Saturday, October 31, 2009


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Rainy morning brings back memories from Halloweens when the kids were little,almost every Halloween it seemed to be rainy or very windy or both.Trick or treating was always a challenging experience. Unfortunately g-son is sick so he will miss all this years festivities,mainly a Halloween carnival at church this afternoon.
Arrived at market a little early this morning in my witch's hat,I will be in several people's Halloween photo memories as they ask to get a picture. There were several customers that came through dressed up,one I particularly liked was this black lady in a hershey kiss outfit she made herself.....Daughter came in after her marathon,she was lucky she didn't get rained on.She came in 4th place and got 2nd place for her costume.She was the Blue Ridge Parkway,her girl friend was colorful leaves and g-friends boyfriend was a picture taking tourist. This is a fun day and I love making people smile and laugh.
We had another good selling day today,thank you Lord. It started off slow but picked up about mid morning and ended up being a good day for both daughter and I. Most of the sales today were baked goods,not many crafts. Just as we started loading the van at closing time it started to pour the rain,so we got drenched getting everything loaded.
Daughter came straight home to take a nap and I went to Aldi and Walmart to pick up supplies for next week.I am cutting back some this week as I know business is bound to slow with the coming of November. Hubbie and I unloaded during a break in the rain and got things put away.Then I decided to follow daughters lead and took me a nap before supper.
That's about all these rainy afternoons are good for,but it's nice to have some down time to relax. We had soup for supper and then did our chores ,the rain has slacked off now but the news said more is on the way! Maybe the rainy weather will stop a lot of mean pranks tonight.We hardly ever have trick or treaters way back here off the main road where our house is,and there are still 3 carved jack-o-lanterns on my back deck,guess no ones in the spirit anyway.G-son and I have enjoyed them all week so they have served their purpose.This has been a good ole couch potato night for me and my 4-legged kids. It is 10:00 and I'm going to take a long hot bath again,the one last night sure helped my soreness from my fall.
God is so good to me some days I am humbled by His goodness. Good Night.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Woke to another dreary day,looks like I'd be used to these by now but they are still sooooo dreary! G-son isn't feeling well so he will be a little late as mom is letting him sleep in. I worked in my sewing shop a while,replenishing some of the things I have sold out of. I made 10 oven mitt spoon holders and 4 draft dodgers.I don't have enough spoons for all the mitts so that will mean a trip to the Dollar Tree later.When g-son got here we gave him medicine to make him feel better.He is just sitting in the recliner watching TV today,he is so pitiful when he is sick,he has the look in his eyes that #2 son used to have when he was little and got sick. I baked cakes and fixed him some lunch which he just looked at and went back to the recliner. After I ate we headed for Dollar Tree,I told him he could pick out a new toy so that perked him up a bit. He picked 2 toys and I bought my spoons,then we went to Sonic,he likes their grilled cheese sandwiches. We brought it home and he took 1 bite,wouldn't drink any of his grape slushie and went back to the recliner. I sat in the living room with him and made 7 towel angels.I put spoons in the mitts and hand stitched the ens of the draft dodgers closed. Pretty good amount of work done today.I only have every other Friday to catch up on my crafts and since this was supposed to be my catching up Friday and g-son was sick and didn't feel like playing it all worked out. His other grandfather has H1N1 flu and he couldn't stay there today. We are just hoping that isn't what he has,but on the other hand maybe it would be better just to go ahead and get it and get it over with,then we can quit worrying about catching it. Daughter came home and helped me give g-son another dose of his med,he is getting hot again,it takes 2 to get the medicine in him. She sat and held him until he went to sleep,then layed him down and went to get ready to go to her Halloween party tonight. D-in-love picked up g-son,I don't feel like any supper tonight as I've been snacking all afternoon so we left to go clean church. I was sweeping spider webs down from the posts in front of the offices when I stepped off the porch and missed the steps,I fell on my hip and knee (my good knee), I knew I was going to fall so I slowed it down by grabbing a post with my hand but my knee hit the concrete hard. So tonight I can barely bend my knee and my hand,hip and back are very sore.I just wonder how I'm gonna feel in the morning,may have to be lifted out of bed. We came home from cleaning and I started icing caramel cakes and coconut cakes.I wrapped some and boxed up some orders,so I don't have so much to do in the morning. I hate to get still because I know when I stop moving it is going to be painful to get going again.UHHHHH!!!! I sure don't bounce like I used to!! It is 11:00 I have 1 more coconut to ice,Ive been waiting for the coconut to thaw and then I'm going for a hot bath and bed. Forgive me Lord for my impatience sometime I know You'll work everything out all in good time. Good Night.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


To market,to market that saying is ringing in my head this morning. It took me almost an hour to get set up between waiting on customers.That's a good thing!!! Had a good day,sold a lot of crafts a long with baked goods,actually and very rarely does this happen I made more money on crafts than on baked items today. After market I ran regular errands and took care of 3 Avon stops on my way home.Home at 5:00 ,hubbie just got here so he helped unload and put things away. He grilled hamburgers on the grill and we had some kale greens from a market neighbor to go with them.Daughter came in and ate with us,then I went walking,I have got to get back into my walks.With all the bad weather we have had and all the extra work I've had I have gotten out of the habit and I could tell it today when I started up the hill in our driveway! Daylight saving time starts Saturday night and that will make it even harder to find the time. I examined Annie's foot again and still find nothing in it but she seems to be getting a little better with putting more weight on it when she walks. Hubbie is out in the dark working on g-son's slide,that shows how things go around here,I just don't know where the time slips away too. We are stocking up on batteries for flashlights, after Saturday I know we'll need plenty of them,we can barely get the outside chores done now before dark much less after we loose another hour of daylight. I don't like changing the time around ,it makes no sense to me.Daughter is doing her baking tonight because she is going to a friend's Halloween party tomorrow night.I did some paperwork and then watched Survivor on TV before we headed out to clean church. When we got home daughter was in bed and hubbie is taking a shower and headed to bed,I'll be headed that way very soon.It is 11:00 ,I'm gonna watch the news ,take a bath and hit the sack myself.
May all the glory go to God !! Good Night.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Awoke to a beautiful day sunny and warm even early this morning,suppose to hit 70 today.
Feels like everything is refreshed after yesterday's rain. Walked down and opened lower pasture gate to let cattle go down,let dogs out Annie the red Aussie is limping badly,I looked and felt of her foot and can't feel anything in it.Maybe she hurt it somehow during the night,I didn't notice her limping last night when I put her up,but it was raining and I might not have noticed. After breakfast I started icing caramel cakes,I have 18 to ice plus 3 chocolates.G-son came during my icing time and had cake and caramel icing for breakfast again!! I'm a sucker for that little guy when he wants something to eat. With the icing done and lunch in our tummies we headed out to play in the bright sunshine.We acted like airplanes and chased our shadows all over the lawn.It was hard to keep him off his new big unfinished slide platform,he is gonna love playing on that.
