Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Both g-daughters arrived on time this morning waking me from my short night of sleep. But this is the last morning they will be here until school starts back in January.
I got the chores done and thanked the Lord for the warm, no ice breaking morning. It is supposed to be raining but evidently the moisture hasn't gotten here yet but the clouds make a very pretty sunrise .
On the way to RL's preschool we watched the pretty clouds in the sky.
I stopped by Aldi after dropping her off to pick up the rest of my baking supplies. It was nice to have a less crowded store to shop in.
I came home and had breakfast and then fixed IR her breakfast and bottle. It was too late to start any baking before going back to pick up RL so I did some ironing so the morning wouldn't be a total waste.
I put on a pressure pot full of mixed beans and grains soup and added the left over roast from Sunday for lunch.
I picked up RL and she was asleep before I got out of the parking lot of the preschool church. Bless her heart she had a hard time going to sleep without her mom last night.
She slept over an hour on the couch after hubbie carried her in. Daughter came home from the early dismissal day of school and we had lunch. D-in-love dropped g-son off and ran some errands before coming in and having some of the soup for her lunch.
She showed me the pics the preschool sent her as a Christmas gift from RL. They are soooo good !!!
 The little boy portraying Joseph is named RC.

I spent the afternoon baking cakes, 18 caramel and 3 coconut to get a head start on tomorrow's order list for Thursday at market. I had a good helper as RL woke up and sat in her high chair and counted eggs and anything else that was multiples while daughter fed IR and let her take a nap.
After everyone left and I finally turned the ovens off around 3:30 I rested for a few minutes hardly able to keep my eyes open. My late night has definitely caught up with me .
I got up before I napped and ruined tonight's sleep and went outside to get chores started under very cloudy skies but mild upper 50's temps.
After we watched the news I iced  12 caramel and 3 coconut cakes tonight and got them boxed up to fill part of a 17 cake order .
My orders are really down this year from years past but there is still several days before Saturday to get orders in.
Thankful for a day of work and play and the health and energy God gives me everyday.
God Bless and Good Night