Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Beautiful beginning to a late August day,walked outside for awhile with the dogs this morning,it felt so good.Took some more pictures of wildflowers for a blog project that I am starting today,will talk more about that in a bit.After breakfast I did some paperwork until plumber called and said they were eating an early lunch and would be here shortly. I decided to ice my cakes this morning so I can work on putting things back in place tonight since they are coming to finish today.I iced 18 caramel cakes,4 chocolate, coconuts will have to wait until tonight. I had a sandwich for lunch then went to #2 son's house to use the bathroom and get a break from all the drilling and hammering,I never knew plumbing was so loud.He is off today and is getting ready to mow his lawn.
When I got back they said I needed new washer hoses and new bathroom fixtures,we'll get them and they can put them on when they hook the new well pump up,hopefully next week.They finished about 4:00,cleaned up and left,I will have to say they did clean,they vacuumed and did more than I expected.I laughed and told him to tell my cousin's husband, who did the original estimate and said, you won't even know we were here, that he was wrong," I know you all were here."
I started putting the kitchen back together so we could have supper.By the time hubbie got home I almost had it done,he had picked up my Avon for me and when he got that in the house he fixed us something to eat while I finished.After we ate he went outside to take an old basketball goal down so the well driller can back straight in.I walked and checked the waterhole and fences and took more photos,we had a sprinkle of rain and there was a gorgeous sunset as the clouds broke and drifted away.
I came back to the house to meet an Avon customer who was picking up her order. Hubbie is in the garden digging potatoes and picking tomatoes to go to market tomorrow and I went up there and cut basil.Market usually slows down after school starts.
I started putting one of the bathrooms back together and he went downstairs to put the drop ceiling back up and check on a heat pump leak we are having.
When I finished that bathroom,I payed bills,bagged my Avon,stamped my books,boy am I glad my cakes are iced, whew!!! I am give out.Hubbie went to bed and I iced 2 coconut cakes and wrapped and cut the chocolates.
It is 11:30, house is quiet and now for my blog I've said before I love nature and wildflowers interest me especially the ones that have uses,living in these mountains and having a piece of property the size of ours is ideal for enjoying wildflowers and so many of them are in bloom in August and September so everyday (or at least most days) I am going to put photos (some of which are not so good) up and give a little info on the flowers,so here we go with day 1..This is one of the more interesting specimens by far,it is called JEWEL WEED,It gets that name because its leaves are virtually waterproof and when it rains, the droplets formed on the leaves sparkle like jewels.This plant is a medicine cabinet in its self as it is a cure for poison ivy,if you know you have touched poison ivy just crush some leaves and stems of jewel weed getting some of the clear liquid inside on you hands and wherever the ivy touched you and you will not get a rash.As God does with all his creations he usually plants some jewel weed right next to where he plants poison ivy to help us out of the mess we get ourselves in sometime.Also Jewel weed is one of the ingredients used in Preparation H how about that for an amazing plant and I'm not finished yet,it can also be used on insect bites and stings to ease the pain and stop the swelling, jewel weed reproduces with seedpods that pop open at a slight touch and these seeds are edible if you can keep the pod from bursting and launching them airborne.Although you can't see it in this picture the flowers look like little slippers and can be orange or yellow.
WOW that was a good one to start with,they aren't all this interesting.This isn't a wildflower I just thought it was wild to see these huge blooms in late August on my spring blooming azalea bush.
Well I think I'll call it a day at least my house is a little more normal tonight and now we just wait for the well driller.
It is time for bath and bed. Thank you Lord for a beautiful day full of blessings.Good Night.

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