Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Got started on housework early this morning,hung out a load of laundry from last night,
hopefully to get that one dry and hang out another right after lunch.It's a sunny,warm day today 72 degrees perfect drying weather.Did 5 loads of laundry between house cleaning,I am rearranging some things in preparation of bringing my plants inside for the winter as it is suppose to get cold this weekend.I decided not to bother mopping anything but the bathroom floor since it is going to rain the rest of the week.I have taken 3 cake orders for Thursday.
My couple of errands turned into about 5 stops and 3 hours,one of my Avon customers is leaving Thursday to spend the winter in Florida and she was having trouble placing an online order so I went by and walked her through the process and got her things ordered and sent to her house in Florida.
When I came home hubbie was mowing grass,I unloaded groceries and put them away,
watched the news,then took a long walk.Stopped by #2 son's house and picked up my mail from last week,he brought it home from the post office with him today.I gathered clothes off the line and finished folding the weeks laundry,then took a short rest before my baking begins tonight.Whoops!! I just remembered that today was the day I was going to start exercising! Oh Well there's always tomorrow! Got started baking a little early tonight and am waiting on the last layers now,it is 11:00.It's amazing to me that after just 1 week of not doing the routine things how hard it is to get back into your regular routine,I can't even remember my recipes! The big news tonight on all TV channels is the rain we are supposed to get starting tonight.We put the cattle in the upper pasture tonight just in case the weatherman might be right and we don't want to have to go swimming after them again!We also still have a tarp on our roof,got a partial estimate today from 1 of the builders and it looks like I will finally get my sunroom,but it's not final yet!On my walk today I saw a lot of these ROSE HIPS ,these have a long history of medicinal uses and are known for their super high vitamin C content.You can make jam,jelly,syrup,and a host of other goodies from these small berries.A popular use of rose hips today is for pet chinchillas and guinea pigs, who cannot manufacture their own vitamin C, can be fed these sugarless berries for enormous health benefits.They are also fed to horses to improve their coats and hoofs. I am getting wound down after getting home from vacation and caught up.Fall is usually my layed back time of year when I relax,but I have a feeling this fall is going to be anything but layed back and there will be no time for relaxation!Only God knows truly what is in store for any of us and He will take care of everything if we only ask. Good Night.

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