Monday, August 21, 2017


Up to greet g-daughter R and g-son early this morning. G-daughter I has a doctor appointment and will be here later. She is at school with her mom this morning.

After chores and breakfast hubbie played with g-daughter R while I did weekly laundry. I got three loads done between getting things for the kids . Then hubbie went out to school to help daughter get some heavy tables moved into place in her classroom.
An apple, a cookie and chocolate milk , a perfect brunch !!
She was really good this morning and played hard.
That meant an early nap time for her.
I have a feeling this is going to be a regular sight around here for a while !!!!
G-daughter R couldn't believe who came while she was asleep !!! Hubbie isn;t asleep in this pic !!
G-daughter R was very concerned with G-daughter I's "booboos" under those bandaides on both legs from her shots this morning.
Soon  daughter and d-in-love joined us for our "eclipse" party.

G-son was very excited and had the best viewing place on top of his mom's SUV.

G-daughter I thought the whole thing was boring !!!
This is some pics we took through our glasses.

Thankful the clouds had breaks in them so we got to see this once in a lifetime event. It has been 90 years since the last total eclipse crossed America and the next one won't come until the year 2078.
This is a pic from one of the totality areas, our area was in the 99.8% totality but that .2% kept it from getting totally dark.  This is called the "diamond ring".
However it had nature very confused as all the tree frogs started chirping loudly when the darkness started and the roosters crowed their heads off when it started to lighten up again.
After the eclipse was over d-in-love went back to work and daughter took g-daughter I and went home.
I finished laundry and then played with g-daughter R until her mom got here at 5:45.
Hubbie and I did chores and then I walked around the bottom pastures this evening for a change.
Good news on this eclipse day is the announcement that d-in-love's brother family is going to be adding another member with the confirmation of Whitney's pregnancy. Stella and Jed look like they have mixed emotions about the news !!!
This has been a second very very blessed day in a row for our family. The Baptism yesterday and to be able to witness this historical event today  makes me feel super blessed and I am so thankful to God for these blessings.
God Bless and Good Night


Sunday, August 20, 2017


A beautiful Sunny Sunday morning to start this very special day. The morning was different than usual in that we aren't having our family lunch today so we didn't have anything to do this morning but chores and have a leisurely breakfast before church.
Our new associate Pastor gave the message today about treasure on earth verses treasure in Heaven.
After church we all went to our separate houses for lunch because we are getting ready to go up to a special place on Clear Creek, the same creek that runs by our farm for a Baptismal service this afternoon.
We went to #2 son's house and rode with he and Tif over to the field since it was very close to their house.
It was a very blessed day as I got to watch my oldest grandchild give his public profession of faith in getting Baptized .
I feel so blessed to be able to witness this event and I was so proud of the way he handled himself during the service, encouraging the younger and older ones that were also being Baptized. There were 9 candidates for Baptism in the creek today, May all the Glory go to God !!!
 G-son and Pastor Craig enter the creek.

Little sister was taking it all in under her dad's watchful eyes.

There was a great crowd to witness this wonderful afternoon event.

G-son's entire family was there for him,from left-Tif, #2 son,g-daughter R,d-in-love, John deb's b-friend, Tim d-in-love's brother with his daughter Stella, Deb, d-in-love's mom, daughter, hubbie, son-in-love with g-daughter I, and #1 son.  G-son was still in the creek and I was the photographer.
G-daughter I slept in daughter's lap through alot of the service !!
G-daughter R had to have her turn in the water with her mom.
We left shortly after the Baptism and came home to relax. Since we had eaten a late lunch we weren't hungry to stay for the cookout they had. I did contribute a caramel cake and some of my homemade hot mustard sauce for the dinner.
Son-in-love and daughter came after their dogs who have been here all weekend while they were in Pidgeon Forge , Tenn.
Hubbie and I had watermelon for our supper from the large melon hubbie bought at the flea market last week.
We did chores then watched this special day end with a beautiful sunset.
This is a special day for g-daughter I also as she turned 2 months old today. Time sure has flown by this summer but this summer has definitely been one to remember for our family.
I am so very thankful for the blessings of this day and for the comfort in knowing that G-son will spend eternity in Heaven with our Wonderful, Heavenly Father.
God Bless and Good Night

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Market day Saturday is sunny and warm this morning as I get chores done and head out to town.
It was a pretty good day and I am very thankful for all that I did sell.
I had to meet one of my customers at Aldi because she got caught in the heavy traffic on the interstate and was late getting into town.
I shopped at Aldi and Walmart on my way home.
I had a "blast from the past" as I passed this Ford dealership and saw this mustang show. It made me think back to the days when I had my 1966 convertible mustang.

 Hubbie helped me unload when I got home and then he rode with me up to our friends blackberry farm on Sugarloaf mountain to pick up our honey they were saving for us.
The bees did a good job his year and the honey is delicious. We took a drive around the mountain where hubbie's family members used to live and looked at how much things have changed up there. It is a nice quiet drive with little traffic so much different than around town right now !!
We came home and had a nice supper for a change. We had fresh green beans , a couple ears of some fresh corn a friend gave us, fresh tomatoes and I pressured some frozen ribs that we found buried in our freezer and I boiled some beets I bought Thursday from a fellow vendor at market. We need to start eating at least one good meal per day like this, preferably for lunch but neither of us had taken time today to eat any lunch at all so this was a must tonight.
Hubbie got all the lawn mowed this afternoon.
Thankfully we had another rain free day but it was hot , 88 degrees.
Son-in-love and g-daughter I found a nice place to cool off in.
I did chores this evening and checked out the garden. The recent heavy rains have taken a tole on some of our produce unfortunately.
The tomatoes have developed a blight and even with hubbie's diligent spraying when it isn't raining they look pretty bad.
The half runner beans are about done for the season also with one more picking maybe to get some to sell at market Thursday.
On the flip side the Greasy Beans are still looking great and producing some fresh beans for eating.
The okra is doing well and I cut another batch to fry for our lunch tomorrow.
The peppers are still producing but slowing down.
Hubbie has several large watermelons in his patch this year and is babying them by covering them with towels to keep the sun from scalding them after he cut the weeds from over them.

Our newly planted greens are up and growing well despite being saturated with water.
As we finished our chores #1 son's family came by and g-daughter got her first bike riding lesson from her dad.
Then her Pawpaw helped her slide.
#1 son had put in g-daughter's mom's septic system today and it looks like he had a lot of great help !

This is a perfect way to ride off into the sunset on this busy day.
Thankful to God for the blessings of this day and saying a prayer for little EL tonight who got into a bees nest at her house this evening and got stung 8 times.
God Bless and Good Night