Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Want to see some differing opinions on this winter's weather click here and scroll down to the Special Reports section. This is the interview I did a couple weeks ago Asheville. NC :: Special Reports - Wicked Winter Weather

Hope you enjoy the news article.
I actually said the same thing the older man said about seasons going in cycles. I truly believe about every 25 years our seasons change. We've had about 25 years of mild winters and fairly dry spring and summers,I think we are starting back into a snowy cold winter, wet spring and summer cycle. But maybe I'm wrong!!!!
Today was housecleaning,laundry day, after I finished this about 2:30,I went to work cleaning my shop out. I found 6 Farmall afghans still in their original packaging that I used to sell at tractor shows when we used to follow some of the local shows in North and South Carolina. I put one on E-bay tonight to see if it would sell,I don't need 6 of them and we don't follow tractor shows anymore.
Memories of those tractor shows and craft shows I used to travel to are great,I didn't make a lot of money,but the friends I made and places I saw were wonderful. When I started my baking business there wasn't time for traveling shows anymore. I had 2 kids in college and needed to make more money.
I worked until almost dark tonight,I would love to finish this job this week. The weather the first 2 weeks of March put me behind on my March goals,but I still have a chance to get it done. it is going to be so nice to have things organized in there for the first time ever.
Daughter fixed supper for us tonight while I was working in there and hubbie was putting gravel on the dirt he put around the house foundation. Little by little we are getting our yard fixed up after our construction projects.
We would be healthier if she cooked more and it was delicious,she is a good cook.
Watched Carolina win their NIT game tonight,to bad they didn't play like this during the regular season!
Remember to thank God for the blessings of your day,I know I am very thankful.
Good Night and God Bless.


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Glad you posted that link on here. I missed it the other day and wanted to see it! You did a great job :)

Claudia said...

I saw you on TV yesterday morning, while I was feeding Emilia I always turn the TV on so I can get woken up and there was "this Lady I know!!!"
I was so excited I got to see you because I had read on here you did that interview so it was fun and YOU DID NOT LOOK OLD!!!!!

Good Job :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I loved watching the report on the Asheville TV channel... I knew you all had lots of snow--but had no idea that it was THAT much.. Wow--you had probably 4 times the snow that we had here.

Loved seeing you... Now I feel like I know you better. I thought you did a great job of 'reporting' the weather. I shared this with hubby since George used to live in Black Mtn. He said that he remembers the principal that they talked to in that report. Did you know him?????

Sounds like you had a great day. Hope your baking business picks up now that the weather is better.