Saturday, December 30, 2017


Our temperatures weirdly warmed a little overnight but was still mid 20's this morning as I headed out to get the chores done and get to market . These clouds I'm sure helped keep the temperature up a little overnight and created a beautiful sunrise.

I feel bad about complaining about our weather here as I look around the country at snow fall being measured in feet in the northwest as well as in places fairly close to us as Pennsylvania where they have received over 6 feet of snow since Christmas eve and are in line to get more in the coming days.
And a look at the entire countries deep freeze temps in the coming days shows many places much much colder than our single digits and negative windchill temps in the coming days.

We made it to market a few minutes late again but again there was no customers there to notice. Daughter came in at the same time we did with g-daughter IR.
She helped get set up while hubbie entertained IR. She has started pulling his cap off and trying to put it on her head.

They all left just before noon after all the orders got picked up and the customer flow really slowed down .
I had a bowl of the homemade soup one of the vendors has started bringing in on Saturdays and it was very good. This last market day of 2017 was a pretty good day thanks to all the orders I had.
I packed up and left market at regular time and made one stop at Ingles to pick up some ground chuck and Texas toast for lunch tomorrow.
When I got home hubbie was over at daughter's still working so I unloaded and got things put away by myself.
Hubbie came in shortly and then we had a nice visit with d-in-love and g-daughter RL. RL had to open this Christmas present and try out her new drum set while her uncle D who gave them to her was here.

Uncle D or #2 son came by to drop off a package for g-son that came to the PO and pick up a package for Tif that came here by UPS.
He and Tif have a meeting tomorrow with a home building place in Asheville to hopefully pick out their new house. They are buying land from a friend of mine and will live just out the road from us.
Daughter and son-in-love had some bad luck with the little house they were going to rent when the heater stopped working and the owner who is out of town isn't going to fix it until they get back later this month so they are going to rent an apartment in the same complex with #2 son and Tif.
Sometimes my head spins with all the changes in the family !!!
We did chores and when we turned Rocky, Tif's Australian shepherd who is staying with us until they get a house met Pumpkin face to face for the first time today and they sized each other up for a few minutes then went their separate ways thankfully.
Rocky obeys commands very well and is such a sweet dog.
Hubbie and I both relaxed for the evening as we are both pretty exhausted from this busy week.
Thankful for the blessings of today and praying for God's will for son and daughter as they prepare for the next big step in their housing adventures.
God Bless, Happy New Year and Good Night 

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Happy New Year! Blessings