Sunday, October 11, 2009


Today was a beautiful beach day,sunny,not too hot,light breeze.After a quick trip off the island to food lion for steaks for supper (since we haven't caught anything edible) we headed to the bay inlet on the beach to fish and so g-son could play in the holes full of water without waves.
#2 son's first cast yielded the best catch of the week, a large edible size flounder..We fished all afternoon and caught bigger fish,blues and lizard fish but no more flounder,well at least we will have one fish to go with our steaks!G-son enjoyed every minute of the afternoon in the water,feeding and chasing the birds and carrying baitfish back in forth between us, although he thought they belonged in the water and we usually had to head him off before he threw them back in the bay.
We had a feast at supper time,grilled steak and flounder,crab cakes (bought earlier in the week),corn,peas,potatoes and salad,yummmmmmmyyy.
As #1 son was fishing off our dock after supper one of the guys that were netting spot gave him some speckled sea trout for lunch tomorrow.People are really nice down here. Early to bed so I can make the best of our last day.Praising God. Good Night.

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