Thursday, October 1, 2009


Up and out to market this morning,brrrr chilly! Had a better day than I expected,it was slow to get started but that gave me time to change my tablecloth and some other displays to more fall like ones.I stayed busy all day and was late getting my things loaded.I went to bank and P.O.,dropped books off at 2 Avon stops and stopped at 2 garage sales that happened to be on my way.Bought some neat Christmas decorations(like I need more) but these were too cute to pass up.One of the lady's at one of the sales kept giving me birdhouses and decorations she said she just wanted rid of the stuff and was afraid if it rains tomorrow she might not sell it.I stopped at Aldi and Walmart for supplies,got home about 4:45.We unloaded the van and put everything away,then fixed some grilled chicken breast and steamed rice for supper.I took a short walk with the dogs and put my new treasures with the rest of my decorations.
I came in,watched part of the news and then did some paperwork that had to be done,I'm officially into October now and wow!! it's just the first day,that must be a record for me and my bookkeeping! We are considering more construction projects and I need to know just how much we can afford.I'm meeting with another contractor in the morning,sooner or later I'm gonna find someone who tells me what I want to hear! I've decide in addition to a new cover over my front porch I would like a glass sun room where I now have an uncovered back porch.It would be so nice to have an extra dining table out there as well as a place to enjoy my birds and squirrels in the feeders without being outside.We'll just have to wait and see how much?????
Watched my show "Survivor" ,then headed to church to do the cleaning tonight. I am going to get ahead on my Avon order so when I got home I wrote up my orders and posted what I have online. It's been a long day,it's midnight and time to call it done.Thanking God for the strength he gives me everyday ,hoping to Glorify Him in all that I do! Good Night.

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Claudia said...

Speaking of bird feeders, my neighbor from across the street called me last night to let me know there was a BEAR on her backyard, eating all the feed from her bird feeders ... broke a metal pole and open all her feeders and stay there for hours ... so watch out! :)

I dream of a sun room for me one day too. May be when I have grand kids I can have one.