Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I wonder if the weather on the 2nd day of March means that March came in like a lion!! A snowy lion that is,a very snowy lion!!!
G-son came at 7 am so his dad could take his mom to work and when he came there was absolutely no snow to be found,although they had called earlier and canceled schools. Hubbie and g-son turned on the TV in the living room and I went back to bed. About 30 minutes later I woke up and looked out the window and saw the snow falling. After breakfast of homemade pancakes we started our day.
The flurry of activity at the feeders was a sign of things to come! This lilac bush next to the feeders is loaded with birds waiting their turn to fill their tummies against the cold and snow.I counted at least 9 birds in this one bush,enlarge it and see how many you find.
About mid morning the snow really picked up and the ground was quickly covered and snow continued without stopping until about 5:30 this afternoon leaving 7" of the white stuff on the ground.
Hubbie entertained g-son most of the day and I did my regular Tuesday laundry and housework,since I was working on the in-laws old house last Tuesday,today's cleaning was a must!
I was just finishing up when #1 son and d-in-love came in to pick up g-son. They said the roads weren't bad,just wet,the brine the state put out worked on this type snow for a change,keeping it off the roads.
This is a light,fluffy but clingy snow, creating a complete winter wonderland.The lilac bush that held all the birds earlier only holds snow covered branches
this afternoon.Finally this evening as we tracked through the snow to feed the cattle at the barn the snow stopped falling. It felt good outside,not too cold,the snow was so beautiful and it seemed to make the whole world a quite,peaceful place. I can't explain why a snowfall gives me such a peaceful,calm feeling down deep in my soul,but it always does.I hope you enjoy these pictures,I got carried away this evening and made 60 pictures.Snow puts me in mind of God throwing a blanket over part of His world,maybe to give us an idea how peaceful this world would be if somehow we could take all the "dirt" and cover it with prayer bathed goodness pure as the snow that fell today. Good Night and God Bless.

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Glenda said...

I love your winter wonderland pics - especially those of the birds! Your last few sentences are a beautiful word picture . . . and I sense your heart for God.

I'm a newcomer to your blog - another Nana from the deep south. I saw your comment on Betsy from Tennessee's post. I guess the word "Nana" caught my attention! I'll be back to visit!