his track hoe. He put daughter in the truck last time he got it stuck.
Hubbie came home and went down and they finished hauling and cleaning up all our downed trees from the storms in the winter.
I worked in my shop finishing the job!!!!!!!!!

This is a before picture,I could not even walk through the place without moving things around,there was no way I could get any work done in here.
Here is the the finished product,I've actually lost count of the hours I have put into cleaning and organizing this building,but today looking at it, it all has been worth it.
The most time consuming part of the job was organizing all my material by color or what it was to be used for and putting each piece in a covered container. At least now I won't be worried about touching a snake when I reach for a piece of cloth! The only bad part of my new organization is having to lift the containers filled with cloth, but I used smaller ones so maybe that won't be a problem. I just wanted to stay in there tonight and enjoy actually being able to walk all around and now I won't have any excuse not to get some sewing done!!
Daughter called earlier from Charleston where she is running in the Cooper River Bridge marathon today. There were over 40,000 people who entered this race. She did pretty good,she finished the 6.2 miles in 1hour 4 minutes for about a 5,000th place finish. With the number of people I don't see how you could even have room to run.I found this picture from one of the local news outlets,look at all the people on the bridge as far as you can see,wow!! This is the 3rd largest race in the world!
What an awesome experience for daughter and her friends. But I'm jealous of their trips to the old slaves market!! When she called they were waiting to be seated for dinner at a restaurant. Charleston has some of the best seafood restaurants around but there is always a long line and I can imagine the wait with an extra 40,000 people in town!
Had a visit from my cousin tonight as we watched a ball game on TV and rested from our busy day.
Thanking God for all the blessings He heaped on me today.Looking forward to worshiping Him tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Up to an early morning of cake baking, I did manage part of an exercise video and a bowl of cereal while I was waiting for the butter to warm a little. I hate putting cold sticks of butter in the mixer and having batter splash out of the bowl!
I baked 12 caramel,2 coconut ,2 chocolate layer cakes and 2 blackberry wine and 1 granny pound cake,whew!! It's hard getting back in the swing of things after a long winters rest!!
I iced 6 caramels while waiting for the others to come out of the ovens.
While I worked in the kitchen all morning it gave me a chance to get some really good pics of my birdie friends,hope you enjoy these...Click on them to get the full effect.Handsome Mr. Redwing Blackbird says hello!Mr. and Mrs. Redwing and Mr. and Mrs. Brown Headed Cowbird have lunch.Doves are such elegant, peaceful creatures.I've seen a lot of these little Tufted Titmouse this winter.I love to hear this Mockingbird sing.

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal look so smug,I think they know how pretty they are!Chickadees are very hard to photograph because they dart in and out so quickly.The Goldfinches are starting to get their brilliant summer color.I don't see as many of these Towhees now as I did earlier,I wonder if they are migrating farther north?This Brown Thrasher is one of the bigger birds in the yard today or any day for that matter.Hello to this little guy,haven't seen him in a while,I think the gray squirrels are mean to him,I see them chasing him away sometimes. I guess being different in any species is hard.
I worked in my shop this afternoon,but didn't get finished like I thought I might,there's always tomorrow!
Finished work at church tonight,came home iced ,wrapped and labeled cakes until about 11:00.
Today has been a sunny but cooler day,high of 54 degrees today with a breeze that made it feel even cooler.
Praising God for another wonderful day.
Good Night and God Bless.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Woke to a dreary day,after hurrying through morning chores,I was off to run errands in town. I had to pick up my Avon from my friends house and bag 2 orders to be delivered today.
I grabbed a salad at Ingles for lunch and kept going.I made it home around 2:30 and forgot to go by an estate sale on the way home,probably just as well because their is not a thing I need!!
After I put everything away,I went to work in my shop,I may actually get this finished tomorrow!!!
When hubbie came home he made a shelf for my radio and helped identify a couple things that I had dug out!!
After supper we went to work at church. This is the last Thursday the market isn't open,so next week I have to get on a whole different schedule.
If you are outside tonight where there are no clouds and wonder what that bright star next to the moon is,it's Mars.Mars won't be this close to earth again until 2012,and, no I didn't take this picture,wish I could.
The temperature today was a cool and damp 62 degrees,with on and off showers.
I was trudging in and out in a rain shower today when I saw this sign at a local church.Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good Night and God Bless.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


