Friday, October 2, 2009

I WANT, WHAT I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ring,ring,ring,I don't know why I even bother setting an alarm clock with a phone beside my bed that rings more mornings than not.Anyway I'm glad my phone rings I love talking to my friends. I got dressed and made tea while I talked this morning. After I hung up I went outside to let the dogs out,it is a cloudy cool day today.I decided since I was up early enough to get my cakes baked before the contractor comes to give his estimate thats what I should do.The last 2 were still in the oven when he showed up,I set the timer and opened the window.I really liked this guy,he sent me to a nearby house to see the sun room he had turned their open deck into,now I know what I don't want anyway.When I told him I did not want anything like that, he started giving me ideas that I did like,I want rustic and lots of glass.He suggested using rough sawmill boards and that sounds great and he said that would be a lot cheaper,oh yeah cheap is good! I am getting excited and am trying not to, because I'm on a tight budget and don't know if I can afford this or not and I don't like to be disappointed.I had this idea several years ago and it didn't go to well that time,I wound up absolutely running a guy off that was a jerk and started telling me that I couldn't have what I wanted,the way I wanted it done,so I just kinda gave up and didn't think about it any more till now,and I guess with work so scarce it seems this time I can have any thing I want,imagine that!! After lunch I delivered 2 Avon orders and a donation for a friends fundraiser.I stopped at an apple shed on the way home and bought a bag of different apple varieties,something for everyone.I was surprised at how busy they were,maybe the season will be successful after all. I worked outside all afternoon,still very cloudy but no rain.One of my cousins stopped by and we had a nice visit. Daughter called and said the volleyball team she is helping coach was having a breast cancer fundraiser supper tonight at school.We went out there and had hot dogs and hamburgers for supper,beats cooking and the money went for a good cause!It got crowded fast at the school as this is homecoming night and the game is with a cross county rival.We came home and it started misting rain,I did paperwork while I waited on another Avon customer to come pick up her order.Once she came,we headed to church to finish cleaning.When we got back daughter was doing her baking.I iced my cakes and wrapped what I could. This has been a busy but accomplishing day as I got a lot of things done today I've been putting off all week.I am listening to the news and blogging,everything's done and I'm tired,a good tired though.Dolly is upset with me because I washed her bed and didn't get it out of the dryer yet,she keeps coming over where it was and looking up at me as if to say "hey! my bed is missing".Praising God for all my blessings! Good Night.

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