Monday, August 31, 2009


Slept sooo good last night listening to the gentle rain and felt so rested this morning and ready to face the day. Left to run my Avon route early, just as well drillers were getting here.At my very first stop they forgot money so I'll have to go back tomorrow,bummer. The rest of the route went without a hitch,stopped by sister-in-laws to pick up some things she had picked up for g-son.I made it home about 12:30, g-son and hubbie were having lunch,well drillers were also gone to lunch,they have about 2 gallons per min.and are at 165ft,not what we had hoped for but at least we have water.I had a tomato sandwich for lunch and some salsa and chips.When drillers came back the water wasn't as high as he had hoped so he recommended we go to 200ft to see if we could get more water and even if we don't we'll have about 150ft of reservoir and we should never have a problem (there's those famous words again).Anyway we have a 200ft well and now have about
2 1/4 gallons per minute.One good thing is after 60ft they hit solid rock so only 60ft has casing and cost $13.50 the rest of the way only cost $8.50 per foot.#2 son said when he woke up this morning he couldn't figure out what was shaking his house.He is quite a way from the drilling site but they said the rock was so hard is why he felt it.They left and will come back tomorrow with the well inspector and finish.We discovered it's a small world in talking to him and found out he went to school with hubbie's brother and they always eat lunch where d-in-love started working and he knows sister-in-law.We're glad we choose him to drill.
Hubbie went to bush hog in the pastures and g-son took a nap so I did 3 loads of laundry,AHHHHHH the sting of normalcy!!!!!!!
An Avon customer came by to pick up her order and #1 son came in to get g-son.
I took a long walk tonight and almost needed a jacket, wow it is cool.The pastures look so good after hubbie mowed them today.
We had left overs for supper,then fed the animals and put the dogs up. Hubbie sprayed under the porches again to keep the fleas away while I cleaned up the kitchen and got ready to bake cakes.I baked 2 granny pounds,1 7-up pound,3 blackberry wine cakes,I'm blogging while they are in the ovens.One of today's wildflowers is another very dangerous one this is JIMSON WEED commonly known as LOCOWEED, also called stink weed, and thornapple. Every part of this plant is poison! It smells so bad livestock tend to stay away,but many young people die every year from experimenting with this hallucinogen.It has a large spined seed pod that carries thousands of seeds.On the flip side this plant is totally edible,the EVENING PRIMROSE has lemon scented leaves and very sweet perfumed blossoms that attract pollinating moths.It only blooms in the evening thus the name.It grows very tall and the seeds are crushed to make Evening Primrose Oil or they can be eaten as substitutes for flax seeds.This is a pic of the neighbor's field,it is full of primroses but you have to wait until almost dark to get them in bloom,they sure smell sweet.
My timer just went off on the ovens,it is 11:00 and I am tired tonight,it isn't raining tonight but it is really cool and what I call good sleeping weather.Have to get up early tomorrow to collect at the one Avon stop,then hopefully home to do some much needed house cleaning. God is good all the time,all the time God is good. Good Night.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


At church today we had a very good service and as usual I was reading ahead in my Bible to a note at the bottom of the page that hit home with me and the trials of this past week.It said when you get overwhelmed,if you will think back and remember the troubles of 1 year ago,6 months,or even 1 month ago you will find that you can't remember much about them and find that God worked them out all in His good time.And it dawned on me that this is why we always say "I'll sure be glad when this is over"because we know we are not going to be able to remember these troubled feelings long. I have a pretty easy going lifestyle and don't like the stressed out feeling that comes when my regular routine gets interrupted, but life is full of interruptions,they happen everyday,big and small, good and bad, and the problem comes when in our humanness we make them a big deal instead of accepting them and letting God work us through them.Note to self (stop stressing).
Lunch was good today,roast,green beans,potatoes,corn on the cob,fried squash,rolls and iced tea,with d-in-love's apple cake for dessert. Only one missing today was #2 son who is playing golf.
We all went outside,hubbie and #1 son located the waterline into the house. It started raining and #1 son's family left,daughter and b-friend went with them,hubbie took father-in-law home,that is going to be interesting as they left father-in-law was mumbling about some papers that needed to be found,have no idea what he is talking about and the bad thing is he doesn't either,oh boy.
We have the windows and doors all open in this nice cool weather and I am just sitting with no TV listening to the sounds outside,it is so relaxing and quite.
When hubbie returned he said the papers in question were some old war bonds that his mom had cashed in several years ago.Now we are wondering what or who brought this into dad's mind,we never know who visits him because he can't remember to tell us.We know some mormons have been going over there because hubbie found some literature from them with a name and phone # on it so I am calling it tomorrow and asking them (nicely) to stay away.Brother-in-law doesn't think they will heed the warning but I'm giving it a try anyway.As soon as things settle back down hubbie and brother-in-law and I have decided we are going to try to get dad in a care center somewhere at least for the winter months.He seems to get worse every week and is really getting feeble.
It has been sprinkling rain off and on all evening so I went on a short walk with the dogs and the air outside really has changed and has a real fall feel to it tonight,the high today was 78 and tomorrow it is supposed to be 68, WOW what a difference a day will make.
I did something I hate to do on Sunday tonight and canned 10 pints of tomatoes.Lord please forgive me but they had to be put up and I don't see time in the next few days to do it even if they would last.Daughter and b-friend came through on their way to run,they are running a marathon at the Apple Festival this coming Saturday.I made my to do list for tomorrow's Avon route,we decided that I would go ahead and run it tomorrow in case the plumbers come back Tuesday to hook up the well.
Today's plants are pretty common and have no great uses or threats.These beautiful blooms are called IRONWEED ,it is in the aster family.Some varieties are used to treat stomach ailments and the early settlers used the root to treat post childbirth pain.Hummingbirds and butterflies love the nectar rich blooms and this is another flower that blooms during the migration time.The stems are very strong, thus the name,kite frames were made from them.Here is a very common menace of a plant,it is called the BULL THISTLE and stems,leaves,and blooms are covered with painful stickers.The only good thing about this one is the pretty bloom turns out wind blown seeds that birds love.However there is thousands of seeds in each pod and the majority of them form other sticky plants.
Well it is getting time for doggy bath time and then early to bed tonight as it is only 10:00.
May God Bless and good night.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Up early today for market day,got everything loaded and got to market at 9:30,no parking places so I just stopped behind what I knew were other vendors cars and watched for someone to leave while we unloaded,hubbie found a good parking spot under a tree.Very busy day, isles were full of people and they were buying today.Hubbie left for his dads about 11:00 and I stayed busy all day.I sold almost all my towel angels as well as some other crafts and a lot of cakes,plus took 2 (12) caramel cake orders ,one for next Thursday,one for Thanksgiving already.Had 2 customers pick up their Avon orders.
When I left market I went to Go Grocery to get some dog food,took Avon books to Barker House,went to Aldi and Walmart for baking supplies and made 1 Avon delivery.Talked to daughter on the way home ,she has been coaching volleyball all day in a tournament and she was hoarse from yelling,I guess she is going to coach the JV team at the local High School starting next week.Got home at 4:00,unloaded and put things away and had a snack. I had bought some new hot dog relish so we decided we wanted hot dogs for supper so hubbie went to Ingles for hot dogs and buns while I rested. He grilled the dogs and the relish was delicious,he also made some slaw from a cabbage we had.
After we ate hubbie went to the garden to dig potatoes,pick tomatoes,squash and cucumbers for lunch tomorrow,I bought green beans today as ours have stopped producing.I walked with the dogs and checked the pastures,I had to stand under a pine tree for a few minutes while a brief rain shower passed and then when the clouds started to beak up the whole western sky look like it was on fire....beautiful!!!!!!!!!

