Monday, March 8, 2010


MAKE YOUR DAY COUNT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another beautiful day, almost 60 degrees and sunny. Hubbie is off today so he finally got the outside of our sunroom that has been waiting for paint since the middle of December done. The temperature has to be so high to paint and of course it can't be raining or snowing so this is the first opportunity he has had to get it done.
While he worked on this I sent in my Avon order,which was a nice one for a change so I have met my goal for Presidents Club for the next year.
I also searched for more papers as today is the day to work on closing out some of the in-laws estate accounts.
#1 son brought g-son by for lunch and then picked him up before we left to meet up with bro-in-law at 1:30.
The in-laws believed in being very diverse so we have about 6 places to deal with today.
Things went pretty smooth with only a glitch at 1 place which can be taken in a different direction if necessary, but I think the main glitch was that the guy we were dealing with thought he might have to stay a little past 5 to get us what we needed and he wasn't willing to do that.
It was after 6:00 when we finally finished and parted ways with bro-in-law. We stopped at sub-way for our supper,you can't beat the $5 sub deal there right now.
As if right on cue when we picked up our mail there was the first medical bill that will need to be payed out of the estate. I'll be glad when all this is in the past and I can look back on it.
I have been shopping for a new camera online tonight and I am surprised at the price difference for the exact same camera at different stores. On-line Walmart a little over $700 and at Best Buy the same is over $1,000! So I guess I'll go to Best Buy and check it out and then order it online, ship to store at Walmart.
Tomorrow will be another busy day,hoping to be able to get outside and feel the warm sunshine before the rain moves back in on Wednesday.
My brain is tired from this day and I am ready to call it a day.
Thanking God for the ability to keep track of everything and the knowledge to sort it all out.
Good Night and God Bless.

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