Saturday, March 27, 2010


Had a pretty good market day,of course the lady that ordered 6 caramel cakes helped and she took 3 more also. That alone would have made my day and I did sell quite a few more cakes plus a baby quilt and towel bunny.
Stopped by the old in-laws house where hubbie and his brother were renovating the bathroom. The carpet and paint have made it look like a nicer house by far. I took pictures of the couch so I can advertise it on Craigslist.
Stopped at Aldi and Walmart to get baking supplies for next week,this is the new schedule,no more coming straight home on Saturday.
When I got home #1 son was hauling brush into the bottom to a burn pile down there,he got his dump truck stuck on the 2nd trip and had to wait for his dad to get home to drive it while he pushed with his track hoe. He put daughter in the truck last time he got it stuck.
Hubbie came home and went down and they finished hauling and cleaning up all our downed trees from the storms in the winter.
I worked in my shop finishing the job!!!!!!!!!

This is a before picture,I could not even walk through the place without moving things around,there was no way I could get any work done in here.
Here is the the finished product,I've actually lost count of the hours I have put into cleaning and organizing this building,but today looking at it, it all has been worth it.
The most time consuming part of the job was organizing all my material by color or what it was to be used for and putting each piece in a covered container. At least now I won't be worried about touching a snake when I reach for a piece of cloth! The only bad part of my new organization is having to lift the containers filled with cloth, but I used smaller ones so maybe that won't be a problem. I just wanted to stay in there tonight and enjoy actually being able to walk all around and now I won't have any excuse not to get some sewing done!!
Daughter called earlier from Charleston where she is running in the Cooper River Bridge marathon today. There were over 40,000 people who entered this race. She did pretty good,she finished the 6.2 miles in 1hour 4 minutes for about a 5,000th place finish. With the number of people I don't see how you could even have room to run.I found this picture from one of the local news outlets,look at all the people on the bridge as far as you can see,wow!! This is the 3rd largest race in the world!
What an awesome experience for daughter and her friends. But I'm jealous of their trips to the old slaves market!! When she called they were waiting to be seated for dinner at a restaurant. Charleston has some of the best seafood restaurants around but there is always a long line and I can imagine the wait with an extra 40,000 people in town!
Had a visit from my cousin tonight as we watched a ball game on TV and rested from our busy day.
Thanking God for all the blessings He heaped on me today.Looking forward to worshiping Him tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I know you are proud of your daughter... I'm sure she is having a great time in Charleston. There is some GREAT seafood there...

You have really done a great job in your shop... Looks like you have a HUGE stash of fabric, etc... No excuses for not sewing now, huh?????

Glad your did well at the market today... That's amazing--selling so many cakes to one person. She must have been having a huge party.

Have a wonderful Palm Sunday.