We are blessed with some of the greatest sunsets in the world right here in these mountains.
It was time to get back to the task of cleaning the basement so hubbie and I went to work,we got most of the stuff put away with just a few things that need to find a resting place and I even have a shelf left over I'll have to find a place for.We made a big difference in the unfinished part of the basement,and have nothing under the waterlines,so you can walk around and get to everything.
We came back upstairs and I ironed my clothes for church and then looked on the internet for a seal for my small canner I have a phone number to call Monday.Hubbie is breaking beans for tomorrow and I am blogging.
This is QUEEN ANNES LACE or WILD CARROT these bloom all summer in our pastures and are very pretty and dainty.All carrots you eat were derived from this plant and the main root of this flower is an edible carrot.These are biennial plants and only bloom every other year.
These little beautys are called CAROLINA BUTTERCUPS and usually bloom in early spring but stragglers continue to grace us with their presence throughout the warm season especially if it is damp,which it sure has been this summer.
Well the work week is about to come to an end for me and this has been a long,nerve frazzling one for me, looking forward to a relaxing Sunday with the family.See you in church tomorrow,God will be there. Good Night.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Woke to a phone call from the well drillers asking if they could come and set up this afternoon.I left the dogs Sadie and Annie up in their lot to their dismay,but they run down the driveway and meet vehicles causing them to stop most of the time on the steepest part.Don't feel like much breakfast this morning as my stomach is in knots now,I always worry to much when we have construction work done around here because of the steep terrain.G-son is late so I went to my sewing shop to finish an order for a lady that wants a duvet cover reseamed and I need some more jean aprons.I made 6 aprons 4 large and 2 small..This is a great way to re-cycle old jeans .I have sold a lot of them since I started making them and I haven't let anyone throw away a pair of jeans in a while.The eyelet lace I put around the edges is hard to find,and I used all my white this morning. Oh well that just means I get to make a trip to a S.C. flea market in the near future.
G-son and #1 son came in just as I was finishing up,good timing,#1 son left to work on his truck and g-son and I had lunch,he wanted pizza and I had soup and crackers.It is suppose to rain but I haven't seen any here yet but it is cloudy and cool,I turned off the heat pump and opened the doors and windows,I love fresh air. After lunch I baked 6 layers for cakes so they could sit a while before I iced them,I will make my pound cakes tonight.I went outside and while g-son played I picked some pears for pear bread and also cut the grapes again,if it rains hard they will ruin.It's funny around here if they are cut and sitting on the table everyone eats them.I have some tomatoes that need to be canned but there isn't time today.

Well I have a new yard ornament,they" rolled in" as g-son said about 3:00 and got set up and ready to drill first thing Monday morning.The dogs seen to be stalking this monster that kept them in their lots for most of the day.I'm just glad they got in and set up without any problems.Crossing all my toes and fingers that there is water where they are drilling and not too deep,as every foot cost$13.50 counting the casing and I bet that drill drops fast,at least hubbie is off Monday and I will have to decide about Avon delivery on Monday or Tuesday when I find out g-sons schedule for next week.
We are resting now but I don't think a nap is in his future as he is in the middle of the living room rug rolling from side to side,man I wished I had half that energy.
Hubbie made a deal with #1 son if he would help him move the heavy stuff in the basement back into place he would fix a big spaghetti supper for everyone. So d-in-love ,g-son,#1 son,hubbie and I all ate,we called #2 son but he already had something on his grill.After we ate they moved a lot of stuff , a lot of stuff still has to be moved,holy moly where did all this come from??????
They all left and we went to finish cleaning church,they are having a lock-in for the children and we talked to one of the chaperons and they have over 20 kids,they had a big bond fire built in back of the church and looked like they were having a great time.G-son will enjoy things like that when he gets older,I know all my kids did.
When we got home I put 2 granny pound cakes and 2 loaves of pear bread in the oven and iced 3 chocolate cakes.It is 10:30 and I'm waiting to get them out of the oven.
One of the wildflowers for tonight is actually a wild herb....It is called BURDOCK and is really a pesty plant as these little flower heads become sticky little burrs and grab on to animals fur,clothes or anything else that happens along.I hate it when they get on the dogs as they are very hard to untangle and get out.This is one of our heifers that has already gotten into the burdock patch and it will be a long time before she can rub them out of her hair.
It is the root of this plant that is special and has been used for a remedy for measles,arthritis,colds,sore throat,and as a diuretic and it is used in modern oncology to treat types of cancer and is said to improve over-all health.It can be taken internally,used tropically,and even eaten as a vegetable.And believe it or not this plant led to the invention of velcro.As the story goes a swiss man was walking his dog and became curious about the seeds of the burdock plant that had attached themselves to him and his dog,he looked at them under a microscope and discovered their hook-and-loop method and the result was velcro. Many people also call this plant "sticky bob".
This is another one of those WOW I can't believe this plant grows all over our pastures and we hate it.
This next wildflower has none of the above uses and it is just pretty to look at,but God knows that sometimes we just need something bright and beautiful to look at and just enjoy its beauty.
CARDINAL FLOWER is just that kind of blessing as it usually grows in places where it's bright red blooms just jump out.Hummingbirds love this flower and it blooms exactly when they start their migration route.If you ever need a reinforcing thought of how God has a plan for everything, you need to read up on some of these wild things and how their timing goes so well together and you will realize only our Heavenly Maker could have created such time lines.
My timer just went off for my cakes and the 11:00 news just came on,I am off to get the cakes out,watch the news and unwind a little before bed.This has been a long day and I got a little over-whelmed this evening but I just kept plugging along and telling myself God is in complete control and these anxious feelings only come when I forget this and I always need to remember "that this too will pass".It was raining a light rain this evening and I didn't get to walk so I lost my peaceful walk with Him in his beauty filled world and this always relaxes and gives me that humble,peaceful feeling.
I love being close to nature and feel that brings me closer to God as he is after-all Creator of all.
Good Night.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Had a pretty good market day,as good as expected for this time of year.Sold some crafts,tomatoes,potatoes,basil as well as cakes. Traded potatoes for peaches with a neighbor.One Avon customer came to pick her order up and I have 3 to deliver on my way out of town.I got 1 cake order for Saturday for 2 caramel cakes so far.I ran the regular errands after market bank,p.o.,walmart.Made it home about 4:00 unloaded and put things away downstairs,but when I started to unlock the upstairs door I realized it was unlocked,I went and got back in the van and called hubbie to see if he thought there was a chance that he forgot to lock it after lunch,he said yes because he moved his car in case the well drillers came and he didn't come back inside.So I came in and nothing was out of place, it scares me to death to find the door unlocked, as I have came home to a robbery before when I was younger and worked 2nd shift.Needless to say hubbie got a talking toooo!!!! I put all the groceries away and read the paper,it is looking like rain any minute.#2 son came after the lawn mower and hubbie got him to help him take the old b-ball goal post down,there goes an old remembrance of the past,there was many many basketball shots that went through that hoop. Once g-son needs a b-ball goal we will have to put it somewhere else as we now have french doors below it instead of the old garage doors when our kids were shooting hoops.Hubbie and I ate a light supper of corn,squash,and potatoes.
No rain yet so I walked with the dogs,after 1 round it started to sprinkle and we came inside.Then of course it stopped raining but it was time to go clean church. It rained hard at church for quite a while,but as we came home the rain stopped about 1/2 mile before our place.
Hubbie is tired from getting up so early all week and wants to go on to bed so there won't be any getting things moved back into place tonight because I can't work quite enough to not wake him.
I am watching the weather channel talk about the tropical storm that is off the east coast and is turning toward N.C. coast.
Yesterday I told about a good flower tonight I'm going to tell you about a dangerous one...
