Monday, August 10, 2009


Woke up early this morning with a splitting headache,it felt like my head was in a vice grip.Finally after 4 tylenol and 2 hours of a hot pack on it my head stopped hurting.We missed church and hubbie said he woke up with a headache also.I decided what caused mine was I didn't take time to eat much at all yesterday,plus we cooked that boston butt in the crock pot all night and it had a strong smell that seemed to settle in our bedroom,anyway just glad it is gone now,Thank You Lord.
We had lunch with daughter and father-in-law only today,as everyone else is elsewhere today,#2 son did come in late and eat by himself.
Daughter and hubbie had broke her beans this morning while I was down with my headache so I helped her can 16 pints this afternoon,she did a very good job....
She went with her girlfriend yesterday up on the parkway and picked over a gallon of wild blackberries and blueberries so we are going to make jam tomorrow night.
Boyfriend came over and they went to meet his realtor to make an offer on a house he likes.
#1 son and family came by this afternoon and stayed awhile and brought me a birthday card and gift,dang it!!! I try to forget I'm getting older but they're not gonna let me.Anyway I'll need that lavender diffuser tonight to help me sleep.Thanks daughter-in-love.
Hubbie left to take his dad home and I took several Avon orders.
When he got back I took the dogs out walking for the first time in over a week,it's nice to get back on my regular schedule.I enjoyed walking and talking with God as I enjoyed all his creations.
This is a 1 of hubbie's gourds that has climbed up in a tree,these are birdhouse gourds,but we usually have to dry them before we hang them up in the trees but mother nature hung this one herself.
Hubbie picked tomatoes and peppers form the garden this evening so I can make salsa in the morning before g-son gets here,our cup is running over with tomatoes right now....August is the busiest food preserving month of the year around here.I try not to let too much go to waste,you never know what will happen in winter time.
I wrote up my Avon orders tonight and put them on my website ready to send in the morning.
I didn't think I had many but it has taken me almost 3 hours to get it done.It is 1 am but because I slept in with my headache this morning I'm not sleepy yet,maybe a hot soak in the tub will help ,anyway that's where I'm headed now. Praise God for all things. Good Night.

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Claudia said...

It's funny you mention blackberries, we all went to Barbara's yesterday (Sunday) and we were talking about picking wild berries, mom was excited until she heard snakes hide in the blackberry bushes ... wonder why she wasn't all that happy anymore ... ha ha ha. She makes a killer blackberry marmalade, she brought me a big container of it. :)