Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Up early to get laundry started,do some exercising and housework. I was finishing breakfast when #1 son came in and since it was going to rain(not raining yet) he didn't work and he was going to put a big wooden slide platform up for g-son to play on.It has been sitting behind the garden for months waiting! G-son will surely enjoy it when it is finished. Just as he got it set in the holes the rain started,cementing the post will have to wait. I was doing laundry (4 loads) and housework for most of the day.I decided to work on g-son's room today,so I went through all his toys,organized them,threw away broken ones and put some away that he has outgrown to make room so I can clean all the toys out of the living room.I got the treadmill down and plugged in this morning but never got back to it,oh well housework gives you lots of exercise right????? It has been a cool day low 50's and the rain has been hard at times this afternoon,we are under a flash flood watch. We will get the cattle up in the upper pasture tonight for sure. I am sitting now enjoying the silence of the house with only the sound of typing on the keyboard,the rain outside and the gurgle of my fish tanks it's not really silent but it is so relaxing.It is a good feeling to have the housework done.
When hubbie came in from work we did the feeding chores and shut the gate to keep the cattle up here on the hill.We made soup from some of the tomato/okra mixture I canned last summer and the left over roast from Sunday,yum yum it was delicious!! After cleaning the kitchen we watched a gardening show on TV that we both enjoy,then I got an early start on my baking tonight. I have several orders this week so maybe it will be another good market week. It is still raining lightly tonight but watching the news,it is about to come to an end without any flood problems,Thank you Lord! Got a text from daughter,they lost.
Just now when I was sitting here typing I heard 3 loud bangs like gun shots,I ran to the door and heard the last one outside,it sounded like it was at #2 son's house.I called and he was outside looking to figure out what it was too.Hubbie drove down there and they looked to see if anything had been shot,but couldn't find holes any where. D-in-love was awake and heard it,she called to see what was going on. We all think maybe it was backfires from a car going down the road,sure hope so but with Halloween around the corner who knows.I always get nervous this time of year,there are surely some mean people out there and I have seen some bad things done on Halloween before. It is 11:30,I'm waiting on my last cakes to come out of the oven and daughter just got in from the game. Loud bangs just happened again,d-in-love called sheriff's dept.so they could send a car out.#2 son thinks it's a loud truck that is going up and down the road backfiring on purpose.Maybe a sheriff car riding up the road will send them home to bed.Well I just heard over the scanner that someone else just up the road called in to report gun shots being fired from a truck and gave them the description of the truck so at least it wasn't just in our area that they were doing it. I hope they catch them red-handed and get this stopped. Now I'm wide awake and listening to the scanner instead of getting ready for bed. I will have to get unwound and get into bed shortly.
Lord I pray for people who don't have any consideration for others and pray that you will keep that gun pointed in the air where it can do no harm. Good Night.

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