Monday, March 29, 2010


Out on Avon deliveries early this morning as hubbie is working to finish some clean up in our pastures before he goes to pick up g-son. My deliveries went quickly today and that is good because I have a busy afternoon to get home to.
Stopped by Ingles to order the chicken for this evening,hubbie will pick it up at 4:30 and bring it to church to me so it will still be hot when it's time to serve. Put a ham in the oven as soon as I got home. While that was cooking I ordered all my garden seeds and blackberry plants on-line. I took the ham out of the oven and went to church to start setting up at 4:00.
I love these ladies, we all worked together so well and the meal was a definite success and enjoyed by all,we fed about 50 people.
We had to much food as always,but it is better to have to much than not enough. My family was waiting for me to get home and they were glad to help take care of the leftovers.
The weather has been kinda strange today,this morning it was warm and the sun tried to shine,this evening it has turned really cool and the sun is shining brightly,go figure!!!I can just hear this goose saying "hey! why did you do that?" especially as cold as that water must still be!
Headed to bed early tonight,got another long day tomorrow.
My blessings for today were numerous and I am very thankful tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

I love to hear about churches pitching in and providing food for families when there has been a death. That is just so special ---and I'm sure the families appreciate it. God Bless You and your church family.