This wild flower is called RAGWORT it is a very tall plant and is poisonous in many ways.The main concern is for grazing animals especially horses as it contains alkanoids that go straight to the liver of animals and is fatal in 2-3 days if enough of the plant is eaten.Luckily it is not very palatable unless it is very young and they pick it up with a mouth full of grass.Also it is harmful to humans as these poisons can penetrate the skin and pollen can be breathed into the lungs both can cause cirrhosis of the liver.It also can taint honey if bees get pollen from the flowers.It has very ragged looking leaves thus the name RAGWORT.This is one of those pretty faces you want to avoid,lucky for us we don't have many of these growing in our pastures and after I told hubbie what I read about this plant he will be on the tractor bush hogging soon I'm sure.
Now for a more pleasant subject,we have DAISY FLEABANE ,these are small soft cousins to the larger ox-eye daisy. They have no miracle medicine or poisons in them,however it is interesting how they got their name, the early settlers stuffed mattresses with these and hung them in their homes because it was believed that they repelled fleas,thus the name FLEABANE.However their is no proof that they do repel fleas in fact they are known to attract many insects to their centers which are loaded with pollen nectar.
I am learning a lot while writing about these flowers, I hope by passing this info along it might help to avoid problems in the future.
I am waiting for the 11:00 news to come on in about 4 minutes then I'm outta here for the night.
May all your dreams come true and God shower you with blessings as he has me.Good Night.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Beautiful beginning to a late August day,walked outside for awhile with the dogs this morning,it felt so good.Took some more pictures of wildflowers for a blog project that I am starting today,will talk more about that in a bit.After breakfast I did some paperwork until plumber called and said they were eating an early lunch and would be here shortly. I decided to ice my cakes this morning so I can work on putting things back in place tonight since they are coming to finish today.I iced 18 caramel cakes,4 chocolate, coconuts will have to wait until tonight. I had a sandwich for lunch then went to #2 son's house to use the bathroom and get a break from all the drilling and hammering,I never knew plumbing was so loud.He is off today and is getting ready to mow his lawn.
When I got back they said I needed new washer hoses and new bathroom fixtures,we'll get them and they can put them on when they hook the new well pump up,hopefully next week.They finished about 4:00,cleaned up and left,I will have to say they did clean,they vacuumed and did more than I expected.I laughed and told him to tell my cousin's husband, who did the original estimate and said, you won't even know we were here, that he was wrong," I know you all were here."
I started putting the kitchen back together so we could have supper.By the time hubbie got home I almost had it done,he had picked up my Avon for me and when he got that in the house he fixed us something to eat while I finished.After we ate he went outside to take an old basketball goal down so the well driller can back straight in.I walked and checked the waterhole and fences and took more photos,we had a sprinkle of rain and there was a gorgeous sunset as the clouds broke and drifted away.
I came back to the house to meet an Avon customer who was picking up her order. Hubbie is in the garden digging potatoes and picking tomatoes to go to market tomorrow and I went up there and cut basil.Market usually slows down after school starts.
I started putting one of the bathrooms back together and he went downstairs to put the drop ceiling back up and check on a heat pump leak we are having.
When I finished that bathroom,I payed bills,bagged my Avon,stamped my books,boy am I glad my cakes are iced, whew!!! I am give out.Hubbie went to bed and I iced 2 coconut cakes and wrapped and cut the chocolates.
It is 11:30, house is quiet and now for my blog I've said before I love nature and wildflowers interest me especially the ones that have uses,living in these mountains and having a piece of property the size of ours is ideal for enjoying wildflowers and so many of them are in bloom in August and September so everyday (or at least most days) I am going to put photos (some of which are not so good) up and give a little info on the flowers,so here we go with day 1..This is one of the more interesting specimens by far,it is called JEWEL WEED,It gets that name because its leaves are virtually waterproof and when it rains, the droplets formed on the leaves sparkle like jewels.This plant is a medicine cabinet in its self as it is a cure for poison ivy,if you know you have touched poison ivy just crush some leaves and stems of jewel weed getting some of the clear liquid inside on you hands and wherever the ivy touched you and you will not get a rash.As God does with all his creations he usually plants some jewel weed right next to where he plants poison ivy to help us out of the mess we get ourselves in sometime.Also Jewel weed is one of the ingredients used in Preparation H how about that for an amazing plant and I'm not finished yet,it can also be used on insect bites and stings to ease the pain and stop the swelling, jewel weed reproduces with seedpods that pop open at a slight touch and these seeds are edible if you can keep the pod from bursting and launching them airborne.Although you can't see it in this picture the flowers look like little slippers and can be orange or yellow.
WOW that was a good one to start with,they aren't all this interesting.This isn't a wildflower I just thought it was wild to see these huge blooms in late August on my spring blooming azalea bush.
Well I think I'll call it a day at least my house is a little more normal tonight and now we just wait for the well driller.
It is time for bath and bed. Thank you Lord for a beautiful day full of blessings.Good Night.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Out extra early today in case plumbers show up early.At work right after breakfast clearing cabinets and under sinks before they get here.They showed up at 9:45 and started right to work,there are 3 of them and they all act like they know what they're doing.I'm trying to stay out of their way,I keep hearing loud noises from downstairs but am refraining so far from going down to see what in the world is going on.They are keeping me busy moving more stuff,holy moly it'll take a week to put all this stuff back where it was.....G-son's bed has become the catch all for the bathroom cabinets, and my kitchen...
well lets just say "no, the microwave is not normally in the middle of the room"Lordy,Lordy . I made a bathroom run down to #2 son's house and it was so clean and neatly organized I just wanted to stay and hope mine went away,but when I came back it just looked worse and they wanted something else moved!!!!!!
I payed some bills and am looking on the internet for a stressless recliner,we used to have 1 and it was so comfortable we would like to have another,but it will have to be used as I'm not paying $1400 for a chair (not that comfortable).
Plumbers got to a stopping point and turned water back on ,only had 1 leak which they fixed quickly.They left about 4:45 and will be back tomorrow to finish.My cousin's husband who is the head plumber is having artery clearing surgery today and they were pretty worried,God be with him. Hubbie came in and we checked out all the lines and the mess,boy what a mess,they said they will clean it all up tomorrow,we shall see!! Hubbie is happy with how much they got done today,this is all the old waterline they replaced today....At least we are pretty much back to normal except now you have to hunt for towels,shampoo, etc. and walk around stuff in the middle of rooms.
We watched the 6:00 news ,ate a salad for supper and I went walking while hubbie finished mowing.The water hole had filled in so he had to dig it out again after he mowed.
Got a call from the plumber saying they would be after lunch getting here tomorrow due to an emergency repair in the morning,BUMMER. Good news was he told me the head plumber was out of surgery and doing good.
I baked 48 layers tonight,it is 11:30 and I just put the last batch in the oven.I'll get in bed maybe about 12:30,I'm tired tonight because I didn't sleep well last night worrying about the plumbing but tonight I can relax,the only worry now is when they will get back to finish.I don't feel like I accomplished anything today but maybe by this time next week everything will be back on a regular schedule.Remember God is in control now and forever.Good Night.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Up early this morning expecting g-son,hubbie is off today,he is back on his regular work schedule as school starts tomorrow.Daughter started her new job this morning and d-in-love started a new part time job early this morning,this could be called a day of new beginnings, we'll pray that they are all good.
After breakfast I got a call from a friend who works at UPS asking if I knew #1 son,they had a package for him to be picked up with an incomplete address.Hubbie and I had a couple more errands that needed to be ran so after I put my Avon order on line we headed to town. We got all but one errand done, we didn't find a rocking chair to replace the one in our living room that broke yesterday.We got g-son a happy meal and headed home.
