Saturday, October 10, 2009


Up at 7 am,just starting daylight,looked out at the bay,it was soooo calm and beautiful.Ate breakfast and took a walk with the dogs on the beach,the air is really cool this morning.The beach here is very wide even at high tide there is plenty of beach.Not to many people were out early today,in fact I haven't seen many people on the island at all.
Everyone decided we needed to find a Walmart,luckily there was one about 20 minutes away.On our way back to our house we stopped and bought fresh shrimp for supper tonight,this is kind of a tradition to have a shrimp boil on every trip.After a quick lunch we hit the beach,I have never seen anyone love the beach and the ocean as much as g-son,he loves the water and would go just as deep in it as you would allow and the waves can knock him down and he gets up laughing!
His aunt and uncle keep a close eye on him as he plays in the water.
One reason we like this place so well is the beach on the bay doesn't have the waves like the ocean beach,uncle and g-son are in the bay.We catch our own fish bait and this is our bait crew....
They caught a lot of finger mullet so we headed home to fish in the bay.G-son went to sleep in the stroller on the way back to the house and slept for 2 1/2 hours,he was pooped!We caught some odd looking fish and looked them up in a book we have,I'll never figure out where they get the strange names they give these fish,like oyster toadfish and pigfish,which is 2 of the catches of the day.We didn't fish long as these little bitty nats were harassing us even covered with bug spray! We went in and had our shrimp boil with corn on the cob,potatoes,and salad,mmmmm good! After we ate hubbie and I rode bikes to the pier to see what they were catching,pretty much like us they were catching a lot of junk fish.The moon is still full but has a thick haze over it tonight. Has been a wonderful day and my knees are telling me about all the walking and riding.
Thank you Lord for the blessing you have poured out for me,praising Your name. Good Night.

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