After morning chores,exercise,breakfast I headed out to pick up g-son from pre-school and deliver 2 caramel cakes.
When we got home,the neighbor had his big track hoe in the creek clearing the log jams that fell in during all the rains this winter. When g-son heard the noise and I told him that was one of his friend's pawpaw down there,he sat down in the yard so he could see down there and watched for a long time. Then as soon as he woke up from his nap he wanted to go to the creek.
While he napped I worked on my shop,I'll be so glad to finish this job,it was more of a job than I thought but it has to be done.
Before and after pictures coming soon!!
As we walked down to the creek I looked around and rejoiced at all the colors of spring,the green grass,the red buds on the trees,but any where you look there is still also evidence of just how harsh this winter weather has been, broken limbs lay everywhere and some whole trees that snapped under the weight of ice and snow are constant reminders.
Today's weather has been great,this morning it was 32 degrees and this afternoon it is 72 degrees,wow, that's a 40 degree change and that's why my long sleeve shirt is now very uncomfortable! The sun feels so good,I wish I had time to get out my lounge chair and just soak it up. Hubbie is getting one of our raised beds ready for some early veggies.
I put out a bag of "Hollytone" to hopefully stop the death of my holly tree and magnolia tree.
After supper we fixed a fence that a limb had fallen on and then did our evening chores,
the cattle are still expecting to be fed every evening even though they are getting some grass now.
We had a quiet evening after we came inside,I payed bills and did some paperwork to get ready for my errands tomorrow. And I filled out my census so I can mail it back tomorrow,my patriotic duty for today!!!!
Remember life is precious,handle it with care and praise God!
Good Night and God Bless.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Want to see some differing opinions on this winter's weather click here and scroll down to the Special Reports section. This is the interview I did a couple weeks ago Asheville. NC :: Special Reports - Wicked Winter Weather

Hope you enjoy the news article.
I actually said the same thing the older man said about seasons going in cycles. I truly believe about every 25 years our seasons change. We've had about 25 years of mild winters and fairly dry spring and summers,I think we are starting back into a snowy cold winter, wet spring and summer cycle. But maybe I'm wrong!!!!
Today was housecleaning,laundry day, after I finished this about 2:30,I went to work cleaning my shop out. I found 6 Farmall afghans still in their original packaging that I used to sell at tractor shows when we used to follow some of the local shows in North and South Carolina. I put one on E-bay tonight to see if it would sell,I don't need 6 of them and we don't follow tractor shows anymore.
Memories of those tractor shows and craft shows I used to travel to are great,I didn't make a lot of money,but the friends I made and places I saw were wonderful. When I started my baking business there wasn't time for traveling shows anymore. I had 2 kids in college and needed to make more money.
I worked until almost dark tonight,I would love to finish this job this week. The weather the first 2 weeks of March put me behind on my March goals,but I still have a chance to get it done. it is going to be so nice to have things organized in there for the first time ever.
Daughter fixed supper for us tonight while I was working in there and hubbie was putting gravel on the dirt he put around the house foundation. Little by little we are getting our yard fixed up after our construction projects.
We would be healthier if she cooked more and it was delicious,she is a good cook.
Watched Carolina win their NIT game tonight,to bad they didn't play like this during the regular season!
Remember to thank God for the blessings of your day,I know I am very thankful.
Good Night and God Bless.

Monday, March 22, 2010

OH NO, NOT SNOW !!!!!!

