Sunday, October 11, 2009


Slept in a little today,woke to a cloudy,windy drizzly morning.After breakfast rain stopped and we fished some,caught 4 small ones,bites are picking up.Talked to a friend at home and had to listen to her tell about how beautiful the weather is at home! After lunch the sun came out bright and warm so we headed for the beach.G-son could hardly wait to get in that ocean again!!!!He loves playing with his dad in the surf and in the sand.The wind was still blowing hard so we didn't stay out to long,just long enough to get some sunburn! Daughter and I took g-son in the stroller and Bernie and Dolly and walked to the other end of the island.The sun came out bright and hot,Bernie and Dolly got tired of walking and g-son got tired of riding so they switched places...These dogs are something else, they will ride in anything you put them in,people passing could not believe they were happily riding in that stroller. When g-son got tired of walking we put all of them in the stroller and then we really got a lot of attention,they were all so cute!!!!I got tired too but there was no more room in the stroller for me!! After a short rest out on the deck watching 3 men in a boat pull up their net and get the fish out of it we decided it would be a Subway night and while d-in-love and #1 son went after our sandwiches the rest of us headed for a walk on the beach.The sunset was just gorgeous from the ocean beach and the bay beach.As I lagged behind I looked at the footprints in the sand and thanked my Lord for carrying me through my troubled times,with the beauty of nature and my family closely surrounding me it was humbling to think of all the blessings that I have.I thank God everyday for the goodness he gives me.
Tonight will be a layed back night as we are all tired and sunburned!We now look like we are at the beach!! Good Night

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