We came inside when 1 of daughters friends came by to meet her after work and she came in and played with g-son until daughter got here.He wanted to go run with them when they left.They are running a Halloween marathon Saturday morning and they went to run the coarse today. A man came to pick up a cake order,talking with him was interesting,he is from Cuba and had never been out where we live.He said this area reminded him of Cuba,I didn't know there were mountains in Cuba.He also said it was very lush green,always stayed about 72 degrees and there were no bugs. I still would never want to live there and I almost ask him why he left,but I probably already know the answer to that. D-in-love was walking around outside taking photos for a class she is taking,she came and picked up g-son and they walked up on the hill between our houses taking pictures of a beautiful sunset.Fall is a beautiful time for sunset pictures.Daughter came home and started her baking,she is going to try some Halloween cookies along with her regular things. I payed our bills and father-in-law's bills. All I have left to do is cut and wrap my halves and ice 3 coconut cakes so I've turned the kitchen over to daughter.She missed last night's baking so she has a lot to do tonight. She just had to send her dad to the store for more butter,I would go but I really have a hard time driving after dark with my glasses on. I am praying for a little 1 year old boy,son of one of my blogger friends,he is in trouble with an excessive heart rate.I have been keeping up with him and this is a very serious hospitalization this time,just sending prayers!
Daughter finished her baking a little after 11:00 which was fine with me,I iced my coconut cakes and put them in the downstairs fridg. It is about 11:30 now and I'm off to get ready for bed.After the bedtime excitement last night I'm tired tonight and will be glad to get into bed.
Thanking God for the blessings of today,please be with this little boy up in Minnesota and his family. Good Night.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Up early to get laundry started,do some exercising and housework. I was finishing breakfast when #1 son came in and since it was going to rain(not raining yet) he didn't work and he was going to put a big wooden slide platform up for g-son to play on.It has been sitting behind the garden for months waiting! G-son will surely enjoy it when it is finished. Just as he got it set in the holes the rain started,cementing the post will have to wait. I was doing laundry (4 loads) and housework for most of the day.I decided to work on g-son's room today,so I went through all his toys,organized them,threw away broken ones and put some away that he has outgrown to make room so I can clean all the toys out of the living room.I got the treadmill down and plugged in this morning but never got back to it,oh well housework gives you lots of exercise right????? It has been a cool day low 50's and the rain has been hard at times this afternoon,we are under a flash flood watch. We will get the cattle up in the upper pasture tonight for sure. I am sitting now enjoying the silence of the house with only the sound of typing on the keyboard,the rain outside and the gurgle of my fish tanks it's not really silent but it is so relaxing.It is a good feeling to have the housework done.
When hubbie came in from work we did the feeding chores and shut the gate to keep the cattle up here on the hill.We made soup from some of the tomato/okra mixture I canned last summer and the left over roast from Sunday,yum yum it was delicious!! After cleaning the kitchen we watched a gardening show on TV that we both enjoy,then I got an early start on my baking tonight. I have several orders this week so maybe it will be another good market week. It is still raining lightly tonight but watching the news,it is about to come to an end without any flood problems,Thank you Lord! Got a text from daughter,they lost.
Just now when I was sitting here typing I heard 3 loud bangs like gun shots,I ran to the door and heard the last one outside,it sounded like it was at #2 son's house.I called and he was outside looking to figure out what it was too.Hubbie drove down there and they looked to see if anything had been shot,but couldn't find holes any where. D-in-love was awake and heard it,she called to see what was going on. We all think maybe it was backfires from a car going down the road,sure hope so but with Halloween around the corner who knows.I always get nervous this time of year,there are surely some mean people out there and I have seen some bad things done on Halloween before. It is 11:30,I'm waiting on my last cakes to come out of the oven and daughter just got in from the game. Loud bangs just happened again,d-in-love called sheriff's they could send a car out.#2 son thinks it's a loud truck that is going up and down the road backfiring on purpose.Maybe a sheriff car riding up the road will send them home to bed.Well I just heard over the scanner that someone else just up the road called in to report gun shots being fired from a truck and gave them the description of the truck so at least it wasn't just in our area that they were doing it. I hope they catch them red-handed and get this stopped. Now I'm wide awake and listening to the scanner instead of getting ready for bed. I will have to get unwound and get into bed shortly.
Lord I pray for people who don't have any consideration for others and pray that you will keep that gun pointed in the air where it can do no harm. Good Night.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Waking up to g-son sleeping beside me is a feeling that is indescribable,he is one precious angel.
He came to our bed about 3:30 this morning,probably cold,because he had gotten out from under his blanket before I went to bed last night,I covered him back up but figured it wouldn't stay. He was still sleeping when I left early on my Avon route. Only 2 people weren't home so that is pretty good,they both live on the same road I do so it won't be a problem to get to them later. Talked to my brother about my nephew,he is still in a lot of pain this morning,no word yet on when he will leave the hospital,they are going to do another scan on his back to make sure they didn't miss anything,so scary.
I came home and had lunch with g-son and then we headed outside on another beautiful day,it is getting cloudy but still feels good.We had such a fun afternoon,carved another jack-o-lantern,played dress-up as vampires (have not idea where he got vampire idea),moved some plants from around where my new sunroom will be and I caught all our activity on camera....... This is going to be a special holiday season all the way through I think.G-son helped me put up my outside Halloween decorations and picked this hanging skeleton for his favorite.He doesn't seem to be afraid of any thing.After the decorating and carving were complete it was time to play....He would chase me then I would put on the cape and chase him.This cape by the way was in my attic,it was the one g-son's dad used for his Halloween costume many years ago,I knew there was a reason I kept all this stuff!!!! When we got it down today he was thrilled. As my kids were growing up they didn't like bought costumes,so we always came up with home-made things,these vampire capes I just stitched up and put a string through the pocket around the top to tie around the neck,I would make their faces white with flour or corn starch so they wouldn't break out and away we'd go. Making the costumes and getting ready were as much fun as the trick or treating itself and I always dressed up with them.
G-son is doing great with potty training!!!!
He had to help dig the holes and push the big garden cart around while we were moving several plants from around the back deck where they will get trampled in the new construction to the front of the house in a flower bed that has gotten over grown with crab grass.I am still laughing everytime I think about these next pictures. Around this over-grown flower bed is a line of telephone poles,put there to hold up timbers that hold the soil from washing away.I noticed g-son sitting on one of these poles,he was serously looking to his left and kept crossing and un-crossing his hands on his knees.I was getting ready to ask "what in the world are you doing?",when I realized what he was doing!!!!!What a wonderful way to end a wonderful afternoon!!!!!!! I sometimes forget the amazing things kids do and the magical world of discovery they live and explore in!!!!
We came inside and had a snack and watched some TV until mom came by to pick him up.Hubbie and I finished outside chores and had soup for supper.It is really cloudy and is getting really cool outside,the rain is suppose to start about midnight and have a rainy day tomorrow.That's okay,it's house cleaning day. Daughter came in and started her baking.
Talked to my brother again,nephew is home in a huge brace,the crack is between his shoulders and the brace is from chin to waist,very uncomfortable,he can sleep without it but must sleep on his back.He will have to do school work at home for at least 1 week maybe 2.
The doctors really can't tell what nerve damage is done because of the swelling so we'll just pray! Riding in the back of a truck is so dangerous,I have done it, my kids did it,we were lucky. Not long ago not far down the road a grandmother was driving with her grandson in the back of her truck and got hit,it threw him out and he was killed. My nephew is lucky, even with a huge brace and I hope he realizes just how lucky he is!