Our grapes are ripe and the bees are starting to suck them dry so I need to make some grape jelly today.......2 big bowls and still quite a few left on the vines,the Lord has blessed us with a plentiful harvest of all our garden fruits and vegetables this year.The old timers would say this is going to be a very rough winter.
Hubbie helped me get them off the stems and into the pot before he went to mow the lawn.It has taken the grass a long time to dry today because of the heavy dew this morning (another sign of fall).
Making grape jelly is more involved than the jams I usually make,so each step had to be done between the Nena I'm thirsty,Nena I want to watch Tigger and Pooh, Nena I'm hungry,Nena play with me,Nena I want to go outside,etc.,etc.!!!!!!!He acted tired about 2:30 and wanted me to lay down with him,I thought sure he would take a nap and when after 45 minutes I was the one taking the nap , he shook me, bright eyed as ever and said,"Nena I want some drink", I gave the nap idea up.Anyway when I got finished I had 29 half pints of grape jelly for daughter and I to share as she bought the sugar and lids to make it and would have helped if she had time.
Also met with the plumber and the well driller today. #1 son came in about 6:00 while the well man was here and they talked for an hour, he gets his gift of gab from me. After he took g-son home hubbie fed the animals while I checked on the cattle.We grabbed a grape jelly biscuit and took off to Lowes to buy a new dish washer as we need one and since the plumber is going to have it unconnected we thought we'd just put a new one in,bummer they don't have a white one in any of the ones I want, hubbie said just get a black one,I said not unless you want to get a new fridg and stove to go with it (MEN!!!!thats why they don't decorate).Off to Home Depot and bummed again neither do they.SOOOOOOOOO...I won't get a new one now, OH well!!
Came home and finished moving things,hubbie is taking out insulation (oh joy) my basement is a
disaster area,well the ceiling is anyway,hope this goes quickly but it seems nothing is ever simple,just like the plumber discovered today our breaker box is grounded on the copper water line so hubbie has got to find out from the electricians at work tomorrow what to do about that.
I have cakes to bake tonight so I got 2 granny pounds, 1 7-up pound, 2 blackberry wine, and 1 chocolate pound in the ovens around 10:30, some days there just isn't enough hours in them.I cleaned the kitchen while they baked.Hubbie finished the insulation and went to bed. It is now after 12 am and I'm just finishing up and heading for bath and bed. Thanking God for all the strength he gives me and hoping I am using it for his glory.Good Night.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


At church today d-in-love played some beautiful music on her violin everyone was so appreciative of her and her talent. I'm so glad she started playing in church,she is so good and needs to keep up her musical talents as we all need to take inventory of the gifts of talent God has given us and use them,as I read at the bottom of the page in my Bible this morning there was a story about that very thing.It was about a moth collector that had captured a very beautiful and rare moth,he had kept it in his moth sanctuary all winter and as spring came he felt bad because it had continually crawled around the inside of the enclosure trying to get out,so he cut a hole for it to fly through, but it just sat on a shelf instead of flying through the hole,because by not being allowed to fly the muscles it needed in its wings had not developed and now it was to late and it couldn't fly away. So if we don't use our talents they will rust away and then if we ever do want them they just will not work.
After church we came home to lunch with both sons,d-in-love,daughter,father-in-law and g-son,we had the beef stew and boiled cabbage, corn on the cob and corn bread with iced tea and peach wine cake for dessert.Father-in-law always asked for dessert, maybe because he gets to take what's left of it home with him! Our family has never been big dessert eaters and I don't want cake or pie laying around tempting me.We got to visit awhile after we ate and look at the pictures of daughter's friends wedding she was in, the pics were very good....
I'm not bragging or anything but I think I have a beautiful daughter.I wasn't crazy about the green color of these dresses but they turned out to be just gorgeous in this outside wedding.The bride was one of daughter's best buds in college.
Daughter left to spend some time with her little sister who has been in California for the summer,and everyone else went home,hubbie took his dad home and stopped by Sam's for a couple of things on the way home.We worked downstairs for a little while moving more stuff around and he took down part of the drop ceiling to expose the waterlines,he said it is a good thing we decided to re-plumb as some of the lines are turning blue and that has to mean they are wearing thin.
I walked with my dogs for more than an hour this evening,I got a few goose bumps,that is a sure sign fall is in the air,it really felt good outside tonight.When I came in hubbie was still working downstairs so I put up all the laundry that I had left down there and shuffled some more things around,I think we are about ready, hopefully they will come on and get it done this week.
I wrote up my Avon orders and entered them on the computer,I don't have many this time, maybe more people will call in the morning.#1 son called and said g-son will be here at 8:00 in the morning as they both have early jobs tomorrow.Daughter came home and she is looking so forward to starting her new job but dreading the long days of working 2 jobs for the next 10 days,she went to bed early. I am tired,a nerve in my hip is bothering me today,must have irritated it moving things last night.I'm headed to soak in a hot tub for a while to see if that will relax it so I can sleep. Thanks be to God for all my blessings. Good Night.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Up early and getting ready for market,everything went smooth as silk this morning,uh oh.
Got to market about 9:30 no one was even impatiently waiting for me today.After we got set up hubbie bought corn from a neighbor and then he went on to grocery shop for his dad and check on him,he asked about the meals-on-wheels and his dad said no,so I guess that ends that.He is so stubborn, it is so aggravating and when he complains about having nothing to do, I feel like saying that's only because that's what you choose.It is very hard to help someone who won't let you.
On a lighter subject market was very busy today and I sold crafts and cakes, stayed constantly busy even when daughter brought me a greek salad for lunch I didn't have time to eat very much of it,but I sure enjoyed it when I got home.
I went to Aldi, Ingles and Walmart to pick up supplies for next Thursday then headed home.Hubbie was digging out the water hole in the creek when I got here so I unloaded and started putting things away until he came in.He was worried about our tomatoes getting worms in them,so I went up to the garden shed and found some insect dust for him to put on them,
those tomatoes are his babies. I was walking with the dogs when #1 son and g-son drove up to visit,it just made my day when g-son jumped out of the truck and came running and hugged my legs like he was so glad to see me,oh the joys of grandmotherhood are so sweet.We played outside until he said he was hungry,we came in and I fixed him a grilled cheese sandwich with brownies and milk.Hubbie and I had already eaten a light supper, #1 son ate a couple ears of fresh corn.D-in-love was on a photo shoot with a soon to be new mommy from our church.
When she came in she showed me some of the pictures and they are so good,she sure has a knack for picture taking.
After they went home hubbie and I reluctantly went downstairs to start moving things around for the plumber.To our surprise we pretty much got it all done except for some things that will have to wait and be moved the night before he comes.That just goes to show the dread of the job is much much worse than the actual job usually is. Anyway it gave us a chance to throw away a lot of junk that we don't need so when the plumbing is finished there won't be as much to put back.
We put on a big pot of beefstew to cook overnight for lunch tomorrow and hubbie is already in bed and I am headed that way as soon as I finish this.See you in church tomorrow to Worship Our Savior Jesus Christ. Good night.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Slept in a bit this morning,hubbie was off and g-son was going to be late,nothing pressing to get done this morning.
While I was having my cereal and hot tea daughter came in,she had been to do the paperwork for her new job,she is so excited,but these next 10 days are going to be tough working 2 jobs.
Hubbie is outside working on our ditches and gutters,it rained another 1/2" last night.I looked at the okra hubbie cut the other day and decided I had better go over to a friends produce stand and buy some more for my okra and tomatoes mixture.I came home with a cabbage,bag of apples,bag of sweet potatoes and the okra,I love fresh produce stands.
