Saturday, October 31, 2009


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Rainy morning brings back memories from Halloweens when the kids were little,almost every Halloween it seemed to be rainy or very windy or both.Trick or treating was always a challenging experience. Unfortunately g-son is sick so he will miss all this years festivities,mainly a Halloween carnival at church this afternoon.
Arrived at market a little early this morning in my witch's hat,I will be in several people's Halloween photo memories as they ask to get a picture. There were several customers that came through dressed up,one I particularly liked was this black lady in a hershey kiss outfit she made herself.....Daughter came in after her marathon,she was lucky she didn't get rained on.She came in 4th place and got 2nd place for her costume.She was the Blue Ridge Parkway,her girl friend was colorful leaves and g-friends boyfriend was a picture taking tourist. This is a fun day and I love making people smile and laugh.
We had another good selling day today,thank you Lord. It started off slow but picked up about mid morning and ended up being a good day for both daughter and I. Most of the sales today were baked goods,not many crafts. Just as we started loading the van at closing time it started to pour the rain,so we got drenched getting everything loaded.
Daughter came straight home to take a nap and I went to Aldi and Walmart to pick up supplies for next week.I am cutting back some this week as I know business is bound to slow with the coming of November. Hubbie and I unloaded during a break in the rain and got things put away.Then I decided to follow daughters lead and took me a nap before supper.
That's about all these rainy afternoons are good for,but it's nice to have some down time to relax. We had soup for supper and then did our chores ,the rain has slacked off now but the news said more is on the way! Maybe the rainy weather will stop a lot of mean pranks tonight.We hardly ever have trick or treaters way back here off the main road where our house is,and there are still 3 carved jack-o-lanterns on my back deck,guess no ones in the spirit anyway.G-son and I have enjoyed them all week so they have served their purpose.This has been a good ole couch potato night for me and my 4-legged kids. It is 10:00 and I'm going to take a long hot bath again,the one last night sure helped my soreness from my fall.
God is so good to me some days I am humbled by His goodness. Good Night.

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