G-son arrived this morning at 7 am, I'm glad hubbie was off today,he gets up early anyway! He took g-son to preschool,he was the first one there!
When hubbie came home we read the paper and then decided to go to Walmart,he wanted to talk to their vision center about getting a new pair of glasses. His old frames keep turning his lens loose and when he asked the place he got them from if he could get credit on new frames,they told him no and just tightened the screws again. So he ordered new glasses this morning from Walmart,got transition lens added for less than he payed for the old ones.
I just needed more plastic containers! We picked g-son up and headed home for lunch.
G-son went down for a nap soon after we ate,so hubbie and I went outside to work. I in my shop and he was putting more dirt around the foundation of our house.
While we worked it started snowing,yes snowing,it is 38 degrees,which is the high for today.
The snow came down hard at times all afternoon,but thanks to the very warm temperatures of the last several days it melted fast. I hope it isn't still snowing this hard tonight when the temps get below freezing!!!
When g-son woke up we went outside so he could catch snow flakes on his tongue,he thought that was the funnest thing to do!
Made quite a lot of progress in my shop today,I have a lot of materials in containers now I just have to find a place for the containers.
After supper I rested and got warm for the first time today,snuggled with my 4-legged kids.
Listening to all the debate over this health care bill that passed last night,wondering just what effect it will have on me since I already buy my own health insurance and pay a healthy premium every month. I still don't think it's something government should be involved in.
Praising God for His blessing of today and giving my concerns to Him.
Good Night and God Bless.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Ohhhhh!!! I didn't want to get up this morning,I think I over did it yesterday. After dragging myself out of bed,I was almost late for church. Had a good service,still going through Romans and the teachings of Paul as he dealt with the Jews.
Sunday lunch was only hubbie and I and #2 son. Then he went down and helped hubbie saw some limbs off the trees that fell across the creek. The neighbor is trying to pull them out and ask this morning at church if we could cut the top out that has fallen onto our side of the creek so it will be lighter for him to move. Wouldn't you know it started pouring rain as soon as they started down the hill and they were soaked when they got back.
Daughter had a migraine yesterday and is still suffering effects form it, d-in-love went to a baby shower for a girl at church,she came by and picked up my gift to take. #1 son went to other g-mas to pick up g-son and they came by to eat about 3:00,daughter came up and ate with them.
I am having a stand off with my feathered friends today as their is lots of seed on the ground and I'm not filling the feeders until they get some of it cleaned up.I have a feeling these little furry friends had a lot to do with the seed being on the ground ,but they were doing their part to clean it up.My Brown Headed Cow bird was back to do his part in the clean up.
As the rain got harder and the wind blew this evening got really nasty outside,so it was a good evening for me to take a much needed break.
Just heard on the news that the new health care bill just passed,I think we have just lost a big chunk of our freedom!!
I'm going to get off the computer now as it is coming a thunder storm with a lot of lightning.
I'm just glad God is still in control !!!! Good Night and God Bless.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


