Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Getting an earlier start this morning to try to get ready for Daylight Saving Time this weekend,yuck. I'm not a fan of the time changes,I think they should leave it alone!
I like odd things,or maybe not odd things,but normal things made out of odd things! Anyway on my shopping trip last week I noticed a little pitcher with some simple iris in it,as I got closer I realized the iris were made from oyster shells,naturally it came home with me. I always say,I'll make some of these but rarely ever do,so I won't even say that and maybe I will make some. I'm sure I'll be collecting oyster shells when we go to the beach this year,anyway.
After yoga and breakfast I did some much needed paperwork,had a business trip planned for late morning but that got lost in the shuffle of hay being delivered along with 2 loads of stone to put in my steps when we get them made. As I walked down from the barn after helping unload the hay,I spotted the first wild flowers of spring, this Creeping Charlie which is an invasive weed around here,but like a lot of other weeds,the blooms are pretty and especially when they are the first color of spring! Creeping Charlie gets its name from the way it sends shoots creeping out across the ground rooting and spreading.
My afternoon was filled with laundry and housework,for some reason I am really tired out today,hmmm.
When hubbie came home we went up to a friends barn to pick up a few more bales of hay.I was actually supposed to be in the back of the truck stacking the bales as he dropped them down,I just got a little behind!!! We are hoping if the weather isn't to bad we now have enough hay to last the winter.
As the days get longer it is nice to be able to have time in the evenings to do some things before it gets dark. Next week we will have a lot of time in the evenings,too much actually!!
After supper I did some paperwork and rested,hoping tomorrow I'll have my energy level back up. Today has been a beautiful spring like day,64 degrees,the warmest day since last November 15th is what they said on the news tonight. As the clouds made for a pretty sunset this evening they are a sure sign that the rain is supposed to move in over night and last for several days,oh well, the sunshine was nice while it lasted!
Praising God for the blessings He pours out on me every day. Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I don't like time changes either... Somehow--it messes me up for days!!!!

I love that last picture... We have had some great weather recently--and it's VERY warm here in the Smokies. George had a great birthday---and we are pooped out tonight... Can't wait to share his day with everyone..

Hope you have a great Wednesday.

Nezzy said...

Yep, just as the mornin' is gettin' lighter were gonna spring forward and it will be pitch black as Hubby leaves for work again. Now, we will have that extra hour to work outside as the weather warms. Wooohoo! Your pictures are just fabulous!!!

God bless and have a marvelous day!!!