Tuesday, October 20, 2009


UGGGGGGG!!!!!!! Another morning waking early (6am) to pain,this time in my sinus cavity in my left cheek and the roof of my mouth.I knew better than to take anything so I got a hot pack,held it to my face until it cooled but no relief. Up again wondering what to try next,made a cup of hot tea,got back in bed and sipped it and held each hot sip in my mouth as long as I could.Must have worked because I woke up 2 hours later. Now I'm mad at myself for getting up late,somedays I just can't win! Made myself a huge bacon and egg breakfast because I am still hurting and need to take tylenol. The pain stopped and now all I'm dealing with is a head cold,a very runny nose and feel yucky. I put sugar and spices in my apple butter and let it simmer some more in the crock pots.mmmmm it's good,I love apple butter on hot biscuits.
I started laundry and did some housework,but boy my heart just isn't in it today and it is taking forever to finish the smallest of task. I hung towels out on the line as it is a beautiful warm sunny day,almost 70 degrees.The sun felt good on my face while I was outside. After lunch I put my apple butter in jars and water-bathed it,I had 10 jars.I did 3 more loads of laundry and decided to put off anymore house work as my nose doesn't need any more dust and I need to have some sewing time as I have sold out of several things and I think it will be easier to clean house while g-son is here and sew some on today. I had been thinking of going to my favorite flea market tomorrow but I think I'll wait till I feel better and in November they'll have more Christmas things out I'm sure.Off to get laundry out of the dryer! I went out to my shop and made 8 jean aprons............I am running out of lace to put around them and I get that at the flea market but I still don't feel like going tomorrow.It took me until 6:00 to finish these,then I walked the dogs for a little while,it is still nice, jacket weather but nice! We walked down around our pasture pond where hubbie is working on a fence. We ate a light supper of grilled chicken and salad when we got back in the house. Hubbie went to feed the animals and I layed down on the couch for a few minutes before I have to start baking.Daughter came in from coaching volleyball,they won and it was their last regular season game,now play-offs. While I baked my layers she made and panned Boyfriend cookies and took them down to #2 son's house to bake them.She had to wait until he got home from playing softball,he always plays on an adult league team at a local park. It is now 11:30,I'm waiting to take my last layers out of the oven and daughter isn't back yet.Tomorrow night she can have my ovens as it is my icing day.
My nose is so raw from blowing it I can hardly touch it,I found my airborne that I had left over from last year and took 1,I'll take another before bedtime,this usually helps me get over stuff faster.Today on the news they identified a 21 year old girl's body that was found on the parkway yesterday and she went to school with my daughter,she was 3 years younger than my daughter. I pray for her family as I can hardly imagine their grief,the police are not saying much about it except that it is a homicide.Such a shame that the life of a beautiful young girl would be cut so short.I just hope they find who did it.So sad!!
Well it is 11:45,daughter just got back with all her cookies,I still have 20 minutes to wait for my last cakes and then it's off to get ready for bed.Praying for a better morning tomorrow than I had today.Thank you Lord for all your blessings and I pray for the safety of my children and pray that you comfort the family of that young girl. Good Night.

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