Thursday, December 21, 2017


Up early to get ready for market. Daughter has a dermatology check-up appointment this morning at 9:00 so she brought IR here this morning.
The sun is trying to break through the clouds this morning.
I did chores and we got things ready for market.
We made it right on time and daughter pulled in right behind us finished with her appointment.
Sales were great today and the large order was picked up along with all the smaller ones .
This little girl was wore out from all the waiting on customers !!!

Daughter and hubbie stayed and helped all day with customers. Hubbie made his dump run and brought us back lunch.
After market we all went our separate ways and then met at Sam's.
I went to the bank, PO, and Co-op to exchange some liquid vitamins that had a broken lid before I made it to Sam's. Hubbie had to get a new tag for his truck and daughter had to make a trip to Lowes for some Christmas gifts before they got there. We did our shopping in there for our Christmas dinner and some more gifts then they both went home.
I had more stops to make at Staples for printer ink  and Ingles for baking supplies and groceries.
G-son called and asked if he and g-daughter RL could come up and stay with us while their mom took her car to the carwash so they were here when I got home.
Since g-son's Christmas present is in our basement I had to sneak in and unload myself so he wouldn't be tempted to come down to help me.
Speaking of his Christmas present ,he said all he wanted for Christmas was an I-Phone (which he is not getting)  and a live tortoise. So he is getting a live tortoise , at least I hope it is live by the time Christmas morning gets here. This is a Russian Tortoise that d-in-love ordered from a supposedly reputable place in California.
Daughter and  g-daughter IR thought it was a neat thing when she first brought it in to it's temporary home. Another gift he is getting is a big habitat for the tortoise to put in his room.
My only concern is that this tortoise has a nasty looking hole in one of his front legs and his leg is swollen.

D-in-love tried calling the place she got him but they don't have an answering machine but say to use e-mail. She emailed them last night and still has not heard back from them as to what to do with the leg so I'm just hoping it isn't a life threatening injury.
After I got things unloaded and the groceries put away I went out to get the chores done with a great helper today. She loves these chickens that are so calm and tame and will let her hold them without flapping around.

After chores were finished g-son came outside and in the mild warm evening these two had so much fun running around and playing in the dark by the light of the Christmas lights.
Mary , Joseph and baby Jesus are RL 's favorite things  right now.

She listened intently while her brother talks about the birth of Jesus in the stable.

Then they heard the coyotes down in the pastures start their nightly hunting howls and the kids answered them back until they got scared that the coyotes were coming too close and in the house they came.
Their mom picked them up and then hubbie and I relaxed for the evening.
As I gazed up into a clear star lit sky tonight while the kids were running around laughing and thought to myself this really is the wonderful sights and sounds of a wonderful Christmas.
I feel totally blessed with my life and the love of my family and friends and especially in these special times I am soooo very thankful to Jesus Christ for blessing me as He has and continuing to watch over my family with His protective Arms and loving Heart.
God Bless, Merry Christmas and Good Night.

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