Saturday, October 24, 2009


Daughter came by at 7:45 on her way to market today.I got up at regular time ,got everything loaded,it is a very nice sunny day,glad the rain is over. When I got to market daughter was disappointed that she hadn't sold much. I got my things all set up and then she left to go help coach a play-off volleyball game in the next county.Hubbie stayed and helped me a while because as soon as daughter left I got swamped by customers. It was another very good day,thank you Lord, I'm very thankful for days like today,especially this time of year because it seems all of a sudden business is just gone,but not today! I sold almost out of both daughters and my things.When I left I only went to Aldi and Walmart to get baking supplies and came home.We got unloaded and I took Tylenol to ward off a migraine I felt coming on when I was in Walmart. I layed on the couch for about 30 minutes and then got up and wrapped g-son's birthday presents and got ready for the party. Daughter came in for the cupcakes and we just rode with her to the party.The ride down to the next county where his other g-parents live was beautiful,the leaves are just now getting their full color...........
This is the view from their house,I would love to wake up to this view every morning but I wouldn't like the high traffic volume they have on the road that goes by their house.
The party was very nice,good food, wonderful family and friends,plenty of presents,so many he didn't know which to open first.All the kids had a wonderful time and got along great.They got to paint their own pumpkin,
and with no major messes,way to go kids!! They had things set up outside but as soon as the sun went down the wind started blowing harder and it got down right cold so we moved things inside. We were even blessed with some good music from d-in-love and her dad and brother who are all wonderfully talented string instrument artist.
Daughter recorded some of their playing on my camera video and I did figure out how to transfer and play it on the computer. Daughter dropped us off at home and went back to her dog sitting job.Hubbie and I took flowers to church that I bought on the way home today and then went to Ingles for a roast for tomorrow's lunch,saw 2 people from church at the store,late shopping must be popular in our congregation!
We came home ,watched the news and I'm blogging,it is now 12:15am,I'm headed for bed.Thank you Lord for my life,my blessings and for the love you show me everyday. Good Night.

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