Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Awoke to a beautiful day sunny and warm even early this morning,suppose to hit 70 today.
Feels like everything is refreshed after yesterday's rain. Walked down and opened lower pasture gate to let cattle go down,let dogs out Annie the red Aussie is limping badly,I looked and felt of her foot and can't feel anything in it.Maybe she hurt it somehow during the night,I didn't notice her limping last night when I put her up,but it was raining and I might not have noticed. After breakfast I started icing caramel cakes,I have 18 to ice plus 3 chocolates.G-son came during my icing time and had cake and caramel icing for breakfast again!! I'm a sucker for that little guy when he wants something to eat. With the icing done and lunch in our tummies we headed out to play in the bright sunshine.We acted like airplanes and chased our shadows all over the lawn.It was hard to keep him off his new big unfinished slide platform,he is gonna love playing on that.
We came inside when 1 of daughters friends came by to meet her after work and she came in and played with g-son until daughter got here.He wanted to go run with them when they left.They are running a Halloween marathon Saturday morning and they went to run the coarse today. A man came to pick up a cake order,talking with him was interesting,he is from Cuba and had never been out where we live.He said this area reminded him of Cuba,I didn't know there were mountains in Cuba.He also said it was very lush green,always stayed about 72 degrees and there were no bugs. I still would never want to live there and I almost ask him why he left,but I probably already know the answer to that. D-in-love was walking around outside taking photos for a class she is taking,she came and picked up g-son and they walked up on the hill between our houses taking pictures of a beautiful sunset.Fall is a beautiful time for sunset pictures.Daughter came home and started her baking,she is going to try some Halloween cookies along with her regular things. I payed our bills and father-in-law's bills. All I have left to do is cut and wrap my halves and ice 3 coconut cakes so I've turned the kitchen over to daughter.She missed last night's baking so she has a lot to do tonight. She just had to send her dad to the store for more butter,I would go but I really have a hard time driving after dark with my glasses on. I am praying for a little 1 year old boy,son of one of my blogger friends,he is in trouble with an excessive heart rate.I have been keeping up with him and this is a very serious hospitalization this time,just sending prayers!
Daughter finished her baking a little after 11:00 which was fine with me,I iced my coconut cakes and put them in the downstairs fridg. It is about 11:30 now and I'm off to get ready for bed.After the bedtime excitement last night I'm tired tonight and will be glad to get into bed.
Thanking God for the blessings of today,please be with this little boy up in Minnesota and his family. Good Night.

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