Thursday, October 22, 2009


Off to market early this morning,traffic was light on the roads this morning,hope that's not a sign of things to come! When I arrived there were customers waiting and I stayed incredibly busy all day,at one point my phone was ringing and I just didn't have time to answer it.One thing about cell phones you can always call back when you have time because you have their #. I didn't even get a chance to talk to anybody today,I hope for more of these days. Took quite a few orders for Saturday also. I sold a lot of daughters things and that made her happy. She is cat sitting tonight then dog sitting for the weekend in the next town so she will just be passing through for the next few days. After I left market I made an Avon delivery to one of my favorite places,Barker House,this is an old house that a friend of mine bought,moved back off the road and turned into a bed and breakfast,I love going in there because it is all decorated in antiques and it gives me a wonderful feeling of reminiscing,although some of the things are before my time I actually can recall seeing and seeing some used when I was a child. I have never been able to describe the feeling I get when I'm there but it is very comforting and always makes me think of my father for some reason. I've always said I was born to late for my time.I love old things and this lady has a talent for arranging them and it really seems like you step back in time when you go through the doors of this big ole house! She was getting ready for guest today so my visit had to be brief.
I dropped orders at another place and did the regular errands for a Thursday,I made it home about 5:30,seems like my gettin home time gets later and later,maybe I'm gettin slower and slower!! Stopped by Walgreens for a few things and picked up some Vick's sauve for the bottoms of my feet tonight if I continue to cough like I am now,a lot of people swear this works wonders,we'll see! Also had to find hubbie some black cherry juice, he thinks he may be getting gout in his big toe. After we unloaded and put everything away,he grilled us some brauts, daughter came in and we all had those and some kale greens a man gave me at market today. Daughter did her baking while we did the evening chores and then we all watched Survivor on TV. She left to go to her cat sitting job and hubbie and I went to clean church. We came home and hubbie is going to bed and I am blogging. It is 11:15 and I am ready for a decent bedtime myself. Thanking God for walking beside me today and guiding me in his path to Glory. Good Night.

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Claudia said...

Yes the vicks thing works. I used it with Nicolas when he was so sick a few years ago. I also rubbed some on his chest.

I remember my mom used to put that stuff on my chest and then put newspaper on it, she said that would keep the heat and that was good. Another thing that I've heard works but I've never tried has been white vinegar, to take a TBSP of white vinegar helps your cough. I used to take milk with garlic, my mom used to warm up the milk and put a piece of garlic (fresh) in it, drink it - some people eat the garlic, I couldn't - drink it at night before you go to bed. It's disgusting I remember that well but my mom swear by all this kind of stuff.

Hope it works for you. There is so much stuff going around is ridiculous, Nico just got better from his strep and got croup, he is back to normal now but phew ... scary bugs!