Sunday, October 18, 2009


CCCCOLD morning today! Had nursery duty at church this morning,easy day for a change with only g-son and one other little girl. Fixed lunch for daughter,#2 son, fa-in-law,hubbie and myself.Worked on my computer after lunch trying to read a bunch of e-mails so I could delete some.Took a long chilly walk with all the dogs,it is still only 44 degrees and the wind is blowing hard.Came back to the house and hubbie and I started trying to figure out exactly where our septic tank is located,as we don't want to build on it.#1 son came up and dug with his machine until he found it.Back when it was put in there were no permits required so we don't even have a diagram that would have helped us out so we spent over an hour digging in the wrong place.
He said that is why he hates fooling with these old systems,they are hard to find.
Anyway I will have to change some measurements on my sunroom to get away from it,so it is a good thing we made sure where it was!My cousin Mike came in just as we found it and he is a septic man also so he and #1 son got it all figured out.
We all came in out of the cold and ate leftovers for supper,#2 son also came back. After we ate everyone just sat around and talked and relaxed,a very good way to spend Sunday night.However after everybody left I had to write up my Avon orders and post them on-line.
I finished that and went to bed.God is good all the time,all the time God is good!! Good Night.

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Claudia said...

I'm glad you got an easy day at the nursery, that's not common anymore.

Nico is old enough to go to the next class now, only because Tammy & Wayne were not there yesterday I was able to convince him to go on the other class. Hopefully by the time Wes is old enough to go they will happily go together. Transition to new class hasn't been easy. :)