Daughter baked until almost 10:00 and then it was my turn,I realized I forgot to buy some key ingredients in my rush to get home Saturday,so I'll have to leave 3 pound cakes until tomorrow.Luckily I can fill my early week orders anyway.Daughter will be gone to the play-off volleyball game tomorrow night so I can start baking early.It is 11:30,I'm waiting for the last cakes to get done and after I put the glaze on them I'm headed to get ready for bed. Have I said how much I love life lately,well I can never say that enough!!! Today has been a day of many thank you's to God for my blessings and just to be so blessed as to live where I do. The mountains look so beautiful today with all the colorful leaves,a friend described the view from her window this morning as like looking into a box of fruit loops cereal,it just doesn't get any better than this! Have I said lately how much I love fall!! Thanks to God for each day and hope I can live it in his Glory. Good Night.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


We had a guest speaker today in church and he gave a really instructional message about how prayer really does have an effect on what God does for us.He had written quite a few books and I bought several as I left church today,maybe this winter I will have some reading time. At lunch everyone was here but #2 son, who was golfing. I had a job review meeting at 2:30 with the pastor and building and grounds chairman,it went very well and I was home at 3:00.Daughter ,d-in-love,g-son and daughter's little sister went and bought pumpkins and brought them home to carve some jack-o-lanterns. When they came in they told about an accident they had passed just over the road,which we later found out that my nephew was involved in.We found out that he was riding in the back of a friends truck and they rear-ended another car,my nephew was taken to the hospital with back pain.Luckily he was laying down and didn't get thrown out but when they examined him they discovered a cracked vertibrae in his back from slamming into the truck cab.He has to stay in the hospital tonight so they can keep him from moving and tomorrow he will be fitted with a back brace that he will have to wear for 6-8 weeks. The doctor said he was lucky in that a little higher or lower this could have been a much more serious injury.THANK YOU LORD!!!!! #1 son carved g-son's with the traditional horns, daughter carved one and her little sister carved a simple one. G-son and I started a fire in our fire-pit so we could roast marshmallows,I'm not a very good fire starter and I produced a lot of smoke,I hope the neighbors don't call the fire dept. Daughter and her little sister roasted all the seeds from the pumpkins,they seasoned them several different ways and they were all good except one was plenty hot! They had fun roasting marshmallows and enjoying this beautiful fall day.This is what I love about fall,today was about as perfect a fall day as you could ask for, sunny but with a nip in the air that demanded long sleeves.
Perfect day for enjoying friends and family and we made the best of it all day and into the night. When all the kids left hubbie and I with our 4-legged kids sat by the fire well into the night,it's much better after dark,the fire gets almost hypnotizing.Bernie thought so as he and Dolly both enjoy the warmth of the fire one in each lap.It's so nice not to have to worry about setting a fire when things are so dry. We didn't get to have one fire in the fire-pit last year,it was so dry we were afraid we'd start a forest fire.Maybe we will get to make up for it this year.It got really cold and when the fire went out we came inside. I did some paperwork and made my Avon route list for tomorrow.#1 son's family came back from one of their friend's house and g-son was asleep,so we just put him in bed here,that'll save them from dragging him out in the cold early in the morning.We're praying for some friends of theirs as their 2 year old has H1N1 flu.That has all parents on edge now and I don't blame them,there are a lot of small children dying from this flu,it has me an edge.
I am watching the news and then I am headed to get ready for bed,might make it to bed before midnight tonight! Hope g-son sleeps good tonight bless his heart,he plays so hard.
Lord there is a lot on my heart tonight so I'm laying all the hurt and sick at your feet tonight,I know I can go to bed and relax with them in your hands. Good Night.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Daughter came by at 7:45 on her way to market today.I got up at regular time ,got everything loaded,it is a very nice sunny day,glad the rain is over. When I got to market daughter was disappointed that she hadn't sold much. I got my things all set up and then she left to go help coach a play-off volleyball game in the next county.Hubbie stayed and helped me a while because as soon as daughter left I got swamped by customers. It was another very good day,thank you Lord, I'm very thankful for days like today,especially this time of year because it seems all of a sudden business is just gone,but not today! I sold almost out of both daughters and my things.When I left I only went to Aldi and Walmart to get baking supplies and came home.We got unloaded and I took Tylenol to ward off a migraine I felt coming on when I was in Walmart. I layed on the couch for about 30 minutes and then got up and wrapped g-son's birthday presents and got ready for the party. Daughter came in for the cupcakes and we just rode with her to the party.The ride down to the next county where his other g-parents live was beautiful,the leaves are just now getting their full color...........
This is the view from their house,I would love to wake up to this view every morning but I wouldn't like the high traffic volume they have on the road that goes by their house.
The party was very nice,good food, wonderful family and friends,plenty of presents,so many he didn't know which to open first.All the kids had a wonderful time and got along great.They got to paint their own pumpkin,
and with no major messes,way to go kids!! They had things set up outside but as soon as the sun went down the wind started blowing harder and it got down right cold so we moved things inside. We were even blessed with some good music from d-in-love and her dad and brother who are all wonderfully talented string instrument artist.
Daughter recorded some of their playing on my camera video and I did figure out how to transfer and play it on the computer. Daughter dropped us off at home and went back to her dog sitting job.Hubbie and I took flowers to church that I bought on the way home today and then went to Ingles for a roast for tomorrow's lunch,saw 2 people from church at the store,late shopping must be popular in our congregation!
We came home ,watched the news and I'm blogging,it is now 12:15am,I'm headed for bed.Thank you Lord for my life,my blessings and for the love you show me everyday. Good Night.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Woke to the familiar sound of rain this morning. Phone started ringing as soon as I got up with cake orders and the contractor,yes,the contractor,with our estimate and he was $2000 less than the previous one and even with wiggle room that is in budget.He said he could start depending on weather in 1-2 weeks, which is fine as there is some things we need to do first.
G-son came and he ate a waffle for breakfast and is playing spiderman climbing on the furniture in the living room. Man I wish for some of that energy.I baked cakes this morning and he was great while I was busy,even called me to run to the bathroom for #2's and #1's today! I think we've got this potty training almost whipped. It is 3:30 and it has went perfect today and it is so nice to have him come and get me when he needs to go instead of just taking him and sitting in the bathroom waiting.After lunch one of my Avon customers came by to pick up her order and I told g-son you stand at the door and watch because you don't have shoes on and it's wet outside. I took her order down to her car and looked up and saw g-son coming across the deck,I was getting ready to tell him not to come out barefoot when I saw that he had put his own shoes on,actually on the right feet!!!!!! He came up and introduced himself to my customer just like a big boy,then told her to have a good day.I was
just standing there with my mouth open! As we walked back in the house I thought,how big he is getting and now his maturity will come in leaps and bounds now,he no longer looks anything like a baby,he is a little boy and I might add all-boy. That statement is a familiar one to me as that is always what I heard when I asked his dad's elementary school teachers how he was doing,"he's just all boy" would almost always be the reply and I never asked what they meant by that!!!