G-son came in with his dad who was going to work on a counter top for a customer of his,as it is to wet to do any grading work today. Hubbie came in to play with g-son while I baked my cakes,I made 18 layers, 1 granny pound, 1 7-up pound, 1 peach wine, 1 orange soaked pound and made g-son some brownies.We ate lunch of tomatoes sandwiches,g-son had a pizza roll and brownies.
After lunch I started canning my okra and tomatoes,I had 12 pints,that used up a lot of the tomatoes I had been looking at all week. This was my afternoon scenery......I spent almost the entire afternoon in the kitchen.

This is how hubbie and g-son spent some of their afternoon,I think they had a bit more fun than I did although my back probably feels better than hubbie's tonight...
G-son played himself out finally and fell asleep for a late nap.
I went to the garden to cut basil for market tomorrow and as I came back to the house my cousin Mike drove up,he still can't go back to work after his heart attack and he is looking for something to do.He stayed and had supper with hubbie and I ,daughter-in-love came after g-son and daughter came in after sleeping all day,her week of 3rd shift finally caught up with her.We all chatted a few minutes then Mike left,he said he loves to come here because there is always so much going on and someone always coming and going and everyone is so nice and friendly (yep that's us in a nutshell),then hubbie and I went to clean church.It has looked like rain all afternoon and thundered in the distance but no rain here yet. Spoke to soon, while we were cleaning church the rain started, we drove home in a steady downpour with some thunder and lightening but it didn't last long thank goodness.
I iced 12 caramel cakes, 1 chocolate, 2 coconuts and glazed the orange pound cake,then wrapped what I could tonight.Watched the news and it looks like we are in for more rain tonight.Hubbie is talking to his brother about getting meals-on-wheels set up for their father so he can have more hot meals.This has been a rewarding day and we are so Blessed with our family and our health we never forget to thank God everyday.It is 12:30 am and all is well (do you know where your kids are?) . Good Night.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


"Hurray" another muddy,rainy day,when I let the dogs out this morning I took a shovel and cleaned out a couple of our ditches that over filled last night so water wouldn't wash our drive away.I came back in and cut and wrapped all my cakes ,got everything loaded and headed out to market. There were few customers when I got there and it didn't get much better which made for a loooong day.Always rainy days are slow,I guess no one likes to get out and shop in the rain.I crocheted tops on 4 towels between customers.Then I had to load van in the rain(oh joy), looking like a drowned rat(my hair and rain just do not mix well), I headed out to run my errands,bank,P.O., 3 Avon deliveries,Aldi and Walmart, I know everyone is wondering what grease bucket I've had my head in.Dark clouds loomed large when I headed home but no storms yet just drizzly rain.Got the craving for a cappuccino, not thinking about the fact that I hadn't eaten much today,I indulged my craving,I don't know if it was the sugar or caffene or just an empty stomach ,but by the time I got home I was in a soaking sweaty sickened state,this has happened before but not this bad,I came in the house and had a piece of cheese and some crackers and felt better. Daughter helped me unload and put things away ,hubbie came home and we took a break while watching the news.G-son came to stay while his mom and dad went to pick up another piece of equipment.We ate supper of the left-overs from yesterday and played until mom and dad got back and aunt T came in from running.We all had a wonderful visit I enjoy the kids so much when they are around I just feel so comforted.
After everyone left hubbie and I went to clean church,it started raining hard and thundering and lightening while we were there. When we got home I checked the rain gauge and it has 1/3" already tonight and it is continuing to rain pretty hard as it is now after 11:00,everything is pretty well water logged, what a difference a year makes as last year we were in such a terrible drought.I guess I rather have the rain than worry about wells drying up and things dyeing of thirst,we must remember God has a plan and this is just a part of it as He knows best.That bed is sure going to feel good tonight.God Bless and Good Night.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Gosh this has been one of those days I don't even know if I can remember all that went on.This is what my dining room table looked like when I got up....With all this staring me in the face while I ate breakfast I know I'm looking at a busy day.I started a load of laundry and cleaned the bathrooms,the dusting,mopping,etc can wait but I always stay on schedule with my bathrooms,I can't stand a messy bathroom. I decided to make another run of salsa when I picked almost 1/2 bushel of roma tomatoes yesterday.While I was into my salsa making the door burst open and in comes daughter with a big smile on her face and the announcement that she got the job at a local elementary school that she interviewed for yesterday.It was so good to see her that happy,she has not been happy in her job for awhile,she was so excited she probably won't sleep much the rest of the day and she has to work 2 more night shifts,but her last day is Sept.2.She will try to work both jobs starting Monday to help out with the start of school she'll work 8-2 there then go to her old job and work 2:30-11:30.whew I'm glad she is young!!!!Thank you Lord for working things out for her.
I made 10 pints of salsa and canned 4 quarts of beans while doing 3 more loads of laundry,whew and I'm not so young!!!!!
The plumber called to come tomorrow but we had to put him off until Monday due to daughter sleeping during the day.Hubbie met with another well driller this evening.So now to pick one....
At 3:30 I took beans I had cooked some tomatoes to slice and a caramel cake and went to church to help serve the meal to the family of our church member who's mother died.We served about 50 people and had plenty food left over, our church is blessed with wonderful cooks that are always willing to help.
When I left and headed home at 6:30 it started pouring rain and as I got in the house it started thundering and lightening very badly really close.It rained 2" in about 30 minutes.No decision on walking tonight.Hubbie and I ate some supper of food I brought home with me,he had cut my okra and I still have plenty of tomatoes that I was going to can some okra and tomatoes but it is to late today,that will have to wait maybe tomorrow.I went to pay bills and do paperwork for the week,made my to do list for tomorrow,and took care of father-in-laws bills while hubbie fed animals outside.
At 9:00 I started icing cakes ,12 caramels, 4 chocolates, 2 coconuts and wrapped all I could tonight.It is after 12 am and I feel like I've done enough for today.Thanking my Lord for all the Blessings of today,the strength to carry out the task of each day and for my wonderful church family it is such a joy to work hand in hand with them for the Glory of our Heavenly Father.Good Night.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Up and out early on my Avon route this morning,all deliveries went well except 2 ladies were not home today.I went by the P.O. to mail another sympathy card to another friend who lost her mother and went by a daycare where the daughter of one of my Avon customers works to sadly deliver a watch her mother had ordered for her and did not live long enough(cancer) to give it to her.I kinda dreaded this because I didn't want to upset her at work,but she didn't get to upset and just hugged me and tried to pay for the watch,but money just isn't important sometimes(to me anyway).I considered her mother like I do most of my customers a good friend.
I made it home at 12:00 and had a salad for lunch with daughter who is getting ready for a job interview,after working all night and she has to work again tonight.While she was gone I started moving things from under the waterlines in the basement,I could only work until she got back because she has to go back to bed and try to get some more sleep.I worry about her driving home in the mornings.I used to work swing shifts when I was about her age and after 3rd shift one morning I woke up in town and had no memory of how I drove there,it was a scary feeling.I also recall a co-worker who was driving quite a long distance home that went to sleep at the wheel and had a terrible accident and was killed.I can't help but think of all this every time she works at night.I can just pray for God to be with her.I hope she gets this other job and there will be no night work.
After she went back to bed I went to the garden and picked beans and tomatoes,I don't think we've ever had this many tomatoes they must love this weather we're having.The beans aren't looking so good I didn't get as many as I thought I would,but I need some for a supper we are serving at church tomorrow night for the friend who's mother died and her family.While I was in the garden d-in-love called and wants to go pick up her chickens today when hubbie gets home.I came in and called and set up another appointment with a well driller for Thursday evening.
Hubbie and d-in-love arrived about the same time and we all went in his big truck to pick out the chickens,she got 2 barred rock,2 rhode island reds,when we put them in her lot and gave them feed and water they ate and drank like they had been there all their lives so I think they will do nicely for her as they are tame enough and don't mind being picked up and petted,g-son just wanted to play in their house.
