Sunday, October 25, 2009


We had a guest speaker today in church and he gave a really instructional message about how prayer really does have an effect on what God does for us.He had written quite a few books and I bought several as I left church today,maybe this winter I will have some reading time. At lunch everyone was here but #2 son, who was golfing. I had a job review meeting at 2:30 with the pastor and building and grounds chairman,it went very well and I was home at 3:00.Daughter ,d-in-love,g-son and daughter's little sister went and bought pumpkins and brought them home to carve some jack-o-lanterns. When they came in they told about an accident they had passed just over the road,which we later found out that my nephew was involved in.We found out that he was riding in the back of a friends truck and they rear-ended another car,my nephew was taken to the hospital with back pain.Luckily he was laying down and didn't get thrown out but when they examined him they discovered a cracked vertibrae in his back from slamming into the truck cab.He has to stay in the hospital tonight so they can keep him from moving and tomorrow he will be fitted with a back brace that he will have to wear for 6-8 weeks. The doctor said he was lucky in that a little higher or lower this could have been a much more serious injury.THANK YOU LORD!!!!! #1 son carved g-son's with the traditional horns, daughter carved one and her little sister carved a simple one. G-son and I started a fire in our fire-pit so we could roast marshmallows,I'm not a very good fire starter and I produced a lot of smoke,I hope the neighbors don't call the fire dept. Daughter and her little sister roasted all the seeds from the pumpkins,they seasoned them several different ways and they were all good except one was plenty hot! They had fun roasting marshmallows and enjoying this beautiful fall day.This is what I love about fall,today was about as perfect a fall day as you could ask for, sunny but with a nip in the air that demanded long sleeves.
Perfect day for enjoying friends and family and we made the best of it all day and into the night. When all the kids left hubbie and I with our 4-legged kids sat by the fire well into the night,it's much better after dark,the fire gets almost hypnotizing.Bernie thought so as he and Dolly both enjoy the warmth of the fire one in each lap.It's so nice not to have to worry about setting a fire when things are so dry. We didn't get to have one fire in the fire-pit last year,it was so dry we were afraid we'd start a forest fire.Maybe we will get to make up for it this year.It got really cold and when the fire went out we came inside. I did some paperwork and made my Avon route list for tomorrow.#1 son's family came back from one of their friend's house and g-son was asleep,so we just put him in bed here,that'll save them from dragging him out in the cold early in the morning.We're praying for some friends of theirs as their 2 year old has H1N1 flu.That has all parents on edge now and I don't blame them,there are a lot of small children dying from this flu,it has me an edge.
I am watching the news and then I am headed to get ready for bed,might make it to bed before midnight tonight! Hope g-son sleeps good tonight bless his heart,he plays so hard.
Lord there is a lot on my heart tonight so I'm laying all the hurt and sick at your feet tonight,I know I can go to bed and relax with them in your hands. Good Night.

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