It is 65 degrees right now and getting very dark and dreary looking outside. When hubbie came home I iced 6 caramel cakes so I could get out of the kitchen while daughter made cup cakes for g-son's birthday party tomorrow. D-in-love came in and G-son wanted to stay and play with his pawpaw a little longer so she left him here and went home to work on things for his party. At about 7:00 hubbie took him home so we could go finish cleaning the church.Daughter was still baking. When we got back she had some decorating done and it looks really good. G-son is Scooby-doo crazy right now so she did this free hand.After she finished them she left to go dog sit tonight for a girl she used to work with.She is coming by early in the morning to take her things to market early. I finished icing my cakes and cut and wrapped almost everything.It has rained pretty hard all evening but it is suppose to stop soon after midnight,dare we trust the weatherman on this!!! We didn't put the cattle up on the hill tonight,hope we're not swimming again in the morning! It is 12:30 am now and I'm headed for bed. Thanking God for this wonderful day and for g-son who will celebrate a late 3rd birthday tomorrow,keep us in your wonderful care. Good Night.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Off to market early this morning,traffic was light on the roads this morning,hope that's not a sign of things to come! When I arrived there were customers waiting and I stayed incredibly busy all day,at one point my phone was ringing and I just didn't have time to answer it.One thing about cell phones you can always call back when you have time because you have their #. I didn't even get a chance to talk to anybody today,I hope for more of these days. Took quite a few orders for Saturday also. I sold a lot of daughters things and that made her happy. She is cat sitting tonight then dog sitting for the weekend in the next town so she will just be passing through for the next few days. After I left market I made an Avon delivery to one of my favorite places,Barker House,this is an old house that a friend of mine bought,moved back off the road and turned into a bed and breakfast,I love going in there because it is all decorated in antiques and it gives me a wonderful feeling of reminiscing,although some of the things are before my time I actually can recall seeing and seeing some used when I was a child. I have never been able to describe the feeling I get when I'm there but it is very comforting and always makes me think of my father for some reason. I've always said I was born to late for my time.I love old things and this lady has a talent for arranging them and it really seems like you step back in time when you go through the doors of this big ole house! She was getting ready for guest today so my visit had to be brief.
I dropped orders at another place and did the regular errands for a Thursday,I made it home about 5:30,seems like my gettin home time gets later and later,maybe I'm gettin slower and slower!! Stopped by Walgreens for a few things and picked up some Vick's sauve for the bottoms of my feet tonight if I continue to cough like I am now,a lot of people swear this works wonders,we'll see! Also had to find hubbie some black cherry juice, he thinks he may be getting gout in his big toe. After we unloaded and put everything away,he grilled us some brauts, daughter came in and we all had those and some kale greens a man gave me at market today. Daughter did her baking while we did the evening chores and then we all watched Survivor on TV. She left to go to her cat sitting job and hubbie and I went to clean church. We came home and hubbie is going to bed and I am blogging. It is 11:15 and I am ready for a decent bedtime myself. Thanking God for walking beside me today and guiding me in his path to Glory. Good Night.


Got up early this morning,feel better with my cold thank goodness.After I finished the morning chores and had breakfast,I started icing cakes. G-son arrived and he wanted a waffle with caramel icing for breakfast! He watched TV while I finished my cakes with bathroom breaks all morning and had a break through as he came and got me to go do #2 in the potty,YEA,YEA!!!
After lunch we headed out to do some pumpkin shopping and I had some Avon to deliver to my friends who own apple house's. At our first stop he waved hello to the lama who came running for him to feed her, then we got down to business and picked out a pumpkin from a large display of pumpkins and hauled it back to the shed to pay for it.Next we went to a friend that I graduated from high school with farm,they raise all sorts of pumpkins and squash to sell in the fall.They also have giant caterpillers on the lawn and g-son was definitly interested in them. We made one last stop at another friends apple house to deliver her Avon and had another potty training break through as g-son stopped playing and looked wide-eyed at me and grabbed his behind,we ran to the bathroom and made it for a #2 in the potty.Good job g-son!!! There they gave us some apples and we headed on our way. All this activity sure makes a fellow hungry!!
We went to deliver a cake I had made for my cousin in appreciation for her watching and feeding our animals while we were on vacation. Then we stopped by ingles for some icing making supplies for tonight,I thought sure g-son would go to sleep and take a nap after all this running around but I was mistaken,I think he was afraid he would miss something! When we came home he played outside for awhile until hubbie got home from work and picking up my Avon on his way home. Daughter came in and started her baking,hubbie did outside chores while I fixed some supper. #1 son came after g-son and he ate some supper too then they went home.I payed bills and bagged my Avon orders while daughter baked,then I iced my coconut cakes and wrapped and labeled everything else. I hope we have as good a week as we did last week at market.This has been a wonderful day ,warm 70's and sunny,spending it with g-son just topped it off,he is one precious little guy and I sure love every minute I have with him,even the ones when he is in time-out!Tough love is the hardest thing parents have to do and for us grandparents it is double tough,but they have to learn and sometimes it has to be the hard way unfortunately. Every outing we go on I notice he gets easier to reason with and it is nice to give him a little more freedom so he can enjoy and satisfy his curiousity. I am very blessed and I know it and thank the Lord everyday for all my blessings.This post is going to be an AM post cause I forgot to start it before midnight,it is now 1 am and I'm finally off to bed, I think I've had such a good day I don't want it to end and that's why I'm not even tired,maybe a hot bath will do the trick.Good Night.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


UGGGGGGG!!!!!!! Another morning waking early (6am) to pain,this time in my sinus cavity in my left cheek and the roof of my mouth.I knew better than to take anything so I got a hot pack,held it to my face until it cooled but no relief. Up again wondering what to try next,made a cup of hot tea,got back in bed and sipped it and held each hot sip in my mouth as long as I could.Must have worked because I woke up 2 hours later. Now I'm mad at myself for getting up late,somedays I just can't win! Made myself a huge bacon and egg breakfast because I am still hurting and need to take tylenol. The pain stopped and now all I'm dealing with is a head cold,a very runny nose and feel yucky. I put sugar and spices in my apple butter and let it simmer some more in the crock pots.mmmmm it's good,I love apple butter on hot biscuits.
I started laundry and did some housework,but boy my heart just isn't in it today and it is taking forever to finish the smallest of task. I hung towels out on the line as it is a beautiful warm sunny day,almost 70 degrees.The sun felt good on my face while I was outside. After lunch I put my apple butter in jars and water-bathed it,I had 10 jars.I did 3 more loads of laundry and decided to put off anymore house work as my nose doesn't need any more dust and I need to have some sewing time as I have sold out of several things and I think it will be easier to clean house while g-son is here and sew some on today. I had been thinking of going to my favorite flea market tomorrow but I think I'll wait till I feel better and in November they'll have more Christmas things out I'm sure.Off to get laundry out of the dryer! I went out to my shop and made 8 jean aprons............I am running out of lace to put around them and I get that at the flea market but I still don't feel like going tomorrow.It took me until 6:00 to finish these,then I walked the dogs for a little while,it is still nice, jacket weather but nice! We walked down around our pasture pond where hubbie is working on a fence. We ate a light supper of grilled chicken and salad when we got back in the house. Hubbie went to feed the animals and I layed down on the couch for a few minutes before I have to start baking.Daughter came in from coaching volleyball,they won and it was their last regular season game,now play-offs. While I baked my layers she made and panned Boyfriend cookies and took them down to #2 son's house to bake them.She had to wait until he got home from playing softball,he always plays on an adult league team at a local park. It is now 11:30,I'm waiting to take my last layers out of the oven and daughter isn't back yet.Tomorrow night she can have my ovens as it is my icing day.