My walk today felt more like a swim as it is really humid again,daughter came down and we walked and had a nice chat while I walked my last round.She is really fed up with her job. Hubbie was eating a sandwich when we got back so we rustled us up something for supper as well,then she went back to lay down again before her 1 am shift starts.
Hubbie is going to break my beans while I bake my cakes tonight.I had 48 layers to bake tonight,it is 11:45 and I am waiting to take the last batch out of the oven. Hubbie got all the beans broke about 10:30 and went to bed,he has to get up at 5 am.I have one of those mile long to do list for tomorrow,I guess the best part of that is there won't be time for much of my regular housework(so sad) but I'm sure it will wait for me until next time.There goes the timer for the last layers and here I go off to take a bath and get to bed. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.Good Night.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Woke to a ringing phone this morning from the plumber I called last week,he is coming over this morning to look at my job.At least I didn't have to call him back, although I did ask my cousin who is his wife's sister in church yesterday if he was sick or something because he hadn't called me back,I'm sure she jarred his memory of my call.Anyway he was here right after I had breakfast and after looking at all the water lines gave me a very good estimate, plus him,his son-in-law and 1 other older man is all who will be in my house.I'm funny like that and didn't want a bunch of who knows whats in my house looking around.I believe in the old saying "you can never be to careful".
Tomatoes,tomatoes and more tomatoes,hubbie told me last night I needed to do something with these because he had to pick more today.So with everything else going on today and g-son here I am just canning this bunch,I can open them later and make something with them if I want to.I canned 7 quarts out of these baskets......I know tomatoes need to be picked again and I think the beans do too, maybe it won't rain this evening and we can get in the garden.
I also sliced up a gallon bag of peaches for the freezer while the tomatoes processed.G-son and I had lunch and a well driller came to give me an estimate on the well,he is $1 a foot higher than another guy who didn't come to look just gave an estimate on the phone,I am going to get 1 more estimate and then we'll decide who does it.It is amazing how different it is now than just a year ago ,people were waiting on a list for 6 months to get wells drilled and now they will come the next day,that's a bad sign for all businesses.
G-son has been an angel through all the activity this morning,he has just been relaxing in front of the TV.....It has turned into a sunny day with temps in the low 80's so we are headed outside for awhile to try to find a not so muddy spot to play.
Well there's no mud in the wagon,and he rode for awhile, then he wanted to pull the dogs around like he has done before but he was going down a hill and fast so they wouldn't stay in the wagon.
So g-son finally decided to ride and steer himself down the hill which worked for a long way until he decided to turn directly into the fence where his legs found the barbwire behind the boards.
He didn't know what was hurting him and started kicking to get it off which made it worse,so both legs got all scratched up and we came inside to wash away the blood which made it look worse than it really was,thank goodness,so I gave him some comfort food (cake and milk) and he settled down and we played in his playroom until pawpaw came home.We all played and had another snack before mommy and aunt T came home from work.After he had a short visit with aunt T mommy took him home.
Hubbie, daughter and I ate leftovers for supper ,#2 son also came in to exchange haircuts with hubbie again and he ate all that was left.
Hubbie picked another basket of tomatoes,daughter wants to make some salsa maybe tomorrow afternoon.
I heard Canadian Geese honking on my walk this evening that's a sure sign fall is on its way.Fall is my favorite time of the year as things kind of slow down and everything snuggles down ready for winter,it just seems as if the world gives a big satisfied sigh,and the beauty of fall in these mountains just can't be beat.
Hubbie and I were going to start cleaning out the basement under the waterlines tonight but daughter has to go back to work at 1:00 am as she is taking the place of the early morning producer and will get off at 8:00 in the morning, so she is sleeping and we can't work down there without making noise so we'll postpone that until tomorrow.I will to talk to another well guy tomorrow afternoon.I have to deliver Avon in the morning.
Hubbie went to bed early and I started baking cakes although I only have 2 granny pound,and 1 blackberry wine to make tonight it seems like I am forgetting something.
Maybe it will be an early bedtime again tonight,as it is 10:40 now and I just took the cakes out of the oven and glazed the wine cake.They are talking on the news about the hurricane out in the Atlantic I hope it misses the coast.It has been a beautiful day today.Thank you God for all your blessings today and forgive me of all my shortcomings.Good Night.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Went to church this morning with dark clouds looming,message was inspirational today and as I was reading ahead in the text of my Bible which is a Kirban reference Bible,at the bottom of every page it has an explanation of the text and as I read this today one sentence has really stuck in my head all day especially after listening to the kids worry about their futures in this economy.The sentence read"If you are stranded in the middle of a large lake it is good to start praying,it is also wise to start paddling toward shore". I think the message trying to be conveyed here is God will only help us if we are trying our best to help ourselves.
We had deacon nominations today and they called hubbie to make sure he would serve as he had been nominated,he has been a deacon in the past.
#1 son went after grandfather for lunch as daughter has gone rafting today.#2 son is playing golf in South Carolina with some friends so lunch bunch was #1 son,daughter-in-love,g-son,father-in-law and hubbie and I. After we ate I wrapped a present for a baby shower for a young girl in church and D-in-love took it with her as she was helping serve at the shower.I played with g-son in his playroom as it has been raining all day.
#1 son took g-son home and hubbie and I took father-in-law home then drove over to a house b-friend is interested in now and stopped at Ingles to pick up a few things I forgot yesterday.
Came home about 6:00 and it is still raining lightly,we had sandwiches for supper,I bought some Munster cheese yesterday and wanted to see what it tasted like,it was pretty good but not so different from cheddar.After we ate we sat around and I took a nap,probably not a smart thing this close to bed time,but it is just that kind of evening,so relaxed and nice cool rain outside.
When I got up I fed and put up my outside dogs,they are always so glad for Sunday feeding time as they usually get some table scraps from lunch.Then hubbie and I groomed our 2 inside 4-legged children,we clipped 1 toenail on Bernie to close and had to put corn starch on it to get it to stop bleeding,a dogs toenail will pour the blood for a long time if you don't put something on it,however he didn't even act like anything happened,I think they are just so glad that we don't take them to a groomer anymore.Dolly didn't mind the last groomer I was taking them to but Bernie hated everyone we took him to,but his hair is so fine and is hard to clip with clippers I think it was worse on him than Dolly.Anyway that was one thing we decided we could save money on because it only takes us about 1 1/2 hours to groom them both and we only do it about every 3 months as we cut their hair shorter than the groomer ever would even when I ask them to cut it shorter,I guess they didn't want to go that long between haircuts (money).
I am listening to the 11:00 news now and I hear the rain pounding the porch awning, finishing this blog and then I am headed to bed. Remember God loves you. Good Night.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


A lot to do this morning before I get to market.I was only 5 minutes late getting to market and that was amazing after all the cakes I had to cut and wrap this morning,although I keep looking around to see if I have all my clothes on,ha ha. Had a very busy market day,had some nice visits with the neighbors,caught up on their beach vacation and trip to the "World's largest yard sale" this sounds like loads of fun and she said you can find anything you are looking for there.They have a lot of antiques in their house so they look for particular things and this year they only went through Tennessee and Kentucky whew that would be serious yard sale shopping.Sold mostly cakes and herbs today,very few crafts, but did sell 2 of daughter's mosaic picture frames,she was happy.I had a late customer and had to hurry to get everything loaded,hope I got everything I was supposed to,seems like I've been in a hurry and running 1 step behind all day.
Went by P.O. to mail a sympathy card to a friend that lost her mother last week,then to Aldi and Walmart to get baking supplies and groceries.In Walmart I started getting a headache and realized I hadn't eaten lunch so I went to Chick-fil-a to see if I could head off the headache and it worked,hubbie says I am the only person he knows that can forget to eat.
