Saturday, March 6, 2010


Up and out early to market,feels almost normal today,didn't even need a heavy jacket. Shortly after I got set up a man with a big camera came in and then another man with another big camera came in,we were all looking at each other,"like okay who made this big news"????
The manager ask them what they were there for,they looked surprised,"didn't you all know the governor was coming here today?" "Well of course, we just asked to see if you knew!!!"
At about 11:30 sure enough Governor Beverly Perdue and a large entourage surrounding her came through the door. And the first thing she bought was one of my little jean aprons for her 3 year old grand daughter. I was flattered......we talked about the joys of grandparenting.She asked me to get my picture with her and my apron. She impressed me as just a normal grandmother and seemed to be really down to earth. She is the first governor to visit our market,we've had senators and congressmen but this is a first for a governor. I'm glad she spends time in the mountain end of our state.
Market was okay today,worked on finishing a 3-way doll that I have an order for and had a lot of time to chat with my neighbors between customers!
Came home to a very nice afternoon,#2 son called and thought 1 of the neighbors calves was in our pasture but it turned out to be one of ours that had gotten separated from the rest of the herd. I walked after we got this settled and spent some time watching mallards on our farm pond.They always nest and raise some little ones every year. The little female appeared to be looking for a nesting place this afternoon while her man ran interference for her,swimming to the other side of the pond to get the attention of me and the dogs. The dogs fell for it but I stayed put and she swam really close to where I was standing. I tried to tell her she better put that nest on the high bank side of the pond so it won't wash away in a flood,I hope she was listening!!
It felt so good to be walking with just a jacket on instead of my insulated coveralls,although I still had to wear boots instead of tennis shoes,but I'll take that! The sun felt warm on my face as I walked and there seemed to be an audible sigh in the air as if all nature was relaxing it's stiff winter posture and was hesitantly beginning to loosen up for a welcome spring revival.
The cattle were searching for any green shoot that might poke its head through the un-snow covered ground. Annie seemed to be intent on reinserting the fact that she was the boss around here even when challenged by an animal about 6 times her size.
Hubbie and his brother spent the entire day painting the in-laws old house,he got home after 6:00. After supper my cousin Mike came by and visited while daughter and I sorted through old photos.I need some old snow pics for an interview with the local weather gal next week. I did not realize I had so many old pictures,I surely need to do something to get all these organized.
After Mike left we watched UNC/Duke b-ball game or at least started to watch it,we're UNC fans so we couldn't watch much of it!!!!!!!! All I've got to say is wait till next year!!!!
This has been another blessed day for me, I thank the Lord for giving me such simple pleasures and the time and wisdom to enjoy them. Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, What an honor--to meet with the Governor... Very pretty lady--and so are you!!!!!

I love your land and property... I always wanted some land like that --but they will probably have to be in my next lifetime. ha

Glad both NC and TN weather is improving. I can't remember UNC NOT being a basketball powerhouse. What has happened?