Sunday, October 11, 2009


Woke to a sunny HOT! day,talk about running the gammitt of weather this week,we have! We fished this morning wiping sweat,caught pin and blue fish,at least we have caught something.
We cooked the trout for lunch and I actually thought they were better than the flounder last night.While daughter,d-in-love and #2 son had gone to another outlet center #1 son,g-son,hubbie and I went on a bike ride that ended badly when g-son's seat came loose and went into the spokes of the bike wheel breaking 2 of them,making it impossible to ride the bike further.Luckily the shoppers were just getting back on the island and came by to pick up g-son,hubbie took the truck back and picked up the bike,it will have to have a new wheel.That was to bad as g-son really was enjoying the ride..
One of the things Sunset Beach is known for is it's Bird Island Kindred Spirit Mailbox.This mailbox is on an uninhabited stretch of beach about 1 1/2miles from any houses or roads.Only accessible by a walk down the beach.I wanted to find this mailbox so the family set out on this venture,but it was a long walk and only daughter and I wound up going all the way.There is a bench and you can sit and write a note about anything you want and place it in the mailbox,you can also sit and read the other notes in the box.The legend is that by doing this your spirit joins with all who have been here before you.To find it you have to watch for a very tattered American flag that flaps constantly in the ocean breeze. We also found a Sharon's mailbox but could find no info on it,it also contained notes to Sharon,all we found out that it too has been here for years.
After a short rest back at the house we headed out for seafood at Calabash again,we ate at Dockside restaurant and it was named so because it sat next to a fishing fleet dock.The food was good and everyone even g-son enjoyed every bite.Sometime when I look at g-son I just can't believe how fast he is growing up!
Back at the house the packing began,my most unfavorite part of vacation.We got most of the stuff in the truck tonight.I'm ready to get home,usually I hate getting back to the grind but this year I feel different because I want to get back to my construction projects around the house.One last walk with the dogs enjoying the stroll around the end of the island.We are leaving at a good time because the weather is taking another turn for the worst here tomorrow night with rain all week next week.Bless the vacationers coming in.ASKING GODS MERCY AND PROTECTION FOR OUR DRIVE HOME TOMORROW.Good Night.

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