Monday, March 15, 2010


Ahhh!Slept better last night,feel more refreshed this morning. Hubbie and I layed out our steps to the new sunroom before I left this morning.
The sun is shining this morning but the clouds are stubbornly holding on to the mountain tops as if they can't bear to let go even though we have a gusty north wind that makes it sure feel like winter.The temperatures are holding at 47 degrees and feels like 20's with the wind.Clouds hung around all day,intermittently turning the warm sunshine into cold shade.Snow still visible on the distant mountains is a definite reminder that winter is not over no matter how hard we look for signs of spring!
I delivered Avon until 12:30 today,hubbie had picked up g-son from pre-school and they were home eating lunch when I got here.
G-son and I stayed inside while hubbie braved the cold winds to work on the steps. We have an appointment at the last bank to finish estate business at 3:30,I'll be glad at least that part is done. After that we wait for bills to come against the estate and decide what to do with the old house.
Home around 4:30 from the appointment,g-son of course fell asleep on the way there and slept through it all,oh to be a child again!!!SIGN OF THE TIMES,WONDER HOW MANY WORKERS IT TAKES TO CLOSE A PLACE ???
Hubbie went back to work on the steps outside and I gladly stayed inside with still sleeping g-son. Decided to get a head start on tomorrows house cleaning by dusting the whole house before d-in-love came after g-son.
After a supper of left overs ,I did my outside chores,that's different,eating supper before the chores!
Vegged out with the 4-legged kids for a while tonight,the nights are shorter now,when I looked up at the clock I surely didn't expect it to be after 10!!!!
Can't wait for tomorrow,56 degrees and sunny,no wind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanking God for the blessings of today and for my good health. Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We still had cloudy, dreary skies all day long --with no sunshine, again today... I don't think we've seen the sun for about a week now. We didn't get anymore rain---but it was cloudy and cold!! Yuk... BUT--by Friday and Saturday, we're going to get warmer temps and sunshine... I cannot wait.

Funny picture about the store closing hiring people to close the store...... ?????? Gads!!!! ha.....

Your new sunroom sounds great.... I'd love to have a sunroom.. I'd probably want to live in there all of the time!!!!

Have a great day tomorrow. I love your duck header.