Saturday, March 13, 2010


Sunshine greeted us as we left for market this morning and it was warm enough for just a long sleeved shirt.
Had a good market day even though 1/2 way through the day it started to rain and even hailed some pea size pellets, then, oh my, it got colder. I was definitely wishing for a coat as I loaded up after market.
Had to make 1 Avon delivery after market,it was right across the street from a thrift store so of course I had to check that out. Only bought a couple clothing articles for .50 each.
Went by a pet supply store to buy a couple fish to keep my now new only goldfish I have left company,but they didn't have small fish only large Koi and other larger types. Looks like "New Goldie" will have to wait for a friend. And even with a new,better camera it's still very hard to take a good picture of a constantly moving fish!!
When hubbie got home from the old house where he and bro-in-law spent the day painting again we did chores a little early so we could make a much needed trip to Sam's Club. It is still drizzling a cold rain and the winds are picking up making it feel really raw outside this evening.
Made a stop at Tractor Supply first to pick up some things and see if they had their chicks in yet. They are all set up for them but don't know when they are coming or how much they will cost yet, they said they are getting baby ducks also,I'm excited!
We grabbed a quick hot dog at Sam's for our unhealthy supper of the week,mmmm but their hot dogs are sooo good!
Made a quick stop at Wallyworld for oil and a filter for my van,I'm getting tired of seeing that red sign,telling me I need to change my oil.
Got everything put away at home and snuggled with my 4-legged kids for a while.
I'm finishing this post as my clock says 11:30, the depressing thought that this actually means it is 12:30 as hubbie goes around re-setting all the clocks for daylight saving time.
Fact is I actually like daylight saving time better than the "now" time ,I just wish they would leave it one way or the other!!
In town this morning there was the third annual "march of the Leprechauns" the main streets of town were closed for the parade,thankfully it was this morning when the weather was nice.That beautiful blue sky sure didn't last long today!There were plenty of Leprechauns and bagpipes on hand along with green,green,green.
Looking forward to a wonderful Lords day tomorrow. Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Neat St. Patty's Day parade, Marilyn.... I have some Irish in me---but have never celebrated St. Patrick's Day like some people do. I always wore GREEN that day though... Didn't want to get pinched!!!! ha

We have had a cold rain and drizzle all weekend. It seems much colder than the temps say it is... Doesn't feel like SPRING yet here.

One of my friends says that Sam's has good pizza also. I haven't eaten there --but I'd love one of those hotdogs I'm sure.

Hope you can find a friend for Goldie soon.