My nose is so raw from blowing it I can hardly touch it,I found my airborne that I had left over from last year and took 1,I'll take another before bedtime,this usually helps me get over stuff faster.Today on the news they identified a 21 year old girl's body that was found on the parkway yesterday and she went to school with my daughter,she was 3 years younger than my daughter. I pray for her family as I can hardly imagine their grief,the police are not saying much about it except that it is a homicide.Such a shame that the life of a beautiful young girl would be cut so short.I just hope they find who did it.So sad!!
Well it is 11:45,daughter just got back with all her cookies,I still have 20 minutes to wait for my last cakes and then it's off to get ready for bed.Praying for a better morning tomorrow than I had today.Thank you Lord for all your blessings and I pray for the safety of my children and pray that you comfort the family of that young girl. Good Night.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Great weather today upper 50's and bright sunshine! G-son got here before 7:30 this morning and there was no going back to bed.I had several Avon customer calls to catch up this morning and finally got in touch with everyone around 11:30,whew, posted order at 11:45.(12 noon is deadline) I've been running in and out to show hubbie where to replant some of the shrubbery we had to dig up last night. It is still to cold this morning for g-son to get out much,maybe after lunch.He has had 1 pee pee accident today,but did his #2 in the potty!! I am washing the chair cover and getting ready to hang it out to dry with some other covers that I changed last week. Wishing the other contractor would call with his estimate on my construction.If it is doable then I will tell him we have to go bigger and let him help me decide how much bigger I should go. I'm tired of these apples looking at me everytime I go through the kitchen so today is gonna be apple butter making day.The large apples on top are my favorite for butter making,they are called "wolf rivers" I'll never figure out where these names come from! Anyway I waited too late to get these with everything else going on and these 4 are from a friend who went back and gleened her trees for me. They will help thicken the apple butter mixed with the goldens , fuji's and granny smith's that are in the box. Excuse me while I go clean up a freeze pop mess!!!!! Well wouldn't you know as soon as I got that cleaned up he politely just peed in the floor and proceeded to slide around in it,his fun came to an abrupt end and after more than a 30 minute,wet pants wearing time-out,he promised his paw paw and me that from now on the pee goes in the potty,we'll see! After a lunch of left-overs we made a trip to Sam's Club ,everyone knew we were there as g-son sang and talked at the top of his voice the whole time we were in there.I enjoy his good moods and don't mind the chatter at all thinking it sure beats whining and crying anyday!!!! We drove the long way home as it is nap time and he was asleep before we got very far. We carried him and our groceries in and got things put away,then we opened the doors so we could hear him and he could come out if he woke up and worked outside. Hubbie finished the roof on our well house and I planted some mums I found on sale at Sam's and cleaned off some old flower pots and bird feeders along with some frost killed vines from our decks.When g-son woke up he wanted to play outside for a little while so we did,he helped his pawpaw feed the animals tonight and is being rewarded with more outside time even as it gets dark.When his dad came to get him he still didn't want to come inside.
I took the dogs on a short walk today as I don't like it outside in the dark,recently with all the bear talk in the area at night when I have to go out, I look for bears!!! I wasn't hungry tonight because I am finally getting my share of the cold that everyone else has been passing around. I have loaded up on vitamin C and hoping for a short duration.
I baked some cakes tonight and then fixed my apples. I use the crock pot apple butter method,it is quick and easy and anything that cooks while I sleep is a winner in my book!! My box of apples now look like this for the second stage,they will cook on low all night with just a little water in the pots to keep them from sticking,in the morning I will sweeten and spice them to taste,put the butter in jars and waterbath them,voila! delicious apple butter. I have been making apple butter cakes out of the left overs from last year and I only have 1 jar left,this won't go in cakes unless some is left over next fall. Next I'll start making pear butter cakes to use the left over pear butter from last year,I didn't get it thick enough to suit me but it will be better in the cakes and there is alot of it left.
Daughter came in late from having dinner with some friends and took her baking supplies down to #2 son's house to make pumpkin rolls.She made one at a friends house last weekend and boy was it good! She said she would be finished at 11:00 but it is 11:50 now and she's not back yet.I hope they turned out all right.This has been a good day and I've got a lot done today that I have been putting off for quite a while. Tomorrow will definitely be a work filled day. I am starting to feel the ahhhhhhh! that comes with fall finally and I am guessing after about 1 more week things in my business are really gonna slow down.I have to laugh every year about this time when it starts to get cold the tourist and summer home people start to rush away from here as if they don't have heat in their houses and must escape back south of here before they freeze to death! Hey! it's suppose to be 70 degrees tomorrow!
The leaves have not got much color this year,maybe it will come but there sure is alot of green leaves on the ground already. I'm still waiting for that call from the contractor and am really getting anxious,I have already come up with some ideas to enlarge my fire pit patio and use the outdoor furniture from my back deck as I was cleaning up I couldn't help but picture how things may look in the coming weeks. We also still have a tarp nailed to our roof to keep it from leaking and I know that won't last forever,decisions are going to have to be made soon. I took pictures today,hopefully to do a before and after post when I get my sunroom. I try to be patient and know God will work it out one way or the other all in his good time, and will give me the grace to deal with His decision. Good Night.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


CCCCOLD morning today! Had nursery duty at church this morning,easy day for a change with only g-son and one other little girl. Fixed lunch for daughter,#2 son, fa-in-law,hubbie and myself.Worked on my computer after lunch trying to read a bunch of e-mails so I could delete some.Took a long chilly walk with all the dogs,it is still only 44 degrees and the wind is blowing hard.Came back to the house and hubbie and I started trying to figure out exactly where our septic tank is located,as we don't want to build on it.#1 son came up and dug with his machine until he found it.Back when it was put in there were no permits required so we don't even have a diagram that would have helped us out so we spent over an hour digging in the wrong place.
He said that is why he hates fooling with these old systems,they are hard to find.
Anyway I will have to change some measurements on my sunroom to get away from it,so it is a good thing we made sure where it was!My cousin Mike came in just as we found it and he is a septic man also so he and #1 son got it all figured out.
We all came in out of the cold and ate leftovers for supper,#2 son also came back. After we ate everyone just sat around and talked and relaxed,a very good way to spend Sunday night.However after everybody left I had to write up my Avon orders and post them on-line.
I finished that and went to bed.God is good all the time,all the time God is good!! Good Night.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Well let me catch up here. Yesterday really sucked,at least for a while,and when it got better it still sucked because I was fighting hard to do all the things that had to be done in 1/2 the time!I just remembered that 28 years ago this day started off kind of sucky also as I had been in laber for 24 hours as of 9:00 am with #1 son and Dr. was telling me I wasn't going to be able to have a vaginal birth!But that day got better also when the mid-wife came in and I let the epideral wear off and got him pushed down far enough to be turned with forceps and here he came cone head and all!! And today October 16 he is 28. Also 3 years ago on this day g-son was born after keeping us up all night he made his entry at about noon and I can't think of a thing that was sucky that day!! I learned it is a lot nicer to watch a birth than to give a birth!!!
To start off I woke up before the alarm with a dizzying headache,I layed there thinking maybe I would go back to sleep and sleep it off,but it wasn't happening.My sensitive system makes it hard to take any medicine,even Tylenol,which is mainly all I do take and I knew I couldn't take it on an empty stomach.When I finally decided I was going to have to do something, I went to the kitchen and ate 2 crackers,(the cheese sandwich kind),and took 2 extra strength Tylenol,heated a headache pack in the microwave and went back to bed.After about 45 minutes the headache let up and I got up,let the dogs all out and made a hot cup of tea.
Thinking I had conquered my rough beginning,not so,about 1/2 through my tea it hit me,my stomach turned and I thought on no I have caught what daughter had before we went on vacation,as I remember her saying the stomach bug that sent her to urgent care began with a headache. So after setting a garbage can up for me to barf in I hit the couch.I have a frenatic nerve in my upper stomach and pass out when I gag to vomit so I have to stay layed down.I have had some pretty nasty falls before. Laying flat on my back usually keeps things calm,so all my daily duties went by the wayside.I was thinking about all the cake orders I was going to have to cancel.When hubbie came in for lunch I got him to deliver 2 cakes to church for the supper the church was hosting for the local high school football team. He fixed me some chicken soup but the first sip made me gag and pass out.
He left and at almost to the minute 4 hours after I had taken the Tylenol this morning,my stomach ache went away,(note to self,2 crackers isn't enough food for medicine!).I layed there 15 more minutes in disbelief, thinking I couldn't have been that sick over that medicine and it would surely come back.It didn't ,now I'm up,totally empty,no appetite,1/2 day's work behind and weak as water. I drank some jello water,(I used to use it for baby calves to give them energy when they were sick),maybe it'll work for me!
I got started baking about 2:00,took 2 more large cake orders and baked nonstop for 3 hours. The day started out sunny and I was planning to get out in the sun and wash off all my plants to bring inside,but by the time I finished baking it was misting rain and cold.We still had to bring in the plants as it is supposed to get 35 degrees tonight,which wouldn't kill them,but I never know what tomorrow may bring and tomorrow night it is supposed to be 32 degrees.Welcome early fall,this is early for it to be this cold and stay cold for this long,
makes you wonder what winter will bring,may be very interesting!
After I ate the rest of my jello that was now really jello,I tried to think of something else more substantial I wanted to eat,I wound up making brown rice and had 2 small bowls of that. Carbohydrates for energy and bland to sooth my raw stomach,it hit the spot.
Daughter came in and started her baking while hubbie and I did the outside chores,it is just raw out there,cold and wet.She said she would go with us to finish cleaning church since I don't feel well and hubbie has a really bad head cold and doesn't feel great either.I went to pick up money for an Avon order and she took her brother a birthday card,as it is his and g-son's birthday today! All 3 of us cleaned the church and came home now I'm only about 1 hour behind what I usually am,whew! I iced cakes and cut and wrapped orders until 12:30 in the morning.That's why no blog yesterday!!!!! I finally got in bed at 1:15 which isn't too bad for me usually but in my weakened condition I was dragging!

Up early and semi-rested,thankful for no headache,it's amazing after a morning like yesterday how much brighter today looks and how appreciative to God I am to feel good this morning.Daughter and hubbie were in the kitchen already packing and getting things ready to go.She has volleyball practice from 9-12 this morning,they get Friday evenings off in trade for Saturday morning practice.Hubbie had to stop on the way out and straighten our mailbox out where someone threw a rock and hit it last night.Makes me wonder what in the world some people get out of damaging other people's things.Maybe that mailbox took the blow and saved some one from taking it! Anyway he got it fixed so the lid would shut.We got unloaded and set up as it was really busy as usual in the middle of October.People were already doing Christmas shopping and I sold dolls and angels as well as baked goods today. Daughter brought lunch and came in after her practice and helped me until closing.We loaded the van and then walked up to a Hospice thrift shop that is just up the street from market.Found several neat things for projects for the holidays,looked for a silver top to wear with a skirt I bought while on vacation but had no luck in that dept,however daughter found her a really cute silver top.They had lots of Christmas decorations out and it was hard for me to contain my spending, but I did! I saw several things I'm going back for if my sunroom becomes a reality.I headed to Aldi and Walmart and daughter headed home to shower and head over to a friends house to practice making pumpkin rolls.It's great to have her helping at market and she is like her mom,a very good saleswoman!! I couldn't believe how crowded Walmart was ,(hey! people the snow predictions are not for here,for crying out loud!!).I finally made it home at 5:00,we unloaded and put everything away.It is still 42 degrees and light rain,maybe it is gonna snow,ha ha! I put comfortable clothes on and relaxed under a fleece blanket on the couch to the joy of my 2 little 4 legged kids,who love to snuggle.Hubbie put some brats on the grill and I steamed some veggies for supper.I am getting my appetite back,but shouldn't have had that second brat!! That is my dieting downfall,I need to stop with a small portion,get up and leave the table and my stomach told me that tonight!
This is a recuperating night and I'm not doing anything but resting and taking a long bubble bath and early bedtime.I got a couple new magazines while standing in the long line at walmart,that's why they put them on the check-out counters and it worked on me today.
Thanking God for my health and praying for a customer and friend that came in today,who has just had a brain tumor removed and is getting ready to start the radiation treatments afterward,she is such a nice person,and I pray for peace and understanding for her as she undergoes the coming challenges,my prayers go with you Becky!
I have so many special people that I have met through market and have become friends with over the years it means so much when they come in and feel they can share their tragedies and good times with me. When they ask for my prayers I just swell with pride in that they know I love the Lord and can pray to Him for them.When Becky told me her news today,I said I will pray for you and she said, "that's why I'm here" I could have cried,I'm just so glad to have the opportunity to share my love for Jesus and when it pays off like this there is no feeling in the world that can replace it.Becky lives in Charleston,S.C.!!!
Lord my heart is full tonight and I am totally humbled in your Name!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Out of time tonight,I'll explain in tomorrow's post.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Market day comes too early somedays,I had a hard time falling asleep last night,probably that diet Dr. Pepper I drank.Dragging myself out of that warm bed was challenging today.After I took off and got about 1/2 mile down the road it started raining and since I came out without a coat I turned around and went back and got one,thank goodness I did because I had to unload in the pouring rain when I got there. Market was pretty good for a rainy day,we had 2 bus loads of people from out of state come in.
When I left I had a long list of errands,5 Avon stops and needed to pick up baking supplies,I didn't get home until after 5:30.We unloaded and got everything put away then hubbie had chilli and cornbread and I had chicken dumpling soup for supper.It is still dreary outside,the rain has stopped for the time being but it is 48 degrees.#1 son and hubbie have a meeting at church at 7:00 and g-son is coming to stay with me while their gone,d-in-love is at a photography class.I fixed him mac and cheese,he had that with a banana for dessert.Daughter came home from her volleyball game and her team won tonight.We watched Survivor on TV and the guys came in when it was almost over . After they left hubbie and I went to clean the church,I put together 2 new fall arrangements for the foyer,we're a little late tonight,we didn't get home until 11:00.It is now 11:30 and I am very tired tonight,I'll bet I won't have a problem sleeping tonight!! I love the feeling of living with the grace of God. Good Night.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Rain softly falling outside this morning with cool temps made for a good snuggling under the covers morning.Bernie and Dolly thought so too as they didn't even want to get up and make their morning run.I don't blame them I don't like going out in the rain either, but someones gotta take care of the morning chores and since I'm the only one here, guess it's me! I turned the cattle back into the bottom pasture as the weatherman missed the amount of rain we are getting.There is about a 1/4" in the gauge this morning,a long way from the multiple inches they were calling for last night. After breakfast I decided since g-son isn't here yet and will probably be late due to his dad can't work in the rain,I iced cakes until my back began to hurt,I guess that is another thing that needs to get back in the routine!G-son came at 11:00,ate and we found Scooby on TV since he and I both have a little stuffy nose this is a good day to stay inside. We can work on our piano playing skills as well as potty training at the same time.He is still having trouble with letting me know when he needs to go so I just keep an eye on the clock and take him about every 2 hours and he always does #1.
I have been making a game of when I go to the bathroom by running around him and getting him to follow me ,saying gotta go,gotta go,it's coming,it's coming! He thinks this is very funny and always runs into his playroom when I run in the bathroom.This afternoon I was sitting in the living room with him when he jumped up and said it's coming ,gotta go and ran to his playroom,I ran and got him back to the bathroom and guess what??HE DID A #2 ,YEA!!!! I know if someone had a movie camera on me and him sometimes they would win $100,000 on funniest videos,but what ever works.
It sure has been a dreary wet day today and it is cold,well 50 degrees is cold to me after last week's 88 degree temps.When g-son left this evening I caught up on paying bills while daughter did her baking. I need to ice my coconut cakes tonight and label everything and I'll be finished.It is 11:00 and daughter is still at it,she is going to have to buy more pans so she doesn't have to wait for her cakes to cool before she starts another run.I have my coconuts iced and everything wrapped and labeled,should make for an easy morning.I am thrilled that daughter has gotten interested in my baking business, now if I can just get d-in-love back at it we'll have a big variety of goodies.I have learned the more variety you have on your table the more attention it draws from people passing by and if I can get people stopped, I'm a good salesman,I'll sell them something!! It's going to take both of them to replace me anyway,ha ha ha!!!!! (girls don't you dare laugh)
Loving this life the Lord has given me and I stay in amazement of how He works things out in His good time,Thank you Lord! Good Night.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Got started on housework early this morning,hung out a load of laundry from last night,
hopefully to get that one dry and hang out another right after lunch.It's a sunny,warm day today 72 degrees perfect drying weather.Did 5 loads of laundry between house cleaning,I am rearranging some things in preparation of bringing my plants inside for the winter as it is suppose to get cold this weekend.I decided not to bother mopping anything but the bathroom floor since it is going to rain the rest of the week.I have taken 3 cake orders for Thursday.
My couple of errands turned into about 5 stops and 3 hours,one of my Avon customers is leaving Thursday to spend the winter in Florida and she was having trouble placing an online order so I went by and walked her through the process and got her things ordered and sent to her house in Florida.
When I came home hubbie was mowing grass,I unloaded groceries and put them away,
watched the news,then took a long walk.Stopped by #2 son's house and picked up my mail from last week,he brought it home from the post office with him today.I gathered clothes off the line and finished folding the weeks laundry,then took a short rest before my baking begins tonight.Whoops!! I just remembered that today was the day I was going to start exercising! Oh Well there's always tomorrow! Got started baking a little early tonight and am waiting on the last layers now,it is 11:00.It's amazing to me that after just 1 week of not doing the routine things how hard it is to get back into your regular routine,I can't even remember my recipes! The big news tonight on all TV channels is the rain we are supposed to get starting tonight.We put the cattle in the upper pasture tonight just in case the weatherman might be right and we don't want to have to go swimming after them again!We also still have a tarp on our roof,got a partial estimate today from 1 of the builders and it looks like I will finally get my sunroom,but it's not final yet!On my walk today I saw a lot of these ROSE HIPS ,these have a long history of medicinal uses and are known for their super high vitamin C content.You can make jam,jelly,syrup,and a host of other goodies from these small berries.A popular use of rose hips today is for pet chinchillas and guinea pigs, who cannot manufacture their own vitamin C, can be fed these sugarless berries for enormous health benefits.They are also fed to horses to improve their coats and hoofs. I am getting wound down after getting home from vacation and caught up.Fall is usually my layed back time of year when I relax,but I have a feeling this fall is going to be anything but layed back and there will be no time for relaxation!Only God knows truly what is in store for any of us and He will take care of everything if we only ask. Good Night.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Woke to the sound of tires crunching on the gravel driveway at 7:00 this morning,I was in such a fog it took me a minute to figure out it was #1 son bringing g-son.Put him in the bed and went back to sleep,woke again to a strong pressure in my back and realized it was g-son's feet,he was trying to push me out of bed in is sleep! Time to get up nena!! I had an early Avon delivery anyway this morning.Came back by the house to meet with another man about my porches at 10:00.Went back to my Avon deliveries after he left.It has rained pretty hard all morning and it is cool about 58 degrees,definitely fall feel in the air today.As I finished my deliveries I had to stop at Aldi and Walmart for baking supplies,it's back to the grind starting tonight.It was 1:30 when I finished at Walmart and stopped in Mcdonalds for g-son a cheeseburger and I realized it was passed my lunch time so I stopped at chick-fil-a for one of their wraps and a diet dr. pepper before I went home.Hubbie left as soon as I came home to go take the truck to the car wash to get the salt and sand off it,I'll bet he is the only one at the car wash today! G-son is eating vanilla wafers and watching some of his favorite cartoons on TV. I took his pull-up off and put his Buzz Lightyear underwear on and now he won't wear his long pants,he took the big blanket off the bed and is all wrapped up in it.It's funny he calls it the bed blanket and will go drag it off the foot of the bed.I'm sitting here editing my beach photos and found a couple more I have to share on here.....take note of the feet on pawpaw and about in step!!!!
#1 son came after g-son early today and I layed on the couch to watch the news and almost went to sleep,but I'm waiting on a lady to come pick up some skin-so-soft oil at 6:30 so I won't take a nap today.After she came I ate a light supper and put the dogs up,it is still raining lightly so there won't be any walking today.I am going to start exercising during the day tomorrow,to make up for all the rainy days I don't get to walk.It is suppose to be pretty tomorrow so we'll see, its housecleaning day and I still have a couple catch-up errands to run.Lordy,Lordy I'm listening to the news and they are talking about snow!!! on Saturday night,hey, I just got back from the beach!!!!!!!!!!
I baked my cakes and even tried something new,an upside down apple cake baked in an iron skillet,it looks so good I'm glad I always try out my new recipes.By missing last week I'm not sure how good business will be this week especially with the cold temps coming in.It is just 10:45,I'm finished baking and will watch the rest of the news and then get ready for bed.I can't wait for a call from one of the contractors with an estimate on my porches,I've got my fingers crossed that I can afford them. Praising the Lord tonight for the peace He has given me. Good Night.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Well I am finally caught up with the days,I will have a laptop next vacation so I can blog daily instead of writing it all down and coming home and having to type and publish a week in 2 days.
As for today we went to church this morning to a wonderfully uplifting service,maybe its because I haven't been to church since Sunday before last but it seemed that God was present in church today and I think other people felt it also by the number of people at the alter during invitation,we also had 1 lady join today,a good friend of mine,I'm smiling!It was a small lunch group #1 son ,g-son,hubbie and me.#2 son and daughter went to a friends outside wedding at 1:00,d-in-love isn't feeling well. After lunch I changed the water in my big aquarium,the weekly feeder I used said it would not cloud the water,it lied!! I went and picked up my Avon order at my friends house and bagged it and stamped books for tomorrow's delivery.I went on a long peaceful walk this afternoon,good to be back to normal.It is late and frankly I'm tired of typing after all this blogging,maybe tomorrow I can catch up reading my blog friends.This has been a Blessed day,thank you Lord. Good Night.


Woke to empty streets this morning as the sun came up while walking the dogs for the last time.It is always kind of sad leaving after a week,you kind of get attached to things and start to develop a routine,this is a nice place although this house has some quirks that aren't good,like a spiral staircase in the center that has very loose steps and small bathrooms that make shaving legs or washing hair an acrobatic feat.The people that built the house were Japanese and the house has an oriental shape to it looking at it from the dock.When we stopped at the realty to turn in the keys they said the house was getting ready to be remodeled by a new owner.That will be a good thing.On the way through Calabash we stopped at a large gift shop,there was a Christmas section that just made you smile when you walked through the door to enter it,everything was so pretty I wish I had taken my camera in.The ride home was uneventful, thank you Lord,we only stopped once to eat lunch and then when we got close to the N.C. line we stopped and filled up with gas it is .25 cheaper.Ahhh the mountains,always a welcome sight when I go anywhere.The leaves are starting to have some color as we came up through the gorge.We got home about 5:00,daughter had beat us and was waiting to help us unload.We got everything inside and went after the beta fish at #1 son's and changed their water.We snacked for supper then went to clean church.When we came back hubbie went to bed and I started catching my blog up. Thanking God for a safe trip home for everyone. Good Night.


Woke to a sunny HOT! day,talk about running the gammitt of weather this week,we have! We fished this morning wiping sweat,caught pin and blue fish,at least we have caught something.
We cooked the trout for lunch and I actually thought they were better than the flounder last night.While daughter,d-in-love and #2 son had gone to another outlet center #1 son,g-son,hubbie and I went on a bike ride that ended badly when g-son's seat came loose and went into the spokes of the bike wheel breaking 2 of them,making it impossible to ride the bike further.Luckily the shoppers were just getting back on the island and came by to pick up g-son,hubbie took the truck back and picked up the bike,it will have to have a new wheel.That was to bad as g-son really was enjoying the ride..
One of the things Sunset Beach is known for is it's Bird Island Kindred Spirit Mailbox.This mailbox is on an uninhabited stretch of beach about 1 1/2miles from any houses or roads.Only accessible by a walk down the beach.I wanted to find this mailbox so the family set out on this venture,but it was a long walk and only daughter and I wound up going all the way.There is a bench and you can sit and write a note about anything you want and place it in the mailbox,you can also sit and read the other notes in the box.The legend is that by doing this your spirit joins with all who have been here before you.To find it you have to watch for a very tattered American flag that flaps constantly in the ocean breeze. We also found a Sharon's mailbox but could find no info on it,it also contained notes to Sharon,all we found out that it too has been here for years.
After a short rest back at the house we headed out for seafood at Calabash again,we ate at Dockside restaurant and it was named so because it sat next to a fishing fleet dock.The food was good and everyone even g-son enjoyed every bite.Sometime when I look at g-son I just can't believe how fast he is growing up!
Back at the house the packing began,my most unfavorite part of vacation.We got most of the stuff in the truck tonight.I'm ready to get home,usually I hate getting back to the grind but this year I feel different because I want to get back to my construction projects around the house.One last walk with the dogs enjoying the stroll around the end of the island.We are leaving at a good time because the weather is taking another turn for the worst here tomorrow night with rain all week next week.Bless the vacationers coming in.ASKING GODS MERCY AND PROTECTION FOR OUR DRIVE HOME TOMORROW.Good Night.


Today was a beautiful beach day,sunny,not too hot,light breeze.After a quick trip off the island to food lion for steaks for supper (since we haven't caught anything edible) we headed to the bay inlet on the beach to fish and so g-son could play in the holes full of water without waves.
#2 son's first cast yielded the best catch of the week, a large edible size flounder..We fished all afternoon and caught bigger fish,blues and lizard fish but no more flounder,well at least we will have one fish to go with our steaks!G-son enjoyed every minute of the afternoon in the water,feeding and chasing the birds and carrying baitfish back in forth between us, although he thought they belonged in the water and we usually had to head him off before he threw them back in the bay.
We had a feast at supper time,grilled steak and flounder,crab cakes (bought earlier in the week),corn,peas,potatoes and salad,yummmmmmmyyy.
As #1 son was fishing off our dock after supper one of the guys that were netting spot gave him some speckled sea trout for lunch tomorrow.People are really nice down here. Early to bed so I can make the best of our last day.Praising God. Good Night.


Slept in a little today,woke to a cloudy,windy drizzly morning.After breakfast rain stopped and we fished some,caught 4 small ones,bites are picking up.Talked to a friend at home and had to listen to her tell about how beautiful the weather is at home! After lunch the sun came out bright and warm so we headed for the beach.G-son could hardly wait to get in that ocean again!!!!He loves playing with his dad in the surf and in the sand.The wind was still blowing hard so we didn't stay out to long,just long enough to get some sunburn! Daughter and I took g-son in the stroller and Bernie and Dolly and walked to the other end of the island.The sun came out bright and hot,Bernie and Dolly got tired of walking and g-son got tired of riding so they switched places...These dogs are something else, they will ride in anything you put them in,people passing could not believe they were happily riding in that stroller. When g-son got tired of walking we put all of them in the stroller and then we really got a lot of attention,they were all so cute!!!!I got tired too but there was no more room in the stroller for me!! After a short rest out on the deck watching 3 men in a boat pull up their net and get the fish out of it we decided it would be a Subway night and while d-in-love and #1 son went after our sandwiches the rest of us headed for a walk on the beach.The sunset was just gorgeous from the ocean beach and the bay beach.As I lagged behind I looked at the footprints in the sand and thanked my Lord for carrying me through my troubled times,with the beauty of nature and my family closely surrounding me it was humbling to think of all the blessings that I have.I thank God everyday for the goodness he gives me.
Tonight will be a layed back night as we are all tired and sunburned!We now look like we are at the beach!! Good Night