This beautiful flower is known by several different names depending on where you live, it can be a Jonquil, Daffodil, or Narcissus. It is the March birth flower by any name.Ever wonder why they always appear as if their heads are bowed?
Here is a story I came across about that.
A youth of Greek mythology call Narcissus became so obsessed with his own reflection as he kneeled and gazed into a pool of water that he died of starvation and thirst because he could not take his gaze from his reflection. The first Narcissus plant sprang up where he died.I believe they are prayerfully thankful to the Maker for allowing them to be one of the first glorious bright spots of spring after a long dreary winter.
Whatever the reason,heads bowed or not I am sure glad to see them every year as they light up my yard!
As for my first day of spring,Market was slow today,I think everyone was working in their yards, but I did okay.
Came home and worked in my shop until almost dark.
Crashed on the couch with my 4-legged kids and watched some "March Madness" on TV.
Beautiful day,sunny 64,perfect!!
God has a special way of erasing our memories of all the bad weather we've had, and as the weather gets bad again we can be sure He will erase those also.
Good Night and God Bless.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Well I knew today had only one way to go and that was better than yesterday. And as I awoke to the bright sunshine this morning I had a good feeling.
I hurried through chores as I wanted to get my cakes baked before I went to pick up g-son.
Tried out a new aerobic exercise tape while my ovens were full,whew!!! That was a good workout but really hard on my achy knees.
I realized I had forgotten to buy Peach Wine and jello for a Peach Wine cake a lady ordered so I left a little early and picked some up on the way to pre-school. Then we made a stop at Big Lots on the way home to pick up a couple of things. G-son got a pack of 3 super heroes and he played with them all afternoon.First slide of the new season, I'm sure it will be the first of many.This is g-son's portrayal of a sliding robot!!!!
It was so nice to be outside this afternoon in just a t-shirt,wow, all that snow is just a memory now and hopefully it'll stay that way. With all the green buds on the trees and bushes I hope it doesn't get cold again.
I worked some in my shop this afternoon while he played on a gravel pile right outside the door and rode his tricycle in the driveway.
I found a big mouse nest under some cloth and had to through away some really nice cloth pieces.I have one side of the cloth stacks all cleaned out and in containers now.
After grilled burgers hubbie and I went to finish work at church while daughter did some baking.
I iced caramel,chocolate and coconut cakes when I got home ,wrapped and labeled everything. Hoping tomorrow will be a good market day since it is supposed to be really pretty again. It has been 62 degrees today and is still 47 at 11:00 tonight.We can hear the peeper frogs even through the closed windows when we go to bed, sounds like there are hundreds of them down at the pond.
Very thankful to God for this beautiful day and humbled by the goodness He shows me everyday. Good Night and God Bless.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Well this has been one of THOSE days.
I finished my morning??? errands about 2:30 this afternoon. I should have got the hint how my day was headed when at my first stop,which was to collect an Avon payment,which is always at the front desk in an envelope, wasn't there and the lady had just stepped out for a few minutes. At my second stop which was the lawyers office to give them a check for the estate account,and she said do you have a few minutes ,I'll make out a couple checks for your husband to sign. At my third stop the zipper in my purse broke,so now I couldn't close the darn thing! I'm definitely headed down hill and picking up speed!!!! Finally made it to my last stop which was Wallyworld, now eveerybody knows from their advertisements that they have everything,right? Wrong!! They do not have clear 20 gallon storage containers! So it was back to Lowe's,which I already had been right across the street from earlier. I grabbed some chicken strips at Chick-fi-lay and ate them on the way to Lowes.
Finally at home and unloaded I had a couple uneventful hours of work in my shop.
When hubbie came home we had an appointment to take 2 of our dogs to the vet for their Rabies shots. One of them was Maggie,which is one of hubbies pet beagles,she is a sweetie pie. We loaded her into a carrier in the back of hubbie's truck.
The other dog was my Annie,now as you might know from an earlier post,Annie is a little different than most dogs. If I hadn't gotten here as a four month old puppy, I would say that she had been treated very badly,but being so young I think it's just her strange personality. When I first saw her in the pen with 2 other sisters,she was the stand-offish one and had a look of genuine contempt in her beautiful green eyes. This attracted me to her,as I wanted a watch dog,one who people wouldn't want to get out of the car with her there,not so sure I can trust her type. Well I sure got what I wanted and for a while after I brought her home I began to wonder if she would ever trust me and at times even let me put my hands on her. But after many hours of just being with her she finally came around to me and recently is happy to have all the family pet and play with her,funny thing though,she has always had a heart for g-son and has never shyed away from him. She is not the typical love to ride Australian Shepherd,in fact she hates riding with a passion. So today I put her leash on and decided she would ride in the cab of the truck in my lap,well partially in my lap as much as a 60 could. We made our way to the vet's office without incident,no barf,no poop,not even excessive salivating,again I should have known! Even hubbie said so far,so good!
I was leading her up to the door of the office when all at once the lease went limp and I moaned,oh no! And there went Annie across the parking lot. Thankfully we have a country vet,but there was a fairly busy road that runs by it. Hubbie hurriedly put Maggie back in her carrier and called to Annie heading her off so she wouldn't run into the road.
She wasn't having anything to do with him or me after that nerve racking ride she just had. I think it's strange everytime I have ever taken a dog to the vet they seem to sense something not so good is going to go on here. With the help of 4 people and another dog from the vet's office,after 30 minutes hubbie finally grabbed her . We put her back in the truck and the vet came out and gave her the shot there. All of us were exhausted on the ride home,she didn't move a muscle and as soon as she got home she was the same ole friendly Annie,jumping all over me, grrrrr!!!
After chores we went to work at church,we're home now and I know there is not one single spot on my whole body tonight that doesn't hurt.
God did grant me a beautiful warm,sunny day today and for that I am thankful,and I'm sure thankful for the blessings along the way.
Good Night and God Bless.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


