Thursday, October 29, 2009


To market,to market that saying is ringing in my head this morning. It took me almost an hour to get set up between waiting on customers.That's a good thing!!! Had a good day,sold a lot of crafts a long with baked goods,actually and very rarely does this happen I made more money on crafts than on baked items today. After market I ran regular errands and took care of 3 Avon stops on my way home.Home at 5:00 ,hubbie just got here so he helped unload and put things away. He grilled hamburgers on the grill and we had some kale greens from a market neighbor to go with them.Daughter came in and ate with us,then I went walking,I have got to get back into my walks.With all the bad weather we have had and all the extra work I've had I have gotten out of the habit and I could tell it today when I started up the hill in our driveway! Daylight saving time starts Saturday night and that will make it even harder to find the time. I examined Annie's foot again and still find nothing in it but she seems to be getting a little better with putting more weight on it when she walks. Hubbie is out in the dark working on g-son's slide,that shows how things go around here,I just don't know where the time slips away too. We are stocking up on batteries for flashlights, after Saturday I know we'll need plenty of them,we can barely get the outside chores done now before dark much less after we loose another hour of daylight. I don't like changing the time around ,it makes no sense to me.Daughter is doing her baking tonight because she is going to a friend's Halloween party tomorrow night.I did some paperwork and then watched Survivor on TV before we headed out to clean church. When we got home daughter was in bed and hubbie is taking a shower and headed to bed,I'll be headed that way very soon.It is 11:00 ,I'm gonna watch the news ,take a bath and hit the sack myself.
May all the glory go to God !! Good Night.

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Claudia said...

I read on FB daughter used both ovens last night ... she said it was getting pretty serious. I told her I was glad that the heritage is being passed onto her so we can enjoy yummy cakes for a long time =)