Sunday, October 11, 2009


Woke to empty streets this morning as the sun came up while walking the dogs for the last time.It is always kind of sad leaving after a week,you kind of get attached to things and start to develop a routine,this is a nice place although this house has some quirks that aren't good,like a spiral staircase in the center that has very loose steps and small bathrooms that make shaving legs or washing hair an acrobatic feat.The people that built the house were Japanese and the house has an oriental shape to it looking at it from the dock.When we stopped at the realty to turn in the keys they said the house was getting ready to be remodeled by a new owner.That will be a good thing.On the way through Calabash we stopped at a large gift shop,there was a Christmas section that just made you smile when you walked through the door to enter it,everything was so pretty I wish I had taken my camera in.The ride home was uneventful, thank you Lord,we only stopped once to eat lunch and then when we got close to the N.C. line we stopped and filled up with gas it is .25 cheaper.Ahhh the mountains,always a welcome sight when I go anywhere.The leaves are starting to have some color as we came up through the gorge.We got home about 5:00,daughter had beat us and was waiting to help us unload.We got everything inside and went after the beta fish at #1 son's and changed their water.We snacked for supper then went to clean church.When we came back hubbie went to bed and I started catching my blog up. Thanking God for a safe trip home for everyone. Good Night.

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