With all the clouds and dreariness on this St. Patrick's Day there will be no chance of that rainbow with the pot of gold at the end!
After morning chores,exercise and breakfast it was time to go pick-up g-son from pre-school. We stopped at Lowe's to pick up some more plastic storage containers for my collection of cloth. Back home we had lunch and settled in for a little Spongebob cartoons before nap time.
It is so amazing how much he is growing up,some little boy bit him on his finger today at school. The teacher was telling me about it,she said it was his ring finger,when he stuck his index finger up and said "no,it was this finger",I have no idea why he thought she was saying it was the wrong finger. Some how I know he doesn't know the difference between ring and index fingers yet! When we got to Lowe's he didn't want to ride in the buggy, "because I'm not a baby" he says. That fact becomes more obvious everyday,he is definitely not a baby anymore,watching him grow and learn all the things life has in store for him is definitely a God Given experience.
While he napped I set up the monitors and went to work in my shop. Daughter came in and stayed with him while I worked some more. After almost 3 hours I found a stopping place,satisfied with how much I accomplished today. I filled all the containers I had and will need to buy more tomorrow.
After supper tonight I decided I had better tackle that mound of mail occupying the center of my desk! Well 2 1/2 hours later the center of my desk is cleared,whew! I hate sorting through those bank letters,telling you the changes that they are implementing. I was ready to chuck one of our accounts because of a new fee,until I remembered I have a life insurance policy attached to that account. Soooo that means a trip to that bank tomorrow to see what options I have,always something. Thanks alot Mr. Obama!!!!!!!!!
Don't get me started on that subject,but I will tell you what the legal assistant who is handling our estate probate said. She feels our President is trying to bring this country to its knees with all these new policy changes. And even on the IRS site when I went to look up the rules for Capitol Gains Tax it said something to the effect that under the present administration the financial laws could change daily! NERVOUS????? I SURE AM!!!!!!
Have faith in the fact that its God who is in control!
Thankful, Thankful, Thankful!!!!!!
Good Night and God Bless.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Woke to a beautiful day,sunshine and so warm,ahhhh! I even opened the doors and some windows while I was cleaning house,felt so good to have fresh air flowing through the house. Finished cleaning and 4 loads of laundry about 3:00,a little later than I had hoped.
After a brief rest soaking up some of this wonderfully warm sunshine,it was 50 degrees but the sun made it feel really nice.
I started tackling my workshop this afternoon,I found a couple things I had no idea were in there, 1 of them was a whole bunch of tomato stakes,in my sewing shop??????
I have a bunch of old jeans to make aprons and handbags out of and I got those all sorted through,they filled up 3 plastic containers! This is going to take a while!
Hubbie and daughter came in from work and all 3 of us hauled and spread the gravel in our new steps.

These before pictures taken last October and November gives you an idea how much work has been done over the late fall and winter.
The gravel stairs and patio will minimize the mud that gets tracked into the house.
My back is telling me just how hard I've worked today. I'll be on the heating pad tonight for sure. It feels good to look back on all the day's accomplishments even with a sore back I have a satisfied feeling.
Sure felt good to be outside working in the yard doing something other than shoveling snow!
After supper hubbie went down to help daughter with some of her projects she has going on.
There is rain in the forecast for tomorrow,maybe it will miss us and guess what is in the 7-day forecast?????? I'll give you a hint, it's white !!!!! The Almanac says snow at the end of March,I was hoping they would go 1 for 2 with their snow predictions for this month since they already hit the one at the first of the month.
As I sat outside today for a little while,my little white squirrel came so close to me it was unreal,I so wished that I had my camera,but I didn't. One thing for sure next time I take a break in the yard,I will have my camera!
God has been so good to me and my family,I praise His name daily for His goodness.
Good Night and God Bless.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Ahhh!Slept better last night,feel more refreshed this morning. Hubbie and I layed out our steps to the new sunroom before I left this morning.
The sun is shining this morning but the clouds are stubbornly holding on to the mountain tops as if they can't bear to let go even though we have a gusty north wind that makes it sure feel like winter.The temperatures are holding at 47 degrees and feels like 20's with the wind.Clouds hung around all day,intermittently turning the warm sunshine into cold shade.Snow still visible on the distant mountains is a definite reminder that winter is not over no matter how hard we look for signs of spring!
I delivered Avon until 12:30 today,hubbie had picked up g-son from pre-school and they were home eating lunch when I got here.
G-son and I stayed inside while hubbie braved the cold winds to work on the steps. We have an appointment at the last bank to finish estate business at 3:30,I'll be glad at least that part is done. After that we wait for bills to come against the estate and decide what to do with the old house.
Home around 4:30 from the appointment,g-son of course fell asleep on the way there and slept through it all,oh to be a child again!!!SIGN OF THE TIMES,WONDER HOW MANY WORKERS IT TAKES TO CLOSE A PLACE ???
Hubbie went back to work on the steps outside and I gladly stayed inside with still sleeping g-son. Decided to get a head start on tomorrows house cleaning by dusting the whole house before d-in-love came after g-son.
After a supper of left overs ,I did my outside chores,that's different,eating supper before the chores!
Vegged out with the 4-legged kids for a while tonight,the nights are shorter now,when I looked up at the clock I surely didn't expect it to be after 10!!!!
Can't wait for tomorrow,56 degrees and sunny,no wind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanking God for the blessings of today and for my good health. Good Night and God Bless.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Church was nice today,I like when the pastor takes a book af the Bible and teaches through it. Our minister was a teacher at the local Bible College,so he does more teaching than preaching,I like that.
After our family lunch of roast beef,mashed potatoes,green beans,corn and rolls with sweet tea to drink everyone scattered. With the weather still damp and drizzly it was a good day for me to stay inside. G-son kept me company as d-in-love went to a friends baby shower,#1 son had to replace a fan belt on his dump truck, daughter went to visit her "little sister" in the place where they have her treating her for her suicide thoughts.#2 son is golfing in SC today with friends (it's not raining down there), hubbie is changing the oil in my van.
This weather is getting everyone behind on our little jobs,unfortunately that makes work for Sunday,which we try not to do to much of.
Already the middle of March and I haven't started to work on my March jobs because of the wet weather.
I spent some time this afternoon practicing with my new camera,I got some pretty good shots.

