Thursday, October 22, 2009


Got up early this morning,feel better with my cold thank goodness.After I finished the morning chores and had breakfast,I started icing cakes. G-son arrived and he wanted a waffle with caramel icing for breakfast! He watched TV while I finished my cakes with bathroom breaks all morning and had a break through as he came and got me to go do #2 in the potty,YEA,YEA!!!
After lunch we headed out to do some pumpkin shopping and I had some Avon to deliver to my friends who own apple house's. At our first stop he waved hello to the lama who came running for him to feed her, then we got down to business and picked out a pumpkin from a large display of pumpkins and hauled it back to the shed to pay for it.Next we went to a friend that I graduated from high school with farm,they raise all sorts of pumpkins and squash to sell in the fall.They also have giant caterpillers on the lawn and g-son was definitly interested in them. We made one last stop at another friends apple house to deliver her Avon and had another potty training break through as g-son stopped playing and looked wide-eyed at me and grabbed his behind,we ran to the bathroom and made it for a #2 in the potty.Good job g-son!!! There they gave us some apples and we headed on our way. All this activity sure makes a fellow hungry!!
We went to deliver a cake I had made for my cousin in appreciation for her watching and feeding our animals while we were on vacation. Then we stopped by ingles for some icing making supplies for tonight,I thought sure g-son would go to sleep and take a nap after all this running around but I was mistaken,I think he was afraid he would miss something! When we came home he played outside for awhile until hubbie got home from work and picking up my Avon on his way home. Daughter came in and started her baking,hubbie did outside chores while I fixed some supper. #1 son came after g-son and he ate some supper too then they went home.I payed bills and bagged my Avon orders while daughter baked,then I iced my coconut cakes and wrapped and labeled everything else. I hope we have as good a week as we did last week at market.This has been a wonderful day ,warm 70's and sunny,spending it with g-son just topped it off,he is one precious little guy and I sure love every minute I have with him,even the ones when he is in time-out!Tough love is the hardest thing parents have to do and for us grandparents it is double tough,but they have to learn and sometimes it has to be the hard way unfortunately. Every outing we go on I notice he gets easier to reason with and it is nice to give him a little more freedom so he can enjoy and satisfy his curiousity. I am very blessed and I know it and thank the Lord everyday for all my blessings.This post is going to be an AM post cause I forgot to start it before midnight,it is now 1 am and I'm finally off to bed, I think I've had such a good day I don't want it to end and that's why I'm not even tired,maybe a hot bath will do the trick.Good Night.

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