When I got home hubbie was helping daughter's b-friend work on his brakes,daughter had a baby kitten b-friend had taken away from one of the dogs.After she helped me unload and put things away we went to the barn and found the momma cat and 1 more kitten and put that one back with her.She didn't like us messing around her so I hope she will move them and hide them a lot better so the dogs can't find her,she is kind of wild because she stays in the barn away from everyone and we just put feed out for her, we don't know where she came from as she just showed up one day,these are the first kittens we've seen.Daughter and b-friend left to go look at 2 houses and I took the dogs walking to get them away from the barn,hubbie is digging out the waterhole.I came back put the dogs up and fed them and went to check on the kittens and mama cat was in the process of moving them,I hope she finds a good hiding place.
We came in and broke beans hubbie had picked earlier for lunch tomorrow,I read my new Grit magazine,it has some good pickle recipes in it this month.
I'm tired tonight and glad I don't have anything that has to be done.It has been a rewarding day as always in the care of my precious Savior Jesus Christ I have a feeling of great peacefulness and am going to enjoy a rare early bedtime,it is only 9:45. See you at church tomorrow praising His name. good night.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Woke to ringing phone, 1st with Avon order then a cake order,I'm fully awake now so might as well get up.It is another foggy morning (another snow!!!!) hubbie is off today so he is catching up on outside stuff while waiting for the grass to dry so he can hopefully mow before it rains.Sun came out and it is only 76, nice weather, wish I could spend some time outside this morning but my ovens are calling.I did go out and pick some fresh blackberries probably the last I will have for some bread.I baked 28 layers for iced cakes, 4 granny pound ,2 peach wine, 1 blackberry wine, 2 loaves fresh blackberry bread,2 chocolate pound, and some chocolate chip muffins, glazed the wine cakes and ate sandwich and chips and salsa for lunch,finished all this by 2:15,whew!!!!!!!
Hubbie is now mowing grass and it is cloudy,hope he beats the rain.I went outside and put flea drops on 1 dog then I couldn't find the other 2, don't know why they hate this stuff so bad,someone once told me it is because they are all Australian Shepherds and they have such a keen since of smell it bothers them, although I now use a brand I can't smell, but then I'm sure my smeller isn't as good as theirs.Temps are now in the mid 80's and it feels humid,at least he got the mowing done and now is off on the tractor to bushhog in the pastures.I'm wondering where that plumber is that was suppose to call and come give me an estimate,I hate it when you have to call back and say "remember me" I want to maybe give you some work!!!!!!
I did some (never ending) paperwork and some ironing then took a coffee break.
After a cup of coffee I wrapped and labeled some cakes,here is some of my mornings work....
I decided to go walk early today,it is pretty cloudy and cooler so it won't be to hot,uummm, the smell of freshly cut grass I love it.I discovered our waterhole is almost dry, more digging for hubbie tomorrow.
I came in and ate a salad for supper and we went to clean the church a bit early tonight.
When we got home hubbie helped me put the flea drops on the other dogs before I fed them,I hate that they act like it hurts them but it's better than being covered with fleas and ticks.
I iced 12 caramel cakes, 5 chocolate, 3 coconut and wrapped and cut all I could tonight,hubbie made boxes for my orders before he went to bed.
I seem to have my energy back tonight,THANK YOU JESUS.
As I walked today I was wishing I had a better camera to take close-up pictures,I think I'll start looking up some info to see what I need to do what I want.
This has been a lovely day, busy but nice Glory be to God for all the things we got done today.
It is 11:45 and I'm through for the day.GOD LOVES YOU AND ME. good night.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Yessss!!! Alarm went off 30 minutes early and I actually heard it,good start to a busy day.After everything was ready and the van loaded I was 20 minutes earlier than usual just as hoped so I headed to my early Avon delivery,this is a place where all spanish speaking people work and we have a plan we follow to communicate,I deliver their orders on Thursday (they don't work on Friday) and give them a chance to see how much money they owe me then I go back Monday or Tuesday and collect for their orders at their morning break time.
There is an old saying that for every foggy morning in August their will be a snow in winter,well mark 1 snow down for this winter as I took this picture on my way out this morning.Market was pretty busy today and I packaged some dry basil to sell and crocheted tops on 3 towels between customers. Two Avon customer came after their orders.As I was leaving a neighbor who sells sunflowers gave me a bunch he didn't sell,they are so pretty I just had to share.I love sun flowers they just seem to brighten a room and they make you smile everytime you are near them,at least they do that for me.I hope he has some more Saturday and I will get some for church Sunday.
I had extra errands today after market and didn't get home until after 4:30,hubbie was here to help me unload and get everything put away.He ate supper but I have had an upset stomach all day and just not wanted anything to eat.I laid down on the couch to watch the news as it is starting to sprinkle rain again.I woke up an hour later starving,I guess what ever has been wrong with my stomach went away during my nap,Thanks Lord.I ate a salad and some leftover rice daughter had made last night and the last biscuit with more jam,yummm.Okay that feels so much better,it never really rained much but the grass is wet so I think I'll pass on my daily walk and go clean church a little early.
Hubbie's vacuum handle broke but he taped it to finish tonight and will try to glue it when we get home.
At home hubbie is getting ready for bed and as soon as I finish this I'm headed that way, I hope my little afternoon nap doesn't mess up my night sleep like it usually does.Well wonder what tomorrow will bring, it's always exciting to wake up to another day of serving our Lord and see what blessings He has in His plans for me.Good Night.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Woke to rain blowing against the window this morning.After regular chores I spent some time on the phone lining up some plumbers for bids on our job.Then I decided to take advantage of the 65 degree temps and work in my sewing shop.I needed to finish some doll cloths for a red riding hood doll and needed to make some more aprons for a church group in town who sponsors a "Feed the Kids" program,I made 25 aprons for them in May and June,they furnished the material and when I tried to give back what was left they said just to make more aprons.I have been so busy I just haven't had time so I made 5 more aprons today for them.
It was lunch time when I finished sewing,after a salad and sandwich I started laundry and housework.It has stopped raining but is still cloudy and cool outside about 76 now,pretty cool for August.I took 2 cake orders for Saturday,1 for 6 cakes.
While my freshly mopped floors dried I went in my office and payed bills for the week.My friend called and said my Avon order just came about 3:00 so I went to pick it up,I bagged it as soon as I got home and stamped all my books for delivery.Hubbie came in while I was working on this and started frying the okra he cut yesterday,we had baked chicken and tomatoes to go with it for supper and a biscuit with some of daughters black&blue berry jam for dessert.
He went to spray more fungicide on the beans and I went walking with the dogs to check the fence and waterhole, everything was fine..This is Annie keeping a watchful eye out for me, this isn't the picture I wanted as right before I took this one she stood up on her hind legs to see above the tall grass but I missed that one.She is my constant companion around the farm.
I came back in and rested for 30 minutes before it was time to start icing cakes,I iced 12 caramels,4 chocolates, 2 coconuts tonight.
Tomorrow afternoon will sure be alot easier if I can get left early enough in the morning to make 1 Avon delivery on the way to market,that's my plan so I'm off to bath and bed now.GOD BLESS and good night.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Awoke to a bright sunny day,mornings are so nice and cool.After taking care of the animals and breakfast I started some laundry since I have a doctors appointment at 2:20 I didn't hang any outside,it will probably rain again today.While I did 2 loads of laundry I did some housework.
At 11:00 I started making my pasta sauce ,I've never made this before and it was a little more involved but it turned out good and really taste good.....At least my dining room table isn't
covered with baskets of tomatoes anymore.