Some of our neighbors got a surprise hail storm with pea size hail falling,seems we are bound to have some type of ice on the ground. I'm just thankful we didn't have any in our yard today. Our weather stayed cool and the drizzle finally gave way to a few rays of that elusive sunshine just before sunset.
My cousin came by for a visit tonight,I almost went to sleep while he was here,he must still be on regular time. I didn't sleep much last night,must have been that" good hot dog" I had for supper. Looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight but that's how this time is hard for me to get used to because it's almost midnight and now I'm not even tired!
Praising God tonight for all my blessings. Good Night and God Bless.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Sunshine greeted us as we left for market this morning and it was warm enough for just a long sleeved shirt.
Had a good market day even though 1/2 way through the day it started to rain and even hailed some pea size pellets, then, oh my, it got colder. I was definitely wishing for a coat as I loaded up after market.
Had to make 1 Avon delivery after market,it was right across the street from a thrift store so of course I had to check that out. Only bought a couple clothing articles for .50 each.
Went by a pet supply store to buy a couple fish to keep my now new only goldfish I have left company,but they didn't have small fish only large Koi and other larger types. Looks like "New Goldie" will have to wait for a friend. And even with a new,better camera it's still very hard to take a good picture of a constantly moving fish!!
When hubbie got home from the old house where he and bro-in-law spent the day painting again we did chores a little early so we could make a much needed trip to Sam's Club. It is still drizzling a cold rain and the winds are picking up making it feel really raw outside this evening.
Made a stop at Tractor Supply first to pick up some things and see if they had their chicks in yet. They are all set up for them but don't know when they are coming or how much they will cost yet, they said they are getting baby ducks also,I'm excited!
We grabbed a quick hot dog at Sam's for our unhealthy supper of the week,mmmm but their hot dogs are sooo good!
Made a quick stop at Wallyworld for oil and a filter for my van,I'm getting tired of seeing that red sign,telling me I need to change my oil.
Got everything put away at home and snuggled with my 4-legged kids for a while.
I'm finishing this post as my clock says 11:30, the depressing thought that this actually means it is 12:30 as hubbie goes around re-setting all the clocks for daylight saving time.
Fact is I actually like daylight saving time better than the "now" time ,I just wish they would leave it one way or the other!!
In town this morning there was the third annual "march of the Leprechauns" the main streets of town were closed for the parade,thankfully it was this morning when the weather was nice.That beautiful blue sky sure didn't last long today!There were plenty of Leprechauns and bagpipes on hand along with green,green,green.
Looking forward to a wonderful Lords day tomorrow. Good Night and God Bless.