Sunday, October 11, 2009


I was reminded this morning of that Carl Sandburg poem that says "Fog creeps in on cat feet,sits on its haunches and then moves on",while daughter,#1son,hubbie and I were up early fishing in the bay.Caught quite a few fish but nothing we would eat in 2 hours out on the dock.When everyone got up and had breakfast we decided to wait out the foggy morning thrift store shopping as the little town of Calabash is loaded with thrift and consignment shops.Had a lot of fun doing this and found some real treasures. My favorite was this peacock vase I found at 50% off the consignment price,I have some peacock feathers that will look beautiful in it.
I don't think the guys had much fun this morning bargain hunting,but the weather is to cool to do much else. We ate a late lunch and then rode bikes down to the pier ,wow what a crowd of people out there.Spots are running so I guess that's what everyone is trying to catch,these are evidently a very popular fish.We went to a spot festival last year and ate some there but I wasn't impressed with them,they are small and full of bones.All the local people even place large nets from boats trying to catch them to put in their freezers for winter.I think we decided against pier fishing on this trip especially me,I don't always cast straight and don't fish well in crowded places.
Hubbie and I drove off the island for spaghetti supper supplies.This island has the last working old one lane pontoon bridge in N.C.,it opens on the hour every hour to allow boats to pass,if you get caught when the bridge is opening you will sit and wait at least 10-15 minutes.It is aggravating sometimes to sit and wait but I'm glad we came now and got to experience this part of history as it is being replaced next year with a new four lane high rise bridge.If we decide to come back here next year I'll be glad for the new bridge as everytime I go off the island I'm afraid the old bridge will break down and it takes at least 6 hours to get it working again.But while we sat tonight and watched the boats go through I just thought how many million times this old bridge has opened and closed in its lifetime. After we ate I walked down the beach and the sun is trying to peek through the clouds,I love taking pictures of the clouds at the beach,they are so beautiful over the water.The winds are changing tonight so we're hoping for a sunny day tomorrow and for better fishing! We haven't even caught any crabs this time,last spring we bought a large crab trap and caught about 20 blue crabs and had them for supper one night and they were really good.We sat our trap out as soon as we got here but no luck yet. After checking messages I'm off to get ready for bed.Thanking God for all the beautiful creations He made for us to enjoy!! Good Night.

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