It is getting time to get ready to go to the Dermatologist which is not my favorite place to go,my stomach has already started to churn,today I am having a re-check on a squamous cell cancer he cut off my lower leg in June,he will possibly shave it again and burn it to kill more cancer cells (OH JOY).
I have more reason to dread these visits,this all stared in April when he found a level 2 melanoma cancer on my arm,I went back in May for the second cut which took a large football shape chunk out of my arm,I have a terrible scar,but it is at my elbow joint and isn't so noticeable.The agony I went through waiting to find out if the cancer had spread to a much larger area was tough and I am very thankful for all the prayers that went up for me during this wait.By the Grace of God it had not spread and the doctor felt like all the cancer was gone with this second cut, here's a big HALLELUJAH.I truly felt like my guardian angle had snatched me from the brink of a health disaster for the second time in recent years as I waited and waited knowing that mole on my arm didn't look right before going to the doctor and have no idea why I decided to go when I did.I'm sure thankful that God just takes over sometimes when we don't realize what is best for us,He's just wonderfully caring like that.
I went back in June to have a full body exam and he found 2 more places he cut out and sent off,I dread the cuts because mine always get infected,anyway 1 of these came back in a moderate melanoma change and the other 1 came back a squamous cell cancer.I've decided my skin has declared war on me for all the years of sun abuse I put it through.
So that is where I'm at today with the squamous cell re-check.Another big HALLELUJAH when he looked at my leg he said he didn't need to make another cut as it showed no more signs of cancer.He actually called it Bowens disease which is a surface squamous cell and because he cauterized the spot when he cut it off and it had all but went away we are just going to watch it.
I haven't been surprised by the fact that I have skin cancer because I have spent all my life outside .I was raised on a cattle/crop farm and as soon as I could reach the brake petal on a tractor I was helping my daddy in the fields and sunscreen was never heard of back then,at least by my parents.I also loved laying in the sun in my teen years , then when I married, my husband and I farmed and I spent alot of time again on a tractor in the hay fields,still no sunscreen.I always used sunscreen at the lake or beach but never thought of it when we were working.But I still love the feel of the sun on my skin,I just have to be careful not to get too much,like doc says sun doesn't cause cancer,sunburn causes cancer.
Before I left his office I asked the girl at the desk to look up and tell me how much she thought my insurance was going to pay because I haven't gotten any statements from my insurance to see what they paid.And here is the biggest HALLELUJAH of all since all my specimens have had cancer cells in them my insurance has totally paid for everything ,there was not even a deductible because this is considered to be preventative treatment.GOOD NEWS GOOD NEWS!!
I left and went to a little store that was just up the road just to celebrate my good fortune by shopping. I found several things and had to laugh when I checked out as my bill was almost $50 and that is what I was expecting to pay the doctor today for my co-pay, but didn't have to pay him anything. It was pouring the rain when I left the store and headed home.By the time I got home it was just starting to rain here and it never did rain much , and now the sun is back out at 5:00.
Hubbie came home and layed down,he had worked outside all day and the heat just sapped all his energy.I am writing this long blog while he is taking his nap.
When hubbie got up he grilled the steaks we didn't eat Saturday and we ate supper.Afterward he went to the garden and cut okra,dug potatoes, and picked tomatoes and squash.We have so many red potatoes he dug some for me to sell at market Thursday,they won't keep in winter like white potatoes and we haven't ate as many as we usually do.I went to walk and found the waterhole filled with sticks,sand and trash from the high water yesterday,so hubbie had to dig it out.....The weather feels much better today 86 and not so humid this evening as it has been.I came back to the house and talked to daughter,she said b-friend didn't get the house he was looking at.I kind of think that might be a blessing due to all the issues with that house.
She was eating some of my salsa and talking about how good it was so I'm sure we will be making more for her as soon as we get enough tomatoes. I put away some of the big pots and bowls so I will have room to bake.I baked 48 layers tonight,my orders have slowed some in the last 2 weeks.It is almost 11:20 and I just put the last layers in so while I listen to the news I'm writing in my blog.This has been one of those days that things have just fell into place for me hope it continues tomorrow and so on.Praising God for all my blessings today and believe me I never fail to give all the credit for my good fortune to my Heavenly Father. Good Night.

Monday, August 10, 2009


WOW!!!What a day,when I got up this morning I had a list of "to do's" a mile long and only hoped to get some of it done.It is about 6:00 in the evening now and I am patting myself on the back for all I can mark off my list.Okay hang on ,the day started with a call from daughter-in-love saying g-son was coming late today,soooooooo!!! I had already washed 2 loads of laundry and hung them out to dry.Then it was salsa making time I doubled my recipe since I had so many tomatoes and made 10 pints.....Then I washed up all these huge bowls and pots that rarely ever get used except for this time of year,no wonder my cabinets look crammed full with all these in there,maybe 1 of these days I will have a cabinet just for canning time.I'll leave them out because I have more canning to do tonight and tomorrow.
While I was making salsa I finished and sent in my Avon order.
I had a tomato sandwich for lunch and took a small break outside.It is getting cloudy so I took the dry laundry off the lines and put it away.
Then it was on to my cabinet cleaning chores,since we are going to have our house replumbed I need to organize things under my sinks and in my towel closets so they can be easily emptied when the plumber gets here.Oh Dear what a mess,I can't remember the last time I was in some of these places,all the trash cans are full and I have a big basket of extra cleaning stuff and found some towels I haven't seen in quite a while,but the job is totally done,YEEESSSSS.
Daughter-in-love brought g-son in sound asleep,we layed him on the couch.I decided to catch up on my month end paperwork at least some of it and never expected to finish, but I did I am now officially through with the month of July YEEESSSSSS again.
Got a call from the Sheriffs Dept saying there was cows out on our road,it was quite a distance from us so I gave her the name of another man who's they probably are,then crossed my fingers and went looking for ours,"Thank you Lord", ours were all in the barn and upper pasture away from the road.I was worried because d-in-love said there was an accident right at our driveway as she went out to work so I was hoping a fence didn't get knocked down somewhere.
Hubbie came home ,g-son woke up and the storms started all at about the same time,hubbie said it was the neighbors cows out .It rained hard with thunder and lightening,we got 1 1/4" in about an hour.Then the sun came back out mountain weather,you gotta love it.
We fixed supper of left-overs and fixed g-son some macaroni and cheese.After we ate g-son wanted to play in his playroom with his pawpaw.So I am blogging now in case I get busy tonight,daughter and I are supposed to make her jam,I need to call her and see what her schedule is for tonight.I've got more tomatoes and tomorrow I will make some pasta sauce from them.
Went walking even in the wet grass, gosh it feels like a sauna outside,creek was really muddy and up some.....water is usually clear and meandering as pic on left but today it was muddy and in a big hurry.It must have rained harder up the creek than it did here.Hubbie will probably have more digging to do when it goes back down.
When I got back to the house daughter was here with sugar,wax and lids ready to make jam. We made 11 jars and had some left over to eat,boy is it good and it is really pretty in the jars,she is going to use some for Christmas presents......She is going back this weekend to pick more and make more jam and some berries to freeze,I told her she better watch for snakes in those berry patches.
After jam making I baked some cakes 1 granny pound, 2 blackberry wine and 1 chocolate pound. I just took them out of the ovens and put the glaze on the wine cakes.
So that pretty much wraps up all my "to do" list for today plus some and it is only 11:00,I wish I could get this much done everyday or, maybe not, I'm very tired .Tomorrow is another day and it will be here before I know it.ALL THE THINGS I ACCOMPLISHED TODAY I KNOW WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE WITHOUT HELP FROM MY HEAVENLY FATHER AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH FOR STANDING BESIDE ME AND GIVING ME STRENGTH. GOOD NIGHT.