Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Rain softly falling outside this morning with cool temps made for a good snuggling under the covers morning.Bernie and Dolly thought so too as they didn't even want to get up and make their morning run.I don't blame them I don't like going out in the rain either, but someones gotta take care of the morning chores and since I'm the only one here, guess it's me! I turned the cattle back into the bottom pasture as the weatherman missed the amount of rain we are getting.There is about a 1/4" in the gauge this morning,a long way from the multiple inches they were calling for last night. After breakfast I decided since g-son isn't here yet and will probably be late due to his dad can't work in the rain,I iced cakes until my back began to hurt,I guess that is another thing that needs to get back in the routine!G-son came at 11:00,ate and we found Scooby on TV since he and I both have a little stuffy nose this is a good day to stay inside. We can work on our piano playing skills as well as potty training at the same time.He is still having trouble with letting me know when he needs to go so I just keep an eye on the clock and take him about every 2 hours and he always does #1.
I have been making a game of when I go to the bathroom by running around him and getting him to follow me ,saying gotta go,gotta go,it's coming,it's coming! He thinks this is very funny and always runs into his playroom when I run in the bathroom.This afternoon I was sitting in the living room with him when he jumped up and said it's coming ,gotta go and ran to his playroom,I ran and got him back to the bathroom and guess what??HE DID A #2 ,YEA!!!! I know if someone had a movie camera on me and him sometimes they would win $100,000 on funniest videos,but what ever works.
It sure has been a dreary wet day today and it is cold,well 50 degrees is cold to me after last week's 88 degree temps.When g-son left this evening I caught up on paying bills while daughter did her baking. I need to ice my coconut cakes tonight and label everything and I'll be finished.It is 11:00 and daughter is still at it,she is going to have to buy more pans so she doesn't have to wait for her cakes to cool before she starts another run.I have my coconuts iced and everything wrapped and labeled,should make for an easy morning.I am thrilled that daughter has gotten interested in my baking business, now if I can just get d-in-love back at it we'll have a big variety of goodies.I have learned the more variety you have on your table the more attention it draws from people passing by and if I can get people stopped, I'm a good salesman,I'll sell them something!! It's going to take both of them to replace me anyway,ha ha ha!!!!! (girls don't you dare laugh)
Loving this life the Lord has given me and I stay in amazement of how He works things out in His good time,Thank you Lord! Good Night.

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Claudia said...

I know I'm not one of your girls so I guess it's OK I totally laugh when you said not to. :D

You remind me of my mom - how playful you are with Wes - that's how my mom is with Nico when she's here. He loves to "scare her" as she runs around the house pretending to be the more frighten woman in the world. Boys are so much fun!

Yay for the growing bakery business. I'm sure Tracy is as talented as her mom.