Monday, October 19, 2009


Great weather today upper 50's and bright sunshine! G-son got here before 7:30 this morning and there was no going back to bed.I had several Avon customer calls to catch up this morning and finally got in touch with everyone around 11:30,whew, posted order at 11:45.(12 noon is deadline) I've been running in and out to show hubbie where to replant some of the shrubbery we had to dig up last night. It is still to cold this morning for g-son to get out much,maybe after lunch.He has had 1 pee pee accident today,but did his #2 in the potty!! I am washing the chair cover and getting ready to hang it out to dry with some other covers that I changed last week. Wishing the other contractor would call with his estimate on my construction.If it is doable then I will tell him we have to go bigger and let him help me decide how much bigger I should go. I'm tired of these apples looking at me everytime I go through the kitchen so today is gonna be apple butter making day.The large apples on top are my favorite for butter making,they are called "wolf rivers" I'll never figure out where these names come from! Anyway I waited too late to get these with everything else going on and these 4 are from a friend who went back and gleened her trees for me. They will help thicken the apple butter mixed with the goldens , fuji's and granny smith's that are in the box. Excuse me while I go clean up a freeze pop mess!!!!! Well wouldn't you know as soon as I got that cleaned up he politely just peed in the floor and proceeded to slide around in it,his fun came to an abrupt end and after more than a 30 minute,wet pants wearing time-out,he promised his paw paw and me that from now on the pee goes in the potty,we'll see! After a lunch of left-overs we made a trip to Sam's Club ,everyone knew we were there as g-son sang and talked at the top of his voice the whole time we were in there.I enjoy his good moods and don't mind the chatter at all thinking it sure beats whining and crying anyday!!!! We drove the long way home as it is nap time and he was asleep before we got very far. We carried him and our groceries in and got things put away,then we opened the doors so we could hear him and he could come out if he woke up and worked outside. Hubbie finished the roof on our well house and I planted some mums I found on sale at Sam's and cleaned off some old flower pots and bird feeders along with some frost killed vines from our decks.When g-son woke up he wanted to play outside for a little while so we did,he helped his pawpaw feed the animals tonight and is being rewarded with more outside time even as it gets dark.When his dad came to get him he still didn't want to come inside.
I took the dogs on a short walk today as I don't like it outside in the dark,recently with all the bear talk in the area at night when I have to go out, I look for bears!!! I wasn't hungry tonight because I am finally getting my share of the cold that everyone else has been passing around. I have loaded up on vitamin C and hoping for a short duration.
I baked some cakes tonight and then fixed my apples. I use the crock pot apple butter method,it is quick and easy and anything that cooks while I sleep is a winner in my book!! My box of apples now look like this for the second stage,they will cook on low all night with just a little water in the pots to keep them from sticking,in the morning I will sweeten and spice them to taste,put the butter in jars and waterbath them,voila! delicious apple butter. I have been making apple butter cakes out of the left overs from last year and I only have 1 jar left,this won't go in cakes unless some is left over next fall. Next I'll start making pear butter cakes to use the left over pear butter from last year,I didn't get it thick enough to suit me but it will be better in the cakes and there is alot of it left.
Daughter came in late from having dinner with some friends and took her baking supplies down to #2 son's house to make pumpkin rolls.She made one at a friends house last weekend and boy was it good! She said she would be finished at 11:00 but it is 11:50 now and she's not back yet.I hope they turned out all right.This has been a good day and I've got a lot done today that I have been putting off for quite a while. Tomorrow will definitely be a work filled day. I am starting to feel the ahhhhhhh! that comes with fall finally and I am guessing after about 1 more week things in my business are really gonna slow down.I have to laugh every year about this time when it starts to get cold the tourist and summer home people start to rush away from here as if they don't have heat in their houses and must escape back south of here before they freeze to death! Hey! it's suppose to be 70 degrees tomorrow!
The leaves have not got much color this year,maybe it will come but there sure is alot of green leaves on the ground already. I'm still waiting for that call from the contractor and am really getting anxious,I have already come up with some ideas to enlarge my fire pit patio and use the outdoor furniture from my back deck as I was cleaning up I couldn't help but picture how things may look in the coming weeks. We also still have a tarp nailed to our roof to keep it from leaking and I know that won't last forever,decisions are going to have to be made soon. I took pictures today,hopefully to do a before and after post when I get my sunroom. I try to be patient and know God will work it out one way or the other all in his good time, and will give me the grace to deal